Demonic Indemnity

by Craig McLay

Demon boss. Bloodsucking coworkers. Supernatural insurance is scary business…

As the first human in 3,200 years to work in the Special Investigations Unit of Crimson Seal Insurance, Tim Lovecraft knows his days of processing run-of-the-mill claims for werewolf maulings and poltergeist home invasions are over.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Space Race

by Nathan Hystad

Ten teams. One grand prize. The Race is on.

Arlo Lewis was resigned to his station in life as a supply hauler for one of the Primary Corporations ruling Earth, until an acquisition forces him to re-evaluate his situation.

When he’s hand selected to lead SeaTech’s Race team, he struggles to return to the competitive field he abandoned as a teenager.

With an eager team, and the promise of a better future, Arlo takes on the challenge, only to find more at stake than the rights to Proxima.

Under the threat of a revolution brewing at the finish line, things don’t go as expected.

The galaxy will never be the same. But that may be exactly what Arlo needs.

Join Space Race today!

From the author of The Survivors and Baldwin’s Legacy comes a thrilling new series.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium

by Charlotte E. English

Sometimes love waits a world away, and happiness must be fought for.

In the year 1811, impassable barriers separate the world of carriages, battles and bonnets from the world of witches, goblins and fae.

Until the Solstice comes. Then the walls fall, and anyone may pass out of England and into Aylfenhame…

Three courageous heroines will take that step. Sophy Landon, impoverished and alone; Isabel Ellerby, trapped by the prospect of an unwelcome marriage; and Bessie Bell, a mistreated housemaid.

But courage brings its own rewards. Curses, betrayals and a dark history may wait in the realm of the fae, but so do adventure, and magic, and dreams.

And for those with heart enough, true love.

These are stories of the road to happiness, winding though it may be. Of a brightness in the sky on the darkest of days, and above all: of love, and its power to change everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Rivers Run Red

by A D Green

In the Nine Kingdoms, lords and churches dance to a song of war and murder.

But unknown to the players, the song is changing. The Tainted One has returned; harbinger of a cycle of destruction as old as humankind itself. A kingdom is on the verge of collapse; humankind is on the fringes of annihilation – but the lords and ladies, the holy men and the apostates, the great and the small; all just keep spinning with the music.

Nihm is a young woman, living peacefully on the edges of the wilds. But as the hordes descend upon the Nine Kingdoms she finds herself at its forefront, in a race for survival. Where truths will be revealed and her world will change, challenging who and what she is.

Renco is a mute, raised by an outcast from an Ancient Order. His master hones his mind and body to a fine edge. But to what purpose?

Are you ready for your next fantasy fix?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Darkest Winter

by Lindsey Pogue

The Virus spread. Billions died. The Ending began.

A group of orphaned misfits.
The wildlands of the last frontier.
Superhuman abilities, harrowing adventures, and heartbreaking secrets.

New monsters lurk in the darkness, and after Elle wakes from the fever, capable of horrific deeds, she fears she’s one of them. When she stumbles upon four orphans, Elle’s forced to discover what happens when her greatest fear becomes her darkest secret and her only hope of surviving.

After the world goes mad and takes his family with it, Jackson Mitchell tosses aside his badge and decides a bottle of bourbon is preferable to any semblance of living. But when a group of survivors need his help, Jackson sacrifices his blissful oblivion to keep them safe.

Brought together under the worst possible circumstances, Elle and Jackson face their new reality. The arctic isn’t all that is savage anymore.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Highmage’s Plight

by D.H. Aire

George Bradley, computer staff in hand, “envisions” an archaeological site, which could turn history on its head. In the next moment, he finds himself swept away to a world where the laws of magic defeated those of science. Hunted by a demon, George wants more than anything to go home, but fate may have other plans. Worse, George’s computer is now rather sarcastic…
Welcome to the first book of the Highmage’s Plight Series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Child of Chaos

by Glen Dahlgren

Nothing can break the stranglehold the gods of Order have on the world . . . except a roll of the dice.

An irresistible longing drags young Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away. Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen’s dreams warn of dark consequences.

He isn’t the only one racing to the vault, however. Horace, the bully who lives to torment Galen, is determined to unleash Chaos–and he might know how to do it.

Galen’s imagination always got him into trouble, but now it may be the only thing that can prevent Horace from unraveling the world.

“This is no ordinary sword and sorcery story. This is what fantasy fiction should be. [Glen Dahlgren is a] novelist who I think will become more widely known as his skill is appreciated.” –Piers Anthony. New York Times best-selling author of Xanth

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space

by H. Peter Alesso

As the last starfighter, only Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion.

In an era of genetic engineering, Henry Gallant is the only Natural left in the United Planets’ fleet.

With the fleet on the verge of annihilation from invading aliens, analyzing the captured computer in Gallant’s possession is critical to stopping the invasion. He can expect no help as he navigates through threatening aliens on his way to Mars. His shipmates doubt he is up to the challenge.

But as the last starfighter in Squadron 111, the lives of his shipmates, as well as a good many others, depend on Henry Gallant.

For Fans of Honor Harrington and Horatio Hornblower.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

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