The Sariah Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set

by Peter Glenn

Magic killed her parents. Will it kill her too?

Pick up the complete four book boxed set to find out.

Resistance to Magic:

The amulet Sariah found buried in the mines looked liked her ticket out of her half-starved backwater life. The pendant was surely very valuable.

The assassin who tried to steal it apparently agreed.

Now all she wants is revenge. Or at least justice.

With a little help from a friendly mystic she learns about magic. Only with its help does she stand a chance to vanquish the forces that destroyed her life.

She hates magic.

But will her thirst for vengeance drive her into magic’s open arms?

This boxed set also includes:
Betrayal of Magic
Survival By Magic
Triumph Through Magic

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Object

by Joshua T. Calvert

Deep space holds secrets…

…and one astronomer for NASA has found a big one.

But it’s not what she thinks.

Dr. Melody Adams, a physicist at the Gemini North Observatory, was studying Pluto in the telescope data and it struck her as odd. The numbers didn’t make sense. Could there be an extraterrestrial object in our solar system?
She followed protocol.

The scientific community didn’t believe her.

And before she knew what happened, her career was over.

The day that changed Melody’s life was like any other over the previous two years. She’d found she had a gift for writing and her career as an author had almost healed the pain of losing her job. When the Secret Service rang her bell, everything changed.

Something was nearing Saturn…
…and it was slowing down.

Had she been right about the object?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


by Matt Mememaro

A land where Humans and Vampires coincide. The men who hunt them. A plot to destroy humanity…

Barros Toldar once fought with the Hunters to cull the Vampire hordes that roamed Taagras. Then he found himself in bed with the Countess, Sophia. Upon the birth of their son, Abner, the Vampire lashes out, forcing Barros back to his old ways.

With his city in danger, Barros enlists the help of other Hunters in the area to destroy the Vampire threat and reclaim his son. Will he be able to achieve his mission and go on to train Abner in the ways of the Hunters?

Or will Sophia claim dominion over the human world?

Hunters is the gritty first book in the Toldar Series. If you like compelling characters, diabolical action, and gruesome battles, then you’ll love Matt Mememaro’s fearsome Vampires and brave Hunters that take them down.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

This Time Around

by Mark Leslie

Waking up naked in a city park with a bullet in his leg and no memory of the night before is just another side effect of being a werewolf; something Michael Andrews, an Alpha Wolf and Beta Human trying to make his way in the Big Apple has become accustomed to.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Splintered Shadow (Shattered Galaxies Book 1)

by Nancey Cummings

A cellphone glitch opens a portal and dumps Sarah on an alien planet. She’s discovered by a grumpy alien prince who has a serious case of resting prince face. It’s not all bad. He saved her from being eaten by monsters, even if he’s keeping her prisoner. Prince Vekele doesn’t trust the strange female bearing the royal mark.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Letters to Half Moon Street

by Sarah Wallace

London, 1815: where magic can be purchased at convenience, and the fashionable and wealthy descend for the start of the social Season. But 25-year-old Gavin Hartford finds the city intimidating when he arrives, alone, to his family’s townhouse. The only company he seeks is in his beloved books and weekly letters to his sister, Gerry. Then dashing man-about-town Charles Kentworthy gallantly rescues Gavin from a foolish drunken mishap and turns his life upside-down. With Mr. Kentworthy, Gavin finds himself discussing poetry and magic, confessing his fears about marriage, expanding his social circle to shocking proportions — and far outside his comfort zone. As he grapples with growing feelings for his new friend, Gavin will need to be honest with Mr. Kentworthy — but he’ll need the courage to be honest with himself first.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical