The Secret Library: A New Keeper

by J. C. Gilbert

A bookish girl. A secret library. A thousand portals to a thousand worlds. One choice: face fear, or let it dominate.

For Alex Reed, the world is an awkward place and books are her only escape. But when she is selected by a mysterious library to be its new Keeper she discovers that some books are not for the faint-hearted.

Now Alex must balance her new adventures through the pages with the incomparable obstacles of being an anxiety-riddled teenager. All this might be completely doable, if only Hank would do as he was told.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

After Moses

by Michael Kane

This solar system was our cradle.
We never thought it would become our tomb.

A century ago, our AI benefactor, Moses, disappeared, taking mankind’s future with him. The dream of colonizing the stars is dead. Earth is silent and the settlements dotting our solar system slowly dwindle. Everyday life depends on technology that we no longer understand.

The future is grim.

Freelancer Matthew Cole struggles to pay the bills and keep his ship in the air. He’s always been a loner, but as the years go on and the solar system grows ever more dangerous, the time has come that he’ll have to either find a crew or perish. When the specter of Matthew’s past comes back to haunt him, his new crew will have to come together around their captain. They’ll find that he is a rare kind of man, one with principles.

And in these last days, that might be just what humanity needs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Enchanted Kingdoms

by J.A. Culican

Old tales: New twist

The stories you loved as a child have been twisted into wildly addictive tales that will bewitch you as an adult: enchanted castles, spellbinding magic, handsome princes, beautiful princesses, and as many happily-ever-afters as your heart desires.

Cherish this mesmerizing set of 22 classic tales retold by a collection of best-selling and award-winning authors. Each novel-length story features a different take on your favorite fairytale.

Your every fantasy will come to life in ways you could never have imagined, packed full of heart-wrenching romance, gripping adventure, and magic that will weave you in its spell.

Scroll up and one-click now to grab this limited edition set before the clock strikes midnight!

All proceeds benefit Puzzle Peace United, a children’s autism charity.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Ocean’s Bride

by Demelza Carlton

All Maria wants is to live happily ever after with her husband. But between the crazed crabs, a mysterious illness and a monstrous shark, Maria may need all her skills as a siren to succeed.

Can one woman oppose the ocean and win?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Ward Witches: The Complete Series

by Jennifer Snyder

Piper Ward isn’t new to the supernatural world. She comes from a long line of Cloaking Witches and lives in the city of Newvale, a supernatural mecca. However, when her crush reveals his mystical roots, Piper discovers there’s a shifter breed she hasn’t encountered yet.

Tristan Jarek is part of a shifter tribe long ago forgotten, one whose magical abilities were stolen seven years ago. Having been separated from their magic for so long, his tribe is faced with a crippling reality—it’s dying.
As more to the story of Tristan’s tribe is revealed, Piper finds herself faced with a decision: let an entire breed of shifters die out or give them the thing that might save them—her blood.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Orphan Wars

by JN Chaney & Scott Moon

**99¢ NEW SERIES ALERT!** Experience this exciting new series from Scott Moon and USA Today Bestseller J.N. Chaney. If you’re a fan of Farscape, Renegade Star, or Battlestar Galactica, you’ll love this epic scifi thrill ride.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Pleasant Grove

by Jason Price

Welcome to Pleasant Grove, a quiet small town where neighbor helps neighbor and doors are left unlocked at night—an unspoiled paradise with one peculiar feature: It’s enclosed by a glass dome.

No one can leave. No one can enter. No one can survive beyond the dome.

But then, a visitor arrives from the outside. When 12-year-old Agnes Goodwin discovers a strange boy with no memory, she teams up with her best friends to unravel the mystery. Their extraordinary adventure will uncover a long-buried secret so monstrous it will threaten everything they know…and everyone they love.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Crestahn Kingdom

by Dartanyan Johnson

Princess Sha’ella returns home from the grandest assassins’ tournament to discover her kingdom is under attack. When the truth behind the assault unfolds, evidence reveals that her father along with the king of Crestahn has been plotting a coup against the ruler of the galaxy–and her mentor. Including her in his betrayal, Sha’ella’s father commands her to find the boy whose parents murdered their king.

With a kingdom after his head for the crimes his parents committed, Gretig lays low in an unknown star system, waiting for the perfect chance to escape. When he spots a lone ship ascending from the mountain range he uses as a temporary shelter, he knows his time is up.

They’ve found him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Between Jobs

by W.R. Gingell

When you get up in the morning, the last thing you expect to see is a murdered guy hanging outside your window. Things like that tend to draw the attention of the local police, and when you’re squatting in your parents’ old house until you can afford to buy it, another thing you can’t afford is the attention of the cops.

Oh yeah. Hi. My name is Pet.

It’s not my real name, but it’s the only one you’re getting. Things like names are important these days.

And it’s not so much that I’m Pet.

I am a pet.

A human pet: I belong to the two Behindkind fae and the pouty vampire who just moved into my house. It’s not weird, I promise—well, it is weird, yeah. But it’s not weird weird, you know?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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