A House Divided

by Nicole Ciacchella

Cianne Wyland leads a double life. Determined to uncover whether her father and his powerful allies are grasping for control of their House, the seemingly meek woman has made an art of rifling through their homes, gathering their secrets.

Kila an Movis is an Enforcer. Gods-gifted with an extraordinary ability to piece together physical clues, he’s entrusted with protecting the vulnerable. But his habit of expressing his opinions too freely earned him a nine-year banishment, and he’s determined to be more circumspect on his return to the trade city.

When someone close to Cianne dies, her world and his collide once more. Unwilling to trust anyone else, she enlists his help. The deeper they dig, the more secrets they unearth about her father, the other House members, and her entire life.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Spectrum Worlds

by Seth Rain

Only one android is human enough to free the city of Lundun.
The Postman, second-generation android, is one delivery away from retiring. But when a new crime boss forces him to deliver one last package, to keep a head on his shoulders, the Postman must deliver a human called Lola.
Not only have androids expelled humans from the city, but having witnessed humans kill the woman he loved, having to deliver one is the last thing the Postman needs.
Spectrum Worlds, the first book in The Cyberpunk Uploads series, is set in a sprawling, neon-lit Lundun of 2118, walled to keep androids in and to keep humans out. Caught between an underground mafia called The Brotherhood and the state-sponsored corporation, Fr.e.dom, the Postman doesn’t stand a chance.
That is until he discovers the spectrum…

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Jaxson (Riverwise Private Security 1)

by Alisa Woods

Jaxson has to claim a mate or step down as alpha—but his dark secret will kill any mate he claims. Olivia’s a half-witch with a secret of her own. Wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT… and their secrets could destroy them both.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dragon’s-Eye View

by Vickie Knestaut & Danny Knestaut

Unlike his twin sister and most of his friends, Tyber has never been impressed with dragons. Instead of admiring them and their riders, he’s busy doing whatever he can to make sure his siblings have enough to eat.

But after getting caught helping a friend commit an act of petty theft, Tyber is given a choice between imprisonment or entering the King’s Royal Academy of Dragon Riders. New recruits are desperately needed in the face of an escalating war, and King Cadwaller is offering a bonus to any family that enrolls its young adult sons.

It sounds like a golden opportunity for Tyber and his family. But can he endure the trials of the academy and overcome his distaste for serving the king he blames for his family’s poverty? Neither task, however, will be as difficult as winning the loyalty of a young dragon named Rius and accepting the wisdom of dragons.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Incubation (The Incubation Trilogy Book 1)

by Laura DiSilverio

Everly Jax wants one thing: to know who her parents are. Raised with other repo kids, she has pinned her hopes on Reunion Day, the annual event where 16-year-olds can meet or reunite with their parents. Everly must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to learn her biological identity; & deal with the unanticipated consequences of her decisions.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


A Portion of Dragon and Chips

by Simon Haynes

A creaky old robot shows up in a backward, medieval kingdom, promptly triggering all-out war.

It’s elves versus humans, humans versus dwarves, and pretty much everyone versus the goblins.

At least there are no dragons to worry about, because they’ve been boned, filleted and barbecued to the brink of extinction. Hey, it’s their own fault for being delicious.

Throw in a wizard with pockets full of mysterious herbs, a volatile halfling with a hair-trigger temper and a barbarian who’d rather bed the nearest princess than wield his other mighty sword, and you have the makings of a crazed, epic trilogy.

Can the robot survive this feudal insanity, or will he end up shared between the warring factions… literally?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Lost Sentinel

by Suzanne Rogerson

Tei has magic in a world where people like her are persecuted and forced into exile. Whilst fleeing their home, her father is attacked and his deathbed confession reveals a dangerous secret that will change her life forever.

Tei’s homeland, the magical island of Kalaya, is dying and without a Sentinel to restore the magic, soon all life will perish. Tei’s destiny is linked with the island’s survival but to save it she must risk everything she loves. Is she brave enough to make that sacrifice?

If you like multi dimensional characters in vibrant worlds, then you’ll love The Lost Sentinel – Book 1 in the Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Crisis Management

by Craig A. McDonough

Delta Force to the rescue or lambs to the slaughter?

A Delta Force unit, under the command of Texan, Colonel Steve Stokes, conducts a covert extraction mission. Nothing out of the ordinary, for Delta Force. But the mission is in Wuhan, China and it’s 2020.
The mission from hell that every “Black Ops” team dread, has arrived.
An eye-opener for Col. Stokes and his team, it changes their outlook – and their lives – forever.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Beyond the Call of Duty… it’s just the beginning.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


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