Cursed Vampire

by Brogan Thomas

Half unicorn, half bloodsucker, all trouble. When her secret gets out, can this feisty teenager survive?

Tru Dennison’s life feels like a sick joke. Barely coping with the loss of her adoptive grandad, the seventeen-year-old can’t believe it when her no-good uncle kicks her to the curb. And now stuck working two hectic jobs to save up for a place, a shifter customer biting her is the last thing the magical hybrid needs…

Already battling a mysterious illness she can’t seem to shake, Tru is terrified the incident will reveal her hidden bloodline to the supernatural community. And when the shock and the wound cause her sickness to intensify, frightened teen fears saving her life could only make it all so much worse.

Will Tru’s rebel soul be enough to protect her when she becomes the prize in a paranormal tug-of-war?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Bounty Hunters (Cade Korbin Holo Files Book 1)

by Jasper T. Scott

TWO DEADLY BOUNTY HUNTERS SEARCH THE GALAXY FOR THEIR MISSING DAUGHTER Former special forces assassin, Cade Korbin, and his resurrected bot partner, Aurora Velez, founded the Templars, a bounty hunting guild dedicated to fighting crime, corruption, and injustice across the galaxy. Years later, they changed their names and retired on Pyria, the safest world in the Free Systems Alliance, in order to protect their daughter, Callista. But just before her 18th birthday, she is abducted. Now, Cade and Aurora are coming out of retirement to find their daughter, and to make whoever took her pay.

Along the way they unravel a deadly web of secrets and lies that will challenge everything they thought they knew about each other—and even themselves.

A vigilante crime thriller for fans of The Mandalorian.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Diary of a Dark Monster Starter Pack

by Martha Carr

Henry Neumann is tall, dark and rich and about to launch a new invention on the world. But he’s also keeping secrets.

He’s a shifter – all fur and fangs – and a vigilante in the shadows of Seattle.

And he’s fighting to protect not just his loved ones, but the city as well.

Will Henry be able to keep his dual-nature a secret while defending the city? Grab the first two books of the Diary of a Dark Monster series to start the adventures today!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Antunites Unite (The Antunite Chronicles Book 3)

by Terry Birdgenaw

Generations after cyborg insects return to their revitalized planet, a draconian red ANT ruler takes over the colony exterminating other insectoids and enslaving brown and black ANTs by genetic and social engineering.

The queen BEE on the planet’s moon must rely on two tiny ants, Rose and Jasper, raised amongst their enemy, to infiltrate the Antalone cyborg elites. They must dismantle a dystopian regime that uses histrionics, bionics, and socionics to subjugate its populace.

An allegorical Brave New World that is out of this world, where the fate of the Antunites depends on chameleon ANT spies who plot a revolution to unshackle their kin.

Can Rose and Jasper accomplish what no ANTs have before them?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Logical Magic

by Nicole A Oliver

Logical Magic is the page turning first book in the YA Paranormal Fantasy Archimage Trilogy.

High school has never been difficult for Sophia. She has always relied on science and logic to navigate her world. Until her beliefs are shattered by the discovery of her magical heritage.

Logan never had a choice when his life was magically and inextricably tied to Sophia’s. When the unexpected call comes to fulfill his duty to her, he responds reluctantly. Who knew that duty could become something much more dangerous.

All the reason and logic can’t save Sophia now from an unseen enemy or her growing attraction to her impossible protector. As her magic emerges, she must learn to control it, to wield it, and to use it to save herself. For those who seek the power of the Archimage are gaining on them. The time to fight has come.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Ever the Night Road

by Michael Breen

This is a fantasy.

Of a City of water and glass. Of drowned things and lost memories lying just below its surface. Of concrete slums and a decaying Oracle Tower. And a deep underground.

It is also a fantasy of orphan children. Like Dagny Losh. She is an escape artist. Not a chosen profession but a survival tactic, thrust upon her at a young age to break free from poverty and violence, fever and flood. While others perished, Dagny emerged into a privileged world of polished brass gates and opportunity. But she is an imposter, a misfit in fine clothes. Perfumed with dirty fingernails.

Now at seventeen, Dagny remains rudderless and lonely. Longing for a connection to a changing world. What she finds is a fragment of her old life, before the river washed everything away. A fragment once thought forever lost. And it will take all she has to protect it.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Red Equinox

by Douglas Wynne

When urban explorer and photographer Becca Philips captures evidence of eldritch horrors breaking into our world from another dimension, she finds herself caught between apocalyptic cultists and a covert government agency hellbent on stopping them by any means necessary.

“A propulsive, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller that drop-kicks H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos into the 21st century. Wynne summons dark, ancient horrors into our hyperconnected, high-tech era with taut prose, captivating characters, and refreshing originality.”
– Michael M. Hughes, author of Blackwater Lights

Previously $4.99

Category: Dark Fantasy


Stellar Instinct

by Jonathan Nevair

A secret agent faces off against a gaming mastermind in this fast, fun, and furiously entertaining spy-fi adventure.

Strange signals pulse from an icy planet in a remote star system. GAM-OPs wants answers.

Enter Lilline Renault, agent extraordinaire. To ordinary citizens she’s Keely Larkin, an adventure company guide with a flair for the daring and a penchant for writing trite poetry.

When the mission uncovers a dastardly plan threatening billions of lives, Lilline leaps into action. Verses flow as she rockets through space, dons cunning disguises, and infiltrates enemy territory with an arsenal of secret gadgets.

To stop a power-hungry entrepreneur from turning the galaxy into a deadly playground means beating him at his own game. Lilline will need her best weapon to stand a fighting chance: her instinct.

STELLAR INSTINCT: a standalone interstellar espionage thriller.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure