by Joynell Schultz

I thought dying in prison was my only option…
…then I was given a choice.

I can either board an alien spaceship with 400 fellow criminals or rot in prison on a freezing Earth.

Humanity will be wiped out soon, and if I get on that ship, I have a chance at surviving.

And I’m a survivor.

A Thrilling and Romantic Post-Apocalyptic Alien Space Adventure Series that you won’t want to miss!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Vigilante Chronicles Omnibus

by Natalie Grey and Michael Anderle

One man leaves the life of a lawman behind him and works to clean up a new area in space.

Grab this 7 book boxed set today to learn what happens when a genetically engineered vampire leaves behind everything he’s ever known and sets out to clean up a new area in space.

Barnabas may not be Ranger One anymore, but one thing definitely has not changed: when someone screws over the powerless, Barnabas is going to bring the pain. With a bloodthirsty AI running his advanced spaceship, those who love evil should start looking over their shoulders.

Life just got a lot more fun.

Vigilante, Book 1

On the planet now known as High Tortuga, the mine workers are far too close to being slaves so the ruler of the planet shut them down.

Except for the mine owned by Venfirdri Lan.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


The Legacy Human (Singularity Series Book 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

What would you give to live forever? Elijah wants to become an ascender, a human/machine hybrid, but it’s forbidden. When he’s sponsored for the creative Olympics, he could win everything… or lose it all when he discovers all is not as it seems.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


The Gathering

by Vanessa Nelson

Yvonne is Hunar. A powerful sorceress, oath-sworn to help those in need, carrying scars that she cannot outrun. Young people have been going missing, and she has been asked to find them. In looking for them, she uncovers a terrible conspiracy which requires all her skill and training, and the help of an arrogant goblin lord, with a love of secrets and a dark past of his own.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Belvedor and the King’s Curse: The Cruel Cost of Magic

by Ashleigh Bello

“The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter!” – Amazon Customer Review

Fantasy fans, have you met Arianna Belvedor yet? She’s a warrior, a witch, and a slave to a tyranny. But she won’t stop, sword in hand, until she’s escaped her chains. Does she have what it takes to survive the dark world of Olleb-Yelfra? Win or die—whichever her fate, freedom is certain.

Belvedor and the King’s Curse is Volume II in The Belvedor Saga, a completed YA Epic Fantasy series. This action-packed sequel to Belvedor and the Four Corners has never been discounted before. Grab it while you can!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Faerie Protective Services: An Action Packed Urban Fantasy Thriller

by Robert McKinney

My name’s Flint. I’m a half-orc, a bodyguard, and a fair hand with a rifle. Back in the day, I fought in two wars. One was in uniform for good ole Uncle Sam. The other was under the banner of The Erlking – Iron Lord of goblins, half-bloods, and orcs.

Being a vet two times over never bothered me until one hell of a job dragged me out of the mortal world, and back to the land of Faerie. Now I’ve got to get my client over the US-Mexico border before the next best thing to a fairy goddess finds, enslaves, and kills us – though maybe not in that order.

Think I can make it past the elves, gunmen, and magical forces of nature standing in my way?

Start reading Faerie Protective Services today to find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Enchant and Destroy: An Action Packed Urban Fantasy Thriller

by Robert McKinney

My name’s Aden, and while I was once the toughest bodyguard north of the border, now I’m just another captive held in the depths of Faerie. My jailer is the next best thing to a fairy goddess. A goddess who knows there are fates more entertaining, and worse, than death.

So when a hidden ally gives me a chance to escape, I sure as hell decide to fight for my freedom. But how can I return home safe and sound when a band of gunmen, a fae goddess, and an elf lord known as the blood mage all stand in my way?

Find out in Enchant and Destroy, an action packed urban fantasy thriller!

Previously $2.99


The Changeling’s Fortune

by M.C. Aquila & K.C. Lannon

When 17-year-old Deirdre moves to Neo-London, she discovers she has powerful magical abilities — and finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between the city’s faeries and the human military. Can she find a way to control her power… and protect her freedom?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Slab Steele and the Venusian Exchange

by Ron Starke

Once the hottest craterback prospect coming out of Texas Space University, Slab is staring thirty in the face with nothing to show for it. Worse yet, his craterball career is circling the bottom of the bowl like yesterday’s grilled cheese sandwich. But things are about to change.

On the eve of the biggest match of the season, a pair of mysterious strangers draw Slab into their web of weird. Lost, confused, and unable to figure out why he’s been taken, Slab Steele is forced to make some hard choices—a tall order when everyday thinking already stretches the limits of his brain power.

Follow Slab on an absurd, toilet humor filled adventure across the Solar System in which he’ll confront a ghost from his past, meet a hero from his present, and ultimately come to terms with a future unlike any he has ever known—all while trying to make it to Venus in time for the Crater Bowl.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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