by Shannon Pemrick

As a fugitive war experiment, Eira can’t afford to trust anyone. But when she’s saved from death by the most unlikely rescuer, a shapeshifting dragon, she has a new choice to make: keep running alone, or trust a stranger to turn the tides of her dark past.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Warlock of Muscovy

by Brien Feathers

When words fail, bring out the guns, swords, and death spells.

Marina is the daughter of Tsar Alexander the Cruel, the most powerful warlock. She’s also a princess of the Court of White Rose. The only problem is that she’s mundane—she has no magic.

On her sixteenth birthday Marina fled from her father’s tsardom to the revolutionist side of Muscovy, and five years later she’s doing all right, working as a seamstress in the United Workers’ Factory. Despite the political police, the never-ending witch hunt, and her best friend living as an orange cat, she’s happy. She gets along with her cottage mates and is even seeing a guy… until the city blows up, she’s implied in the sabotage, her guy turns out to be an enemy, her friends are murdered, and an alchemist maniac hunts her down for a blood vendetta.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Captain of the Guard

by Ron C. Nieto

Oren Trevaine’s first task as Captain of the Guard is to transform his unruly, undisciplined soldiers into a formidable army—if only they would cooperate.

But time runs short. Soon, the enemy will be able to traverse the main pass through the imposing Sansford Range and his men must be ready to patrol the mountain.

When Oren rescues Lady Joan and her traveling party from a band of raiders, his worst fears are realized. The enemy has utilized less accessible routes to infiltrate their territory, and an attack is imminent.

Now Oren must not only think like the enemy, but he will need to be one step ahead. With the kingdom relying on him and Lady Joan promising her favor if he returns alive, Oren will need to prove to her and his men that he truly is good enough. Or at the very least, die trying

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Nexus Games

by Shami Stovall

Alex Kellan has a problem.

It’s Christmas, and Kellan finds himself pursued by two stalkers, their intentions as shadowy as the winter night. But these are no ordinary men – they’re mages intent on recruiting Kellan for the Nexus Games, a lethal tournament held in a parallel world of magic. Each game is a labyrinth of challenges, each more perilous and bewildering than the last.

In this high-stakes competition, Kellan must confront not only the twisted machinations of the games but also the depths of his own resolve. Will he gain enough magic to win the next few games or will the challenges prove too great? The clock is ticking, and in the Nexus Games, quitting isn’t an option.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic