by Krista Walsh

When author Jeff Powell wakes up in the fantasy world he believes he created, he doesn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or run screaming for the dragon-laden hills.

Before he has a chance to decide, the plot he swears he didn’t write takes a turn for the worse, and it’s up to him and his characters to end the threat before the threat ends the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood

by Jamie Edmundson

Sorcery is dying out. No one misses it.

Feared and despised in equal measure, Sanc is only tolerated because he’s the son of the powerful Duke of Morbaine.

But Sanc is more important than he knows. When his life is threatened, he is forced to confront his true inheritance.

For a new god has arrived in Dalriya. Unstoppable, Ezenachi brings only conquest and slavery.

Sorcery is dying out, and now Dalriya needs a sorcerer more than ever.

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood is the first book in the Heirs of War series. Prepare for riveting coming of age journeys, rich worldbuilding, political intrigue, brutal medieval battles, and dark sorcery.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Forever World

by Ethan Rhodes

On a routine border patrol, pilot Zane Lucas encounters a mysterious cluster of drones. When he reports it to the Scorpius head office, they quickly sweep it under the intergalactic rug and place him on leave.

That same night, Zane is contacted by an estate lawyer from the distant planet Earth and learns he’s the sole beneficiary of a person he’s never met. Determined to get answers, he finds himself thrust into a dead man’s quest, along with a resourceful colleague, Julia Rossi.

Zane’s mission is tied to an old myth based on The Forever World book.

His father used to read it at bedtime, before he went missing during a bloody war with the Gral twenty years earlier. Their alliance is on the brink of collapse and the revolution is just beginning.

Can Zane find The Forever World, if it in fact exists?

Would this fabled planet help restore the balance?

Time is running out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Colin Dodds

When Harry Injurides comes back from the dead, it sends his friends in strange directions – spurring new religions and tech empires, and a revolution with an unforeseeable outcome

Science Fiction Silver Award Winner – Reader Views’ Annual Literary Awards
Finalist – Foreword Indies Science Fiction Book of the Year
Finalist – Page Turner Awards
Notable 100 Book – Shelf Unbound’s Best Books of the Year List
Finalist – Launch Pad Prose Competition
Quarterfinalist – ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Keepers of Royal Blood

by Bob Bailey

The first book in the double epic fantasy trilogy series, Royal Blood, Dawn, and Thistle, followed by The Weir-Gate Wars. All six novels available on Amazon.
“Lord of the Rings with a lot more romance.” “Wonderfully conceived.” “An epic adventure.”
Ten thousand years have passed since the last great war was fought between three sibling deities for dominion over the World of Rythmar. The good Lord Vanatee prevailed over his evil siblings but knew each had left talismans for their followers to help regain power in the coming years. Vanatee gave to each of his seven greatest captains a medallion to guard against the return of this evil. Now, ten millennia later, the descendants of these captains are being summoned together by the medallions they wear as war once again threatens the World of Rythmar.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Darklanding Omnibus Books 1-3: Assignment Darklanding, Ike Shot the Sheriff, & Outlaws (Darklanding Omnis Book 1)

by Scott Moon & Craig Martelle

A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can’t hold.

Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space. Sheriff Thaddeus Fry will never completely leave the battlefields of Centauri Prime. His assignment as the Sheriff of Darklanding, could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

Fans of Firefly, Bonanza, and Tombstone will love this new series. Pick up this first of four Darklanding Omnibuses today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Raise the Dead

by Tony Fuentes & C.S. Kading

In the realm where the line between good and evil blurs, Doctor Emilio Kane, a gifted Necromist, faces an impossible dilemma. Choose between his own doom or that of his kingdom.

The murder of Queen Marisol throws Emilio into a maelstrom of intrigue. Her spectral presence implores him for help from beyond the grave, presenting an agonizing decision: wield the forbidden power of the Ars Necromantia to save her soul, unravel the truth behind her murder, and risk exposure in a realm where his abilities are outlawed.

Or walk away.

Will he rise above the shadows that tempt him, thwarting the machinations of deception? Or will the kingdom succumb to the insidious threat within? He stands at the crossroads of fate and the destiny of an entire realm and its people rests upon the shoulders of an unlikely hero.

The line between good and evil is in the eye of the beholder.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Rise of the Dragon Riders

by Ava Richardson

Knowledge of the Dragon Tongue was lost ages ago. But little did Cora know, the stories she learned at her grandmother’s knee are the key to understanding this ancient language. And when she encounters a dragon, Alaric, she’s shocked to discover they can communicate.

When Onyx, a dark sorcerer king, senses their growing bond, Cora and Alaric ignite a rebellion. Together, they strive to unite dragons and humans using the power of the Dragon Tongue. But Onyx is not the only evil in the kingdom….

A mysterious sickness ravages the land, causing dragons and their riders to fall into a never-ending sleep. To defeat it, Cora and Alaric must join all Tenegardian magic together, and unearth the core of the bond between dragons and their riders. But such power carries a great risk…

And protecting the kingdom may cost Cora everything…

Enjoy this six book boxset.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic