Species Traitor

by Kate L. Mary

My name is Ava Mendoza, and I am a species Traitor.

They came to Earth hoping to find a new home, but most humans saw an invasion. Not me. Even before I met Finn, I was determined to stand up for what was right, and I refuse to back down. No matter the cost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Queen of Monsters

by Jay Barnson

Sometimes people vanish without a trace. Sometimes those people arrive… elsewhere.

As a teen, Aiden Holt studied stories of unexplained disappearances throughout history. He never dreamed he would become one of those disappearances.

Now trapped in an alien world, hunted for his non-functional “special abilities,” Aiden fights to survive against horrific creatures and determined enemies.

Somewhere between certain death and servitude, Aiden seeks an escape—if he can find other “vanished” who beat the odds and survived in this harsh magical world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Kidnapping Phoenixes and Other Ways to Die – The Complete Series

by Ramy Vance

Mythical creatures are real and the world is only now finding out.

All Frances wants is a simple, safe life.

Kidnapping the Phoenix was probably a bad move.

Eight books and over 1400+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor fill this snarky urban fantasy boxed set.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Better Demons: The Complete Boxed Set

by Ramy Vance

A dangerous job, a pair of pint-sized familiars on her shoulders, a crush on a constellation…

No wonder Theo Apollonia’s relationship status just says, “It’s complicated.”

Over 1600+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor fill this snarky urban fantasy boxed set.

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A Hymn for the Dying

by J. L. Doty

At sixteen years of age, Mathius’s life is focused on scrounging bits of food in the midst of a five-way civil war on the planet Novalis III. Two government factions and three rebel factions are all hell-bent on killing one another, and the civilian population is caught in the middle. If Mathius doesn’t find food, he and his father, mother and sister will go hungry, a not unusual occurrence. Mathius must also avoid the rebel factions, who frequently kidnap young boys and force them to become soldiers.
Will the Commonwealth of Allied Systems intervene? And what of the Blacksword Regiment, the elite soldiers of the Commonwealth Security Corps? Will they sweep in and make everything right?
And the Kelk Supremacy, a race of strange humans with blood-red eyes, and pale bluish-white skin? Why does Mathius keep seeing signs that the Kelk are somehow involved in the unrest?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Child of the Sword

by J. L. Doty

Prisoner of a clan of witches, a young boy clashes with the evil old matriarch. Can he master her magic and survive?

Rat is no ordinary thief
A small feral child, he steals what he can to feed the gnawing hunger in his gut, though nothing can satisfy the hunger in his soul.
But he has a special talent that the wizards and witches of the clans covet, so Clan Elhiyne abducts him and gives him the name Morgin.
Can he escape the scheming of the clan’s calculating and manipulative leader, the matriarchal old witch Olivia?
And as he grows into manhood, can he survive the inter-clan rivalries, and the hatred that smolders between Olivia and her arch-enemy Valso, leader of Clan Decouix?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Yul the Younger

by Jules Wright

The Roman Empire is coming apart at the seams, relying on German recruits and foederati to hold the empire together. The eastern and western empires are ruled by incompetent young men who allow their German warlords to rule for them, but imperial elites conspire against the generals. Yul the Younger is a Saxon boy negotiating life in the empire with strong ties to his family in Germania. His father, Yul the Elder, sends Yul to a monastery school to learn the ways of the empire, with the father serving the empire as a quaestor (treasurer) in the east of Britannia. Yul the elder’s job is to make certain that the mostly German troopers of the Saxon Shore are fed, equipped, and paid, but Romano-British landlords are withholding taxes while enslaving Germans and building lavish country houses. Life in the monastic school at Verulamium (Saint Albans) proves difficult for Yul the Younger with m

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Sins of the Heart

by Eve Silver

5 Stars – “Thrilling, dark, exciting”

A murdered demigod.
A powerful soul reaper bent on his resurrection.
A woman determined to stop him at any cost.

Demigod Dagan Krayl hungers for the impossible—resurrecting his murdered brother, a quest that defies the rules of the Underworld and threatens to unleash a world-ending war. Blood drinker Roxy Tam is hell-bent on stopping him, willing to risk it all for humanity’s survival.

When they are forced into an uneasy alliance, loyalties are pushed to the brink, and a forbidden desire ignites, poised to reshape the destiny of gods and mortals alike.

For fans of dark urban fantasy, Egyptian mythology, supernatural suspense, enemies to lovers, and a kick-butt heroine.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban