Deep Into the Game + Failsafe (GAMELAND Books 1+2)

by Saul Tanpepper

6 HACKERS, 1 GAME… and 10,000 UNDEAD.

Who doesn’t love watching “Survivalist,” a hit reality show based on Arc Entertainment’s premier first-person shooter thriller, “The Game”? After all, it’s almost like going nose-to-nose with real live zombies, except these are cybernetically controlled and safely held inside a gaming arcade in the middle of Long Island. It’s entertainment to die for.


If you’re rich enough, you can buy your way in. If you’re desperate enough, you can volunteer to become one of the Undead Players. Jessie Daniels and her gang of computer hackers plan to break their way in.

Welcome to GAMELAND. Access Restricted. Exit impossible.

Contains the first two installments of the epic cyberpunk thriller. More than a sick twist on the zombie genre, this is a meticulously laid-out blueprint for an all-too-probable future.

Are you game?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Nano Contestant – Episode 1: Whatever It Takes

by Leif Sterling

An incredible future. A dangerous game. How far would you go to save your family?

In 2114, there’s no such thing as a fair trial. Roland’s father has just been sentenced to death in a sham case controlled by the all-powerful Pinnacle Corporation. He only has one chance to find out the truth: enter Pinnacle’s death-defying Tech Games and do everything he can to survive.

Roland must undergo a risky procedure to install the necessary extra-human tech enhancements. Success could mean a shot at a $100 million prize and the evidence he needs to clear his father’s name. If he fails, both of them will surely die…

Whatever It Takes is the first episode in the Nano Contestant series of sci-fi serials. If you like futuristic technology, evocative new worlds, and action-packed sci-fi, then you’ll love Leif Sterling’s incredible series.

Buy Whatever It Takes to get caught up in the future today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower

by Panorpheus

A wild ride through an alternate yet familiar history, laced with references to pop culture, mythology, archaeology, and history. The Spirit of Nikola Tesla is represented either as the Spirit of invention, or the after-life Spirit of Nikola Tesla. The book contains a novella and short stories. “Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower” leads us on a funny, giddy journey that takes in mystical symbolism, the history of electricity, and rock’n’roll.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk



A Spell in the Country

by Morgan Smith

What if you weren’t what heroes are made of? What if your life was an open book? What if you were just an ordinary soldier, with ordinary skills and ordinary goals? What if you weren’t “The Chosen One” but still had to try to save the world?

Lured into treason and only narrowly escaping the gallows, Keridwen was desperate to build some kind of life for herself. But between demons bent on death and mayhem, treachery at the very heart of the kingdom, and a prince who had every right to nurse a grudge against her, what were the odds that she could stay out of trouble for long?

“A Spell in the Country” is the story of that soldier – a young woman driven not by prophesy, but by circumstances and coincidence, and by the strengths and weaknesses that anyone might possess.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Shadow Souls

by Christopher Nooner

“Her eyes adjusted to the light as she peered at the letters. Her breath caught in her throat. It was her name. Keezie.”

Smart and successful, Keezie Stockman’s life is perfect until her grandfather dies and leaves her a mysterious trail of cryptic messages that lead to a discovery which throws that perfect life into a dark and dangerous tailspin.

A life sentence in prison is literal hell if you aren’t prone to dying. Ask Eli Seven Crow. Forty years at The Farm have taken a toll on his strength and will, but for a man like Eli there is only so long that he can avoid his calling. Only so long before his long list of enemies come knocking and thrust him back into the maelstrom of violence and dark power that has ruled his life for over 200 years.

When events pull the two into each other’s orbit they begin to wonder if they were meant to save or destroy one another.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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