Stealer of Flesh

by William King

To the world at large, he is a mercenary and assassin, a brutal killer with a deadly blade. In reality, Kormak is a Guardian, one of an ancient order sworn to protect humanity from the servants of the gathering darkness.

The Ghul are the Stealers of Flesh, an ancient race of demons who possess the bodies of humans to work great evil. Now one of them has been freed from its ancient prison using Kormak’s dwarf-forged sword, and the Guardian must pursue it to a haunted city on the edge of the world to end its reign of terror.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Final Dawn Box Set

by Mike Kraus

When the end of the world arrived, it came not with a bang, as most expected, but with more of a “pfft” instead.

Humanity has been torn asunder and brought to the edge of total annihilation in less than an hour. For those who died, it was a quick death, so fast that their brains didn’t have time to process the pain signals from their nerves. For those who survived, the true horror is about to begin as they struggle to not only stay alive, but come to grips with the shocking realization about what – and who – was responsible.

Final Dawn is a thrilling post-apocalyptic series that follows the journey of four people who survived the end of days.

This series has sold over 250,000 copies and received over 450 5-star reviews since its first release. Get the complete series with the Final Dawn Box Set, clocking in at nearly 300,000 words!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Voices Carry

by Diane Rinella

Another Visionary Fantasy Romance from USAT Bestseller Diane Rinella.

Rock and roll turns Brandon Wayne into a juvenile delinquent in all the best ways—crazed, ambitious, and with a slip of danger nagging at his hips. His marketing job at Endeara Candies and hunting down classic vinyl nirvana at Warped Records make his world seem ordinary, but there is another side to his life.

As an anniversary of tragedy approaches, odd occurrences riddle Brandon’s mind with questions. Whose voice is suddenly materializing in his head? Is he fabricating a psychic who looks like one of his favorite rock stars? Why is he having retro dreams involving welded beer cans, disco, and a punk rock girl? The puzzle seems never ending.

Have the musty fumes at Warped Records rotted Brandon’s brain? Has he crossed into the realm of insanity? Or is the reason for the madness beyond his comprehension?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

The Bone Puppets

by Doug McGovern

The world-as-it-was is no more. There is war everywhere. Apartheid beyond anything imaginable. And hideous creatures that roam the earth, ignorant of the traditional laws of nature.

Among these creatures are The Bone Puppets, zombified human corpses brought about by a blend of supernatural & scientific means. With no brain activity other than that needed to control the most basic physical movement, they can be programmed to perform everything from the mundane to the dangerous. In a world at war, they are the perfect soldiers.

Enter Elias Walklate.

A vigilante with a black ops reconnaissance team, Elias has traveled to Africa to learn the truth about The Bone Puppets. But in his quest for answers he encounters much more. Abandoned by his team, he must survive witch doctors, hell cats, imperial streetfighters & even Bone Puppets if he hopes to stay alive and help liberate the people.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


The Bone Puppets 2

by Doug McGovern

Science & the supernatural collide in this war of the damned and dead. The saga continues..

Elias Walklate & his brother, Riff, have escaped Yim’s triple-crossing rebellion. Now, with the help of young Maddy, they are heading back into the desert to continue their mission…with enemies gunning for them. And it’s time to take a stand.

But the ultimate test lies ahead, the result of which will lead to either redemption or complete ruin…

Come along on this heart-pounding, thrilling action & adventure story complete with magic, mayhem & zombified soldiers!

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The Final Offering

by J.G. Gatewood

As a young Haloti fairy living on top of a maple tree, Thula is counting down the days until she reaches adulthood. Her whole life changes when a Grimmox fairy breeches the long-standing peace treaty by crossing their border. Thula isn’t content to watch the destruction of her world, and volunteers for a new military program to counter the incursion. But once in training, she learns the program isn’t about defense at all. It’s about war, and all of the Haloti people are at risk of annihilation.

Thula must look to the most unlikely of allies, the Grimmox, to save their world. But they refuse to fight as it goes against everything they believe in. After receiving a vision from the sons of God, she learns this is their last chance to make peace. She was raised by the Haloti, but now sees the world through the eyes of the Grimmox, and is the only one they can trust with this task.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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