The Storm and the Darkness

by Sarah M. Cradit

One lone witch. Two tempting brothers. An island forged in darkness. This turbulent love triangle wrapped in depravity and redemption is the first volume in the bestselling witches family saga, The House of Crimson & Clover.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Crystal of Life Omnibus

by Dartanyan Johnson

A negotiation gone wrong exposes the traitorous king of Crestahn. He has been a part of a coup to take down the Sovereign—ruler of the galaxy—but Crestahn’s king is just a small cog in a big machine. All of the nation leaders are vying for the Sovereign’s downfall, and they’ll eliminate anyone in their path.

Princess Sha’ella finds herself at a crossroads in the intergalactic war. Her father wants her to side with the rebels, but she’s already sworn her loyalty to the Sovereign. When the Council of Twelve Nations is ready to make their move and orders her to step aside, she has to make a decision that might put her life and the lives of her loved ones on the line.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Murderess Crow

by Sam Feuerbach

Fresh Medieval Fantasy
How much hate can fit into one life? A hired assassin by profession, she has no name and no scruples, nor did she ever have a normal childhood. While others hesitate and try to figure out what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, she is already acting – usually plumping for the bad and the wrong.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

The Swordmaster

by Sam Feuerbach

The bestselling High Fantasy Saga: Part Two (2/6)
She is abandoned by all evil spirits. Instead of cutting the prince’s throat, she simply let him go. And now she is supposed to bend the knee before King Tedore in the throne room. Not with her. Never. Better to kill standing than to live kneeling.

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Stakes and Bones

by Ken Bebelle

Welcome to the Twilight Veil, where magic has risen and turned the Pacific Northwest into a haven for the supernatural.

I crossed the Twilight Veil to the Drowned City to find a cure for my mom’s disease and fulfill my promise to dad. All I had was my tiny bit of Breaker magic. I learned that In the Veil, life is cheap and vampire blood spends the best. Only the Oceanic Pact keeps humans, shifters, and vampires in an uneasy truce.

The Seattle Slayers, an elite cadre of fighters dedicated to protecting the city, is having their Trials for new initiates. My dad was a Slayer–one of the best. I thought his legacy might give me an edge in the Trials, but I was wrong. If anything, it made them harder on me.

But joining the Slayers is my best chance to save my mom. And, maybe, I need to see if I can fill my dad’s shoes.

The only things standing between m

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Bricks and Murder

by Ken Bebelle

Roxy Lim is now an inked member of the Seattle Slayers, tasked with enforcing the Oceanic Pact in a city teeming with deadly shifters, devious vampires, and scheming fae.

I made it into the Slayers by the skin of my teeth and now I just need to figure out a plan to ship some Cure back to my mom. Cure doesn’t survive the Crossing through the Veil without the right vessel. But earning my stripes with the Slayers should get me just the vessel I need to do it.

I got my ink and was riding high when my shifter landlady Mrs. Chu goes missing in the Wilds. Faced with the decision to either carry out my duties with Slayers or to bail to the Wilds to find the one person in Seattle who has taken care of me like family, it’s no choice at all.

What I thought would be a simple errand lands me in a budding vampire war between the Night Court and a rogue vampire named O’Malley.

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The Complete Sons of the Starfarers

by Joe Vasicek

This omnibus edition contains the complete Sons of the Starfarers series, including:

To wake a lost girl from the ice, two brothers must face an empire.

War brought them together, but only hope can unite them.

Fate has brought them across time and space but war will drive them farther.

The future of the Outworlds now lies in uncertain hands.

There is no escape beyond Star’s End.

When all else is lost, the bonds of war become a cause all their own.

Without redemption, there is no peace. Without forgiveness, there is no redemption.

Only those who stand united can bring peace from the chaos of war.

The freedom of the Outworlds is only one more battle away.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Abaddon’s Eve

by Rachel Starr Thomson

The prophet’s name is Kol Abaddon—the Voice of Destruction.

To Alack, a young shepherd boy, Kol Abbadon’s visions of coming destruction fascinate and disturb. But when Alack begins to see visions of his own, the course of his life changes as he treks into the wilderness to become a prophet in training.

Left behind, Rechab, a trader’s daughter whom Alack loves, must choose to change her own life when a pagan god claims her for its own. Salvation can only be found on the run, in the friendship of an infamous merchantwoman with a checkered past, and under the eye of another God.

The stars tell the story of a terrifying doom, a war between gods, and the fates of Alack, Rechab, and all they love. But the end of the story—and whether they can change their own future—is a mystery they must journey to discover.

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Category: Christian Fantasy

To Dream the Blackbane

by Richard J. O’Brien

Seventy years after a cosmic event fused the human and faerie realms together, a second-generation hybrid detective finds himself caught between his femme fatale client and a vampire clan in search of a stolen scroll. Wolfgang really should learn to say no. “A compelling, original tale…” – Kirkus.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian