Time Trap: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 1

by USA Today bestseller Micah Caida

In an Isaac Asimov meets Hunger Games story, a young female with no memory wakes in Albuquerque, a world that is not hers, and unintentionally opens a portal to a deadly place in the future on track to destroy current day Earth. All she wants is to regain her memory and go home. The only person who can help her is an elite fighter of the future, who is trapped in a fantastical world where killing the enemy and surviving is all that matters. With one impulsive action to save a child, Rayen proves she’s his enemy. 206 reviews “I have never bought an entire series after I read the first book, but this time I did.” Amazon

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


On the Isle of Sound and Wonder

by Alyson Grauer

Wild Mira knows the island better than anyone, and she knows the patterns of the sea and sky. She knows, too, that the storm that brings a shipwreck to her island’s shores is not natural, but is summoned by her father’s dark, strange powers. When the wreck’s survivors wash up all over the island, the mysteries of Mira’s past come with them, and the truth of her father’s deeds can finally be brought to light.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Legacy Human (Singularity 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Elijah wants to become an ascender, a human/machine hybrid, but it’s forbidden for legacies like him, preserved for their unaltered genetic code. When he wins a sponsor to the creative Olympics, he finally gets his chance… until he discovers nothing is as it seems.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Castle and the Betrayal of Nathan Glass

by JM Hendrikx

The Magic Four had spent a tranquil summer idly assuming the next Scion would be one of them. Nathan Glass walked into the courtyard one clear, blue-sky day and quickly destroyed their complacency. They sensed the danger and were intrigued, delighted even, for now they had competition.

Winds of change blew in with Nathan’s arrival, grew slowly, almost unnoticed, and then rose up fiercely around them all. A tempest of deception, love, betrayal and revenge swept through the castle and roared out, far beyond its walls, with dramatic consequences for everyone in the magical world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Threads in Time

by Hannah De Giorgis

Twenty-two-year-old Lyndall Huxley wakes to find herself thousands of years into the future. Something went wrong with the programme for which she volunteered – a programme that employs Einstein’s laws of relativity to send travellers forward in time. The ruins overrun by green woodland in which she wakes are a far cry from the urbanised world she left behind in the 2200’s. Lyndall embarks upon a journey that will leave her questioning her very identity. She must choose between the new life that beckons and the old life from which, even thousands of years later, she cannot escape. She will discover that the mission was never about sending people into the future. Much more is at stake.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



by A.L. Hawke

Cora is the immortal Greek goddess Persephone, living in a Malibu beach house in the twenty-first century. She falls for a handsome prim and proper realtor, Gabriel Cartwright, but the gods who are likely culpable for the death of Cora’s former husband care for Gabe too—they want him dead.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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