Helix: Episode 1

by Nathan M. Farrugia

A genetically-enhanced operative’s deadly mission will lead her to a startling conspiracy in this riveting read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


End of the Innocent

by Clark Graham

Book One of the Galactic War Series.
The announcer came on, “We are bringing you breaking news. Large flying ships have come from behind the moon, out of the sky and are dislodging black clad warriors who are attacking…”
The invasion had begun. A backward society found itself at war against an advanced, space traveling race. The fighting would envelop the whole society tearing nations and families apart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


That Which The Deep Heart Knows

by RJ Wheldrake

Adala Radagorian, innkeeper’s daughter, seems an unlikely pawn in the great game played between those rival gods who contest the fate of the world. Possessed of wit, beauty and an education uncommon in her class, she finds herself bound up in events where the fate of empires lies in the balance. An equally unlikely love imperils the foundation of her world, tears her away from the simple circumstances of her upbringing and thrusts her into the centre-stage of imperial politics.

In the heart of the Empire of Erenor, the greedy and unscrupulous plot the destruction of the established order, setting in train momentous events that will shape the course of history. A corrupt and venal emperor, a proud and evil empress, an embittered rival long thought vanquished and a humble slave all play their parts in a great unfolding drama that will shake the empire to its core.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Speechless in Achten Tan

by Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Mila hasn’t spoken in the five years since she became an Onra, a first-level Everfall witch. After failing the test to reclaim her voice and control her magic, her mentor sends eighteen-year-old Mila to Achten Tan–City of Dust–a dangerous desert town, built in the massive ribcage of an extinct leviathan.

To reclaim her power, Mila must steal a magical staff capable of releasing it, from Bone Master Opu Haku’s sky-high lair.

Her only resources are the magical luminous elixirs of the cursed caverns where she grew up, and a band of unlikely allies; a quirky inventor, a giant-ant rider, a healer, a librarian’s assistant, a Tar-tule rider, and the chief’s playboy son.

But in the City of Bones, enemies & friends are not who they seem, and trusting the wrong person can be deadly.

If Mila fails, she will never speak again and her bones will be added to the desert.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Bone Master: Book 2 in The Sands of Achten Tan

by Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Kaii Haku has lived his whole life in the shadow of his cruel father’s magic.
Rebelling against his father- the Bone Master- by drinking and sleeping around was Kaii’s main occupation for years.
But when one of his best friends is kidnapped by pirates, Kaii embarks on a perilous rescue mission with two retired pleasure house workers, a shy teen bookworm, and a feisty girl from the pirate crew.
The journey will take Kaii and his allies far from Achten Tan, to a sea ruled by dangerous conditions and ships that travel on the backs of monsters.
For the first time in his life, he has the power to make a difference, but if he wields his emerging bone magic to save the girl he loves, he risks losing himself and becoming like his father – a man who tried to kill him.

This is the second book in the Sands of Achten Tan, but can be read as a standalone. It contains a complete adventure

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Age of Order

by Julian North

In a world where merit is purchased, Daniela shouldn’t exist.

She has survived on the dangerous streets of Bronx City, lived by the code that blood takes care blood and she can blaze on the track. Daniela wants no part of the dazzle of Manhattan or its highborn denizens.

Alexander was born into society, a scion of privilege, a young man made better and faster by science. But he harbors a deadly secret that would turn even his own family against him.

From opposite ends of the social order, Daniela and Alexander come together in a futuristic New York City where treachery and honor are camouflaged behind beautiful faces and powerful families duel for dominance. Granted an impossible opportunity to live among the highborn, Daniela may have a chance to change the world, if it doesn’t change her first.

Awarded a Kirkus Star.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian