Salt & Stone

by A.L. Knorr

Under the sea lie the secrets of her past… and a deadly threat to her future.
Targa fears the truth will lose her the man she loves. As she returns to Poland to reunite with Antoni, she wishes she could share her mermaid secrets without betraying her kind. But when a magical stone goes missing from her museum, the siren may have to choose between protecting her loved ones and treason.
As Targa tracks the stolen gem, she discovers a sinister plot centuries in the making. And the power the thieves seek could leave both the land and the sea utterly devastated.
Can Targa protect the secrets of her people, or will her attempt at a double life take everything she loves away?
Salt & Stone is an enchanting book in The Siren’s Curse YA fantasy series. If you like conflicted heroines, simmering romance, and modern mermaids, you’ll love Bestselling Author A.L. Knorr’s aquatic adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Echoes of Germania

by H. B. Ashman

A bloody massacre. An ancient curse. One young German holds the course of history in her hands.

Engineering student Amalia Weber is only training in Olympic judo to please her overbearing father. Caught in a storm on her daily run, the screams of a drowning woman draw her to a lake deep within the mystic Teutoburg forest. But when she jumps in to attempt a rescue, she’s pulled under herself… and somehow awakens alive two thousand years in the past.

Now, enslaved by Roman soldiers—including the legendary Germanic-prince-turned-Roman-officer Arminius—Amalia struggles to survive in a world where her life means nothing. And when her twenty-first-century knowledge is discovered, returning to her own time becomes the least of her worries.

Caught between the merciless forces of Rome and the wild Germanic tribes who dare to defy them, can a modern woman forge history as we know it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Power of Conviction

by Catrin Russell

Darkness creeps across the Midlands. Only the Priesthood can stand against its terrifying presence.

Trained in the arts of the Light, the priests tread a bloodied path through the scores of demons, seeking to rid the world of their unholy presence. The fight against demonkind grows increasingly perilous, threatening the Priesthood’s very survival.

Priestess Anaya stands resolute in her conviction. Despite the dangers she must endure, her faith in the Goddess and Her divine supremacy remains steadfast. She intends to follow the commands of her High Priest, no matter how gruesome.

Then comes a day when all her beliefs are challenged.

The Light of Darkness is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping epic fantasy tales with dark undertones.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


The Sorcery Trial

by J.A. Armitage and Claire Luana

Welcome to The Faerie Race—an epic adventure through a realm as compelling as it is deadly…

Fame. Fortune. Your most extravagant wish granted. These are the prizes promised to the team that wins The Faerie Race, the first and only reality television show to venture into the dangerous realm of the fae. But that’s not why Jacqueline Cunningham wants in. She’s after any sign of her sister—who vanished without a trace into the faerie world two years ago. Jacq thought getting into the race would be the hard part. But she didn’t count on the other competitors—who will stop at nothing to finish first. Or her distractingly-handsome jerk of a partner, who seems to be hiding secrets of his own.
Plunged into a world where everything wants to kill her, what starts as a hunt for the truth turns into a desperate contest for survival.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


The Night Raven

by Sarah Painter

Meet Lydia Crow…
Lydia has always known she has no power, especially next to her infamous family. Which is why she carved her own life as a PI far away from London.
When a professional snafu forces her home, the head of the family calls in a favour, and Lydia finds herself investigating the disappearance of her cousin, Maddie.
Soon, she is neck-deep in problems, and tensions between the old magical families are rising.
The Crows used to rule the roost and rumours claim they are still the strongest.
The Silvers have a facility for lying and they run the finest law firm in London.
The Pearl family were costermongers and everybody knows that a Pearlie can sell feathers to a bird.
The Fox family… Well. The less said about the Fox family the better.
For 75 years, a truce between the four families has held strong, but could the disappearance of Maddie Crow be the thing to break it?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Deep Black Space Opera Boxed Set

by James David Victor

Captain Drummond Bayne is a Navy Ranger tasked with bringing order to the lawless reaches of space. When a simple mission turns deadly, they find themselves navigating space more dangerous than they can imagine. Can they save themselves and uncover a conspiracy that could tear the galaxy apart?

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Tegen Cave

by Inge-Lise Goss

On the run from her old flame’s criminal family, Sara Jones hides in Billings, Montana. But when people around her start dying from poisonous spider bites, she finds herself trapped between the crime family and a sinister group that uses spiders to incapacitate their prey. Even her new boyfriend starts acting suspiciously. Can she escape?

Previously $3.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

Tegen Justice

by Inge-Lise Goss

Sara’s newly acquired Tegen skills will prove to be invaluable as she embarks on a quest to nab another crime family, but before her plan is fully executed, she is faced with a former lover, an out of control Tegen, and the repercussions of disobeying Tegen rules.

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Perilous Alliance: The Complete Series Omnibus

by MD Cooper

Kylie Rhoads is a junker–a spaceship salvager who works illegally on the fringe. As captain, she lives on instinct which gets her in trouble more often than it doesn’t. She thrives on strong coffee, bacon, and bad decisions.

But when the local military sets a trap for them they can’t resist and when the Dauntless is caught red-handed, Kylie and crew will be at their mercy and Kylie’s freedom is once again threatened. She has no choice but to accept a suicide mission no sane person would want.

So sets Kylie on a mission that pits her against dangerous enemies, betraying allies, and fleets of warships set on stopping her. Along the way, she’ll face personal demons, confront her past, and have to fight her way through every step of the way.

Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Wither Thorn

by Joy Lewis

If Caia doesn’t escape, she’ll become an instrument of destruction.

After a ceremony on her sixteenth birthday fails to awaken her powers, Caia is convinced the accursed magic bound to her family name has skipped her in favor of her older, more capable sister.

But in King Arcturus’s court, there is little use for a raiser who can’t summon the dead.

If she doesn’t harness her dark powers herself, someone else just might.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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