Children of Yrathea

by Amanda Dimer Silva

As a Sylvan Tongue, Teiwa holds the ability to speak to trees. Before, this just made trees her companions. Now, it means she must save the world.

When the Festival of Life is interrupted by tragedy, Teiwa finds the ancient legends of forbidden magic to be real and the Mother Tree, Yrathea, to be dying. If combined with a magical artifact, her abilities can save her, but only if she can find the way to the Sacred City.

Accompanied by her two childhood friends, Teiwa must overcome the obstacles in her way—or die trying.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Gems of Fire

by Diane E. Samson

Princess Anna can never escape the castle’s cold walls and scorning disapproval of her father and his brute royal counsel, Seamus.
A riding accident lands Anna in the hands of traders who sell her as a slave in distant Kasdod to none-other than her father’s enemy, Lord Anwar. After overhearing a dangerous plot to conquer Sunderland and kill the royal family, Anna must escape and warn her father.
With the doom looming over her, Anna is approached by a dangerous-looking man in the dark. He claims to want to help her, but can she trust him with her secrets? The perils of the journey ahead will push Anna to the limit and answer the one question that has always plagued her. Will she ever be enough?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Valley of Bones

by Diane E. Samson

Princess Anna is left to rule Sunderland when her father, brother, and presumed fiancé Jack ride to battle the devouring creatures in Jack’s home kingdom. She must establish herself as a strong leader with the council and a neighboring king who brings along two handsome princes to negotiate an alliance.
Trouble erupts when pillaging marauders attack outlying Sunderland villages, causing the council to lose confidence in Anna’s leadership. As Anna waits in trepidation for word from her father’s army, all she hears is silence. When the reports of a coming horror reach Anna, she forges an unlikely alliance and reverses her father’s long-standing policies against training with gems of power. She’ll lead gem-wielding soldiers to battle in a brave attempt to rescue her family, the army, and the one she loves.

But first she must survive the treachery brewing in her own court.

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Shadow of Death

by Diane E. Samson

A homeless prince, a grueling mission, an unlikely hope

An unspeakable tragedy leaves Prince Jack with one desire: vengeance. Living in exile, Jack perfects his talent with the sword. He’s sent to the desert for assassin training, dreaming of the day he’ll drive a dagger into that usurper Ingvar’s heart.

Jack plunges into training and finds a new family of sorts, whose morally gray members rid the city of vile criminals. But as the desert Lord Anwar readies for battle, allegiances shatter, blood runs in the streets, and the shadow of death looms near. During a last effort to complete his seemingly impossible mission, Jack chances upon a slave girl with a Northern accent and eyes so familiar that he makes a hasty vow.

He always thought he’d defeat his nightmares by becoming one. Could that nightmare fade into a new dream? And could that strange slave girl be at the heart of it all?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age