Thorfinn and the Witch’s Curse

by Jay Veloso Batista

Viking legends, unforgettable characters and authentic history combine in an exciting series starter! Vikings and Saxons, ghostly curses, witches and soothsayers, dangerous were-creatures and a young boy who must find his courage.. When a witch’s curse comes alive, a mishap turns young Finn into a vardoger, haunted by his own forerunner ghost. Suddenly thrust into a new realm beyond Midgard, Finn struggles to be a boy by day and a ghost at night. His own clan fears him, he overhears murder plots, he learns the truth of giants and the hidden folk, and the witch still hunts revenge… Will Finn find the courage to defeat his enemies, save his uncle, and accept his new ghostly existence?
Myths and legends collide in an epic fantasy journey across the known world in the Viking Age!

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Magic Below Paris Complete Series Boxed Set (Books 1 – 8)

by C.M. Simpson

After surviving a shadow monster ambush, Marsh must get back to civilization, keep two kids alive, and make a delivery.

Get the complete bestselling series – all 8 books – in one GIANT boxed set!

Trading Into Shadow, Book 1:

But, with shadow monsters and raiders closing the trade routes, she’s out of a job, and lost beneath the ruins of one of the greatest cities of the world. She doesn’t need a deserted farm to complicate things… or a parentless pup… or to be hunted by a hoshkat. What she needs is to find a way home… through the dark… but the predators are out in force, and home is a very long way away.

Can she discover what happened at Leon’s Deep, in time to stop it from happening again? Or did she escape the ambush, only to see the rest of her world fall to the ones behind it?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Fourth Channel

by Jen Kirchner

Urban fantasy with a lot of laughs! Kari Hunter keeps a dark secret from her family, friends and fans: she’s a necromancer. When an immortal voodoo master uncovers her identity, Kari and her talking sacrificial knives must learn to fight back before Kari becomes the next sacrifice.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Kip Koelsch

Disgraced scientist, Captain Anton Ekels, seizes the opportunity for redemption he recognizes in the Endeavor’s near-collision with an alien stasis pod. Expelled from the mouth of a remote wormhole, the capsule—once taken onboard the deep space research vessel–reveals clues that the captain believes may link its female humanoid occupant to an alternate reality.

Grand Master G’lea and her assistant, Master T’reau, aim their innovative celestiscope skyward and make a heretical discovery. Suppressed and warped by influential P’nesian Clerics, this startling revelation further secures the dominance of the Grand Conclave, enhances the mystery of the Heavenly Visitors and seals the fate of G’lea and T’reau.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Kip Koelsch

Standing on the command bridge of the Tor Meget, a glimmer of hope prevails. Ready to leave Port G’lea and lead M’aremundi’s first expedition beyond their system’s pale blue sun, Victoria knows she is striking out not to seek rare minerals or establish diplomatic relations but to answer one question–A’zra, are you out there?

Meanwhile, a new and sinister tempest stirs the remote waters of the Cerulean Universe–devastating allies of the Greater Pod and disrupting The Balance that governing coalition of cetaceans has strived for eons to deftly maintain. The ensuing maelstrom engulfs the Tor Meget and M’aremundi, unleashing a torrent of change that will shift the balance of power and eventually lead to an epic clash with an alternate universe.


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Death by Decent Society

by Malcolm J. Wardlaw

Since the financial Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves.
It is 2106. Seventy years have passed since our world collapsed in complete banking disaster. A new élite rules, more in tune with the times. Overpopulation, mass extinctions and CO2 emissions are problems no longer. For most people, staying alive is the problem.
Donald Aldingford survives as a London barrister who asks no questions, until he gets shot down and jailed for violating private airspace. Through this misfortune, he learns that his brother Lawrence has been condemned to eight years of slave labour for crimes he did not commit. On returning to London, Donald sets off down the dangerous path of tracing those who have disappeared.
With shades of Harris’s Fatherland and Deighton’s SSGB, this dystopian thriller exposes a pitiless, secretive tyranny that could easily happen.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


The GODD Chip

by K. Patrick Donoghue

Dr. Takoda Wells risks everything to find the GODD chip, a banned gene therapy that might just save the human race.

Set in the year 2137, this post-apocalyptic thriller takes place amid the aftermath of the Genetic Revolution of the 2070s, an era during which the craze of designer babies and gene replacement therapies led to generations of horrible mutations and the eventual worldwide ban on DNA alterations.

Now, a new outbreak of mutations threatens to wreak even more havoc unless Takoda and his allies can resurrect the GODD chip, an experimental device that might heal the mutations. But there are factions who view the chip as a threat to the 22nd century world order and they will stop at nothing to foil Takoda’s quest.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering



by Damien Boyes

My name is Jasmin Parker, and yesterday I was your typical teenager, only weeks from graduation—then soldiers from the future invaded and I discovered I have superpowers.

Bet you didn’t see that coming. I know I didn’t.

It wasn’t a coincidence either, my powers and the invasion. They came because of me. I tried, but I couldn’t stop them, and they took my entire world, erased it from the multiverse. My parents, my friends, my entire life … gone, like it never existed.

Now I’m boundless—I have all of time and space at my fingertips—but there’s nowhere I’d rather be than the one place I can never go. Home.

And if that weren’t bad enough, an inter-dimensional conqueror is hell-bent on rewriting human history, and I’m the only one who can stop him. He’s already erased my past, I won’t let him steal the future from me too.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


by Damien Boyes

My name is Jasmin Parker, and I’m a superhero.

You heard that right. I can fly, shoot energy from my fingertips, jump through time and space, and I’m immortal … but as great as it is, I still can’t forget this isn’t my life, not really. My life was stolen, along with my entire world and everyone in it, by conqueror from another dimension.

We kicked his ass back to his universe, and afterwards I found this timeline. It’s the same as the one I remember in every way, except one: here I was never born. I know how it sounds. Sometimes I don’t believe it myself, but if it was a nightmare I would’ve woken up by now.

The thing is, powerful as I am, some problems can’t be punched away, and if I’m gonna be saving the world on the regular, I’ll have to learn to use more than my fists.

It’s hard though, when my fists are so much fun.

Previously $3.99


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