The Oath

by Jerri Hines

There are those born who are ordained to fight evil—their destiny will not be denied. Follow the sweeping fantasy adventure entrenched in royal intrigue, powerful foes, and magical exploits. Beware the saga contains sword & sorcery, dragons and fleogans, and witches and wizards.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Last Descendant

by Kristina Kairn

Cambridge, England. American Pathologist Dr. Abby Whiting longs to know why she never gets sick. The sole survivor of a horrific outbreak two decades ago, she’s certain the answer must lie in her medical records held under lock and key at a mysterious clinic. But standing in the way of her access to classified files is a charismatic, centuries-old vampire.

Tasked with replicating the secrets of the dying predator’s blood, he proposes an uneasy alliance in exchange for her documents. But her research soon sends her down a path strewn with murdered clinicians, a vengeful detective, and an obsessed rival in search of fresh souls. And even worse, her shocking findings reveal a disturbingly outrageous truth.

Can Abby discover the secret to her own strange gift without losing her soul?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Augie Doyle and the Dead Boy

by Joe Bright

A schoolmate falls from a bridge and dies then returns to school five days later. Augie is sure the zombie apocalypse has arrived. Oddly, this plague only affects the dead boy’s friends. As each friend gets sick, the dead boy’s health improves. Some of the dead boy’s friends are also friends of Augie’s, and the plague is closing in.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Mythion: Human Transformation

by Jason Davis

When Gavin finds himself in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds himself being escorted into an RPG psychotherapeutic marvel to heal his immuno-compromised body as well as to treat emotional traumas preventing him from becoming a truly powerful and effective person.

That RPG marvel takes place in a quantum-created alternate reality called Xenxu, a lush, immersive utopia with its own AI citizens, laws, and culture, where humans are the guests. Along his journey, he will be assisted by several mentors, both AI and human, and even future versions of himself. A powerful feminine alien presence also takes a primary role in his unfolding.

As Gavin earns both mental and physical upgrades, he undergoes superhero-like exercises, earning many achievements in the game world and unlocking new abilities in the real world. But he soon realizes something dark is happening.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


The Ship of State: Book One: A Young President Saves America from Itself

by Richard Ley

Can the president, a conservative ex-business executive with no political experience, navigate the shark-infested waters of Washington, DC?

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Zero Echo Shadow Prime

by Peter Samet

The year is 2045. 18-year-old Charlie Nobunaga creates the world’s first sentient AI and becomes an overnight sensation. But amid the red carpet galas and TV interviews, Charlie is diagnosed with cancer, and her promising future grinds to a halt.

To save her life, an ambitious tech company uploads Charlie’s mind into the body of a cutting-edge robot. The procedure is a success, but with a horrifying catch. They create additional clones for their own ends.

Charlie wakes up four times as four distinct entities: a robot named PRIME, a holographic assistant named SHADOW, a mysterious four-armed killer named ECHO, and the original dying human renamed ZERO. Separated and imprisoned, each version of Charlie begins an arduous journey alone. But their paths soon intersect in surprising ways as they retaliate against the people determined to destroy them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk