Harbinger of Doom (Three Book Bundle)

by Glenn G. Thater

Knights, Wizards, and the Norse Gods. For fans of Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings.

Mad wizards wrenched open a gateway to hell on Eotrus land. A gateway that’s determined to stay open.

What is the young knight, Claradon Eotrus, to do when he discovers that the man he recruited to help him close that gateway is either the greatest hero the world has ever known or the devil himself? Is he out to save Midgaard or destroy it? Does he serve the Norse gods or did he slay them? And if he’s truly the harbinger of doom, how can Claradon stop him?

Claradon’s Midgaard is a world filled of valiant knights, mysterious sorcerers, political intrigues, the undead, gods, demons, and otherworldly evils so frightening you dare not read these books before sleep. But most of all, it’s filled with stories that you will never forget.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Robert Scanlon

A daring space pirate. A highly-prized battlecruiser. A Galactic Sector on the brink of war.

What could possibly go wrong?

When India “Indy” Jackson lands on Rykkamon with her illicit cargo, she doesn’t receive the welcome she expected.

Forced into an unplanned stay on the high-gravity planet, Indy impulsively rescues a hapless Rykkan native from a brutal pressgang.

But her actions are misconstrued. Soon her wanted image is all over the alien planet’s holoscreens, and Indy must flee.

If only she could. The man who murdered her father is on the planet. The man Indy swore she would kill.

And he has her at gunpoint.

Will Indy escape, restore her reputation and prevent an unfolding Sector War?

Constellation is the first book in a fast-paced Space Opera series; The Blood Empire.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Chroma: Imogen’s Secret

by B Fleetwood

Have you ever wondered what colour a lie is? How about anger? Love?

Imogen could tell you.

In B. Fleetwood’s breakout science fantasy, Chroma, young Imogen Reiner of northwest England can see the emotional and mental states of everyone she meets. Their Chroma, the emotional coloured auras they emit, are invisible to everyone, or so it seems. Everyone except Imogen.
But why?
Why does she possess this new dimensional sense? Why can she compute information at a fantastic speed? Why is she haunted by a spine-chilling nightmare? What exactly happened to her mother? And why was she bequeathed a locket with mysterious symbols?
All her questions—the deep, soul-searching doubts about her history, her life, and her identity—have gone unanswered as long as she can remember.
But the truth is about to change everything she has taken for granted as the shadows of her past threaten to overwhelm her.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Spirit Caller

by Krista D. Ball

Rachel has no trouble believing in spirits. It’s the living she has a tough time believing in.

Spirits Rising: If Rachel’s going to have any hope of sending the spirits to their peace, she’ll have to trust her 93-year-old neighbour to help her stand against the spirits before their supernatural war engulfs them all.

Dark Whispers: A rash of teen suicides shakes the remote Newfoundland village that Rachel Mills calls home. As Rachel helps the school investigate, painful memories from her past resurface and won’t go back into the grave where they belong.

Knight Shift: After a lifetime of running away from spirits, Rachel Mills finds herself chasing them.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


A Darker Shade of Sorcery- The Realmers Book 1

by William Collins

The lonely and grieving Evan Umbra is the newest Venator to enter Veneseron, the school for demon hunters.

A Venator is a wizard, a spy and a demon hunter rolled into one. They’re taught how to wield sorcery and enchanted weapons by orcs, elfpires and aliens alike.

Their missions range from battling monsters and saving countless lives in the multiple worlds, to the more peculiar, like wrangling killer unicorns and calming down drunken yetis.

At Veneseron Evan meets a girl who makes him feel nauseous; but in a good way. He makes the first friends he’s ever had in the carefree Jed and the reckless Brooke. Whilst Jed gets on the wrong side of a rival Venator, Brooke finds herself falling for the enigmatic demon hunter who brought her to Veneseron, not knowing he isn’t quite human.

But whilst Evan trains to be a Venator and hunt demons, he realises the demons are hunting him.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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