Time Trap: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 1

by Micah Caida

USA Today Bestseller Micah Caida turns dystopian young adult fiction on its ear with a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy series that is an other-worldly thriller. Rayen awakened in a strange place called Albuquerque but had no memory of how she got there. She’s captured and sent to a strange institution for gifted young people. While stuck in a computer storage room with two arguing students, a power inside Rayen manifests unexpectedly and opens a portal, sending her and unlikely sidekicks to a place harboring a deadly secret that can destroy this world and the future. All she wants is to regain her memory and go home. The only person who can help her is an elite fighter of the future, who is trapped in a fantastical world where killing the enemy and surviving is all that matters. With one mistake, she proves she’s his enemy. “I’ve never read anything like it.” Amazon

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Warlord Born

by David Beers

For two decades he served…

…and never questioned the orders.

Would one act of mercy cost him?

Alistair believed in the work. He was the last line of defense against the rebels’ unending war to overthrow the Commonwealth. His legend preceded him – the greatest Titan the corps had ever produced.

Alistair’s mission was simple: catch and kill two rebels. Then they said a few words that forever changed his life.

Alexander’s family had ruled the Commonwealth for ten generations. His 30-years as Emperor had been peaceful, but only because he didn’t tolerate dissent. Now, a Titan had betrayed him.

Alistair must die.

In a battle of Good vs. Evil, the stakes have never been higher.

Can Alistair survive? Or will Earth’s greatest warrior fall to its greatest ruler?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military



by Jasmine Young

Multiple #1 Amazon Bestseller

Can a fourteen-year-old mage of lost royal blood rise to liberate his kingdom—even if he must burn with his family?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Jesikah Sundin

All hearts are capable of breaking. Especially a heart of stone.

Hidden in the dwarven mine camps since infancy, an elven princess with a heart of stone finds herself at the center of war. She must choose between the kingdom she was destined to save or the prince who wakes her heart to life.

EIRWEN is a gritty young adult dystopian fantasy spin on the romantic tale of Snow White, blending 1930s-1940s aesthetics and World War II technology with faerie magic. Guaranteed to please readers who love angsty, enemies-to-lovers slow-burn fated romances, twisted faerie tales, and strong found family themes.

Standalone in a shared world / connected series
Guaranteed happily ever after

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


…Before You Leap

by Les Lynam

Two teens in a time machine… what could possibly go wrong?

Sean knows there’s something different about the new girl in school — Alexis Townsend — but before he can figure out what, his world is turned upside down by the arrival of a distant relative. Distant, as in, his great-great-great-great-great-grandson.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

…Saves Nine

by Les Lynam

The adventure continues in Book 2 of the “Time Will Tell” series.

Sean Kelly is thrilled when his multiple-great grandson gives him the opportunity to hang out with his own teenage dad and his far out friends in 1969. (Although the sleepy town of Mercer, Iowa is a far cry from Haight-Ashbury.)

The local oldsters aren’t hip to the younger generation’s long hair and wild music, especially the town cop, causing Sean to experience some unexpected culture clash.

Time Travel rules get tested when Sean develops feelings for his dad’s groovy gal-pal, and he faces a life-or-death decision that could have huge repercussions when he returns to 1995.

Will Sean’s ever-logical descendant regret bringing him into Jonathan Kelly’s wannabe flower-child world, or will Peace, Love, and Understanding prevail in the end?

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Extensis Vitae

by Gregory Mattix

Michael Reznik is a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious underground bunker, with a technologically advanced body he doesn’t recognize. The people around him have cast aside fighting and warfare. They haven’t needed them–until now.

Reznik is charged with tracking down a band of ruthless killers and finding a kidnapped doctor. He finds himself honor-bound to do what is right for the people who brought him back from the dead. A peaceful people are depending on him to do what is right. Can he live up to their expectations, even when he finds out that his new body has an expiration date?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Crown of Shadows

by K. M. Shea

The fae of the Night Court are desperately searching for a new monarch to crown before the Court collapses.

I couldn’t care less.

I’ve done everything I can to bury my fae blood and embrace my human half. That changes when some fae nobles show up on my doorstep and announce that I’m the next Queen of the Night Court.

Becoming an unwilling fae queen? Check. Inheriting a terrible mess? Double check.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Midwinter At Bhisho

by Earl T. Roske

When the Hospitallers land on Abira, things don’t feel right. And it’s not just the constant, falling snow. Bhisho’s townsfolk are nervous. This makes the Hospitallers wary.

Then, thieves come in the night. But the thieves are citizens of another town in the valley. Their people are starving, too. Imara and her team are charged with escorting supplies, through the hard falling snow, to the other town.

The welcome here is more chilling than at Bhisho. Imara is certain more is going on than just a shortage of food. A passed note confirms her suspicions. Now, Imara has to warn the rest of her company, even if it costs the lives of her team.

Midwinter on Bhisho is the first story in the Seasons of War on Abira series. Follow Sgt Imara Fermo as she not only deals with her own demons but struggles to understand the layers of deceptions that drive the civil war on Abira.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


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