Space Tripping

by Patrick M Edwards

All Chuck and Jopp want is to get back to their normal lives, but in order to do so, they’ll have to fend off murderous marauders, skirt the attentions of an interplanetary police force, deal with a peculiar crime boss, and escape a backwater planet inhabited by friendly yet endlessly frustrating alien yokels.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Lost and Found: The Evie Chester Files: Case One

by Nita Round

A gifted slave. A cursed woman. Together can they gain their freedom?

Evie Chester, who is enslaved, dreams of acceptance. But her unusual and powerful gift in a world that fears magic gives her little hope. When the opportunity for escape presents itself, she must join forces with a cursed woman in order to win her freedom. How high a price will she pay?

If you are interested in a historical fantasy feel series filled with magic, demons, and supernatural creatures, start reading this adventure today!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Menacing Misfits- Darkthorn Academy Book One

by Robyn Wideman

If Harry Potter lived in Middle Earth and had to loot dungeons to pay his school fees

When Jack Vance’s grandfather is murdered, his dying words are to get Jack to promise to attend Darkthorn Academy. Jack doesn’t like it, but he’ll do what is necessary to honor the man who raised him.

Surviving Darkthorn Academy won’t be easy. Jack will have to make alliances, learn to harness magic and face dangerous enemies, both alive and dead. If he’s lucky he might just make it to second year.

A coming of age, sword and sorcery fantasy adventure with gamelit aspects, including a slightly overpowered MC, a dragon companion, and a team of adventurers. Inspired by games like Skyrim and Diablo 2 and Fallout.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Scavengers- Darkthorn Academy Book 2

by Robyn Wideman

The Menacing Misfits are back!
After successfully finishing his first year at Darkthorn Academy, Jack returns to Sunder with his new friend, Stannerios. Together, Jack and Stann intend to enjoy their summer preparing for their second year. But even in Sunder they aren’t safe, as they deal with street thugs and assassins.
When Jack and Stann finally return to Darkthorn Academy and reunite with the rest of the team, they learn that things have changed. A new headmaster has been appointed and the rules for questers have changed drastically. Can they survive a second year at the Academy or will they find a new path to success?”

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Discoveries: Book 1 of The Magicium Series

by T N Baldwin

In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been forced underground by Mythtakes, fantasy creatures created through the power of magicium. And when the Mythtakes rebelled, the secrets of manipulating magicium were lost.

Carla is smothered in secrets. Logan obeys without thinking. Junior regrets every choice he makes.

They all want one thing.

All three are in a race to the broken city of Shanghai to recover a prized canister of the magical substance. Determined to brave the Open, each will discover about the lost science of magic on their quest – and will risk being torn apart by their mistakes, past and present.

If you don’t know you’re in a race, how do you know when you’ve won?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Disruptions: Book 2 of The Magicium Series

by T N Baldwin

Enter a dystopian future where terrifying creatures of the imagination have driven humanity underground.

Junior’s obsession. Carla’s disease. Logan’s doubts. Blessing’s abandonment.

Some burdens carry you as much as you carry them.

Hidden truths about The War, The Authority and magicium have been revealed. But the secrets they have each discovered mean no-one is safe.

A spate of Mythtake gaol breaks across the globe seem to herald the next phase of Mistress’s plan. But while newly-formed teams scramble to minimise the damage, a darker intention is revealed.

It will fall to one of these four to prevent the utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest cities from the power of the Disruption. And the consequences could be too heavy for any of them to carry.

When does saving the world become your responsibility?

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Soldiers of Earthrise: The Complete Series

by Daniel Arenson

Jon Taylor is an Earthling. He doesn’t care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet many light-years away.

After the funeral, Jon joins the army. He learns to kill. And he flies to Bahay, sworn to avenge his brother.

On Bahay, Jon finds himself in a dizzying dreamscape, a world of dark jungles and neon slums, of ruthless guerrillas and intoxicating bargirls, of blood-soaked battlefields and glittering brothels. In this place of strange dreams and secrets, Jon hunts the man who killed his brother. But he learns that revenge always comes with a price…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Warplands

by Joshua Bayard

Witches, fairies, and deranged outcast cultists roam the Warplands. Nothing wholesome survives those accursed stains on creation.

Else Whitmore of Gulvin, the charming daughter of a merchant, and her shy younger brother, Denin, are among the least equipped to escape such a hostile place. But when a mad magician confronts their caravan on the road, Else and Denin are wrenched from their comfortable lives and forced to try.

Unfortunately for the siblings, the deadly Warplands are only the beginning of their problems. Else must decide whether a handsome but unholy warrior can be trusted. Denin must confront a disturbing truth about himself that could make returning home even more dangerous than the Warplands themselves.

Their struggles place them at the center of a clash of cultures that will not only imperil their lives and souls but will shake the foundations of the Simonian Empire.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Test of Magnitude

by Andy Kasch

Waking up on another planet with a hippie from the 60’s is the beginning of a 39-year misadventure for Brandon Foss. He and a new generation of humans must face multiple tests in a pursuit to solve the deeper mysteries of the universe among quarrelsome races of aliens. The 5-book series (8 years in the making) is now complete!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Stealing Embers

by Julie Hall

My name is Emberly, and everything I’ve ever been told is a lie.

Monsters don’t exist. Wrong.
The nightmarish spectrum world isn’t real. Wrong.
In a few months, I’ll finally be free. Wrong.

It takes being dragged to a secret training academy in the mountains to unravel the truth. My captors—an elite race of angel-born warriors called Nephilim. The deadliest of them all is an arrogant shape shifter, Steel. He’s gorgeous, lethal, hot-headed, and convinced I’ll be the death of them all.

Maybe he’s right. As soon as I show up, the monsters that have hunted me my entire life breach the academy walls.

Do I stay and fight for a place to belong . . . or decide once and for all that I’m better off alone?

Enter the spectrum world, a realm in-between worlds where shadow beasts draw blood, reality is a maze of twisted lights and sounds, and life goals are whittled down to just one: survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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