Bad Luck Charlie

by Scott Baron

Farscape meets the Bobiverse… with Dragons!

Wormholes are a bitch. Something Charlie learned firsthand when his spaceship was puled into one, forcing him to survive in a place ruled not by technology, but by magic. Where space pirates and vampire assassins clash with alien gladiators and dragons. And stuck in the middle of it, a poor shipwrecked Earthling just trying to find his way home.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Night’s Gift

by Camilla Ochlan and Carol E. Leever

Omen is a young warrior with a knack for finding trouble. Nobody’s surprised when he unwittingly makes a deal with an undead alchemist. In over his head, Omen has to band together with the notorious prince of Hex to battle bloodthirsty giants, devious Night Dwellers, and arcane magic — all while trying to survive in the city’s infamous arena fights.
But when Omen accidentally frees a talking cat, total disaster can’t be averted.
In the shadows of the city,  an ancient evil awaits.
Can our young heroes protect the cat and the people of Hex, or will they end up as an undead nightmare’s main course?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Midnight Monster Club

by Gerhard Gehrke

A city of rogues. A seedy bar. A thief who stole the wrong prize.

When Isabel seeks refuge in the Dragon and Rose with a jeweled watch in hand, Digger’s biggest mistake was hiding her.

The treasure in her possession looked like an easy score. But a gang of mercenaries on her heels want it for themselves.

Soon assassins and lawmen join the pursuit and begin overturning the city in their efforts to capture the thief.

Isabel and Digger must race to discover the watch’s original owner and why they’re willing to kill anyone who stands in their way to get it back.

Grab your the dark fantasy adventure from the author of the hit Goblin Reign series!

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Category: Dark Fantasy



by Tyler J. Yates

Travis Edison is stuck, his life on hold since his dad’s accidental death 12 years ago. Finally, a career prospect arises the very night he meets his perfect match, Meg. What are the odds? But weeks in the Utah mountains leave Travis spinning his wheels and Meg doubting his rationality. Travis’s intuition is warning him that something from his past is stalking. And it isn’t human.

Carl Jung is the world-renowned psychiatrist with a pet theory, synchronicity, about meaningful coincidences. He’s also been dead for 60 years. Diverting him from the hereafter, Jung’s Maker asks him to analyze the meaningful coincidences in Travis’s life. They’re piling up- but why?

As crisis hits home and his world spirals out of control, Travis battles his demons to belatedly uncover life’s deeper meaning. But his fate is not his to determine. Carl Jung must make that choice. The ultimate decision…

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary



by Gerhard Gehrke

For Deanne and her correctional facility work crew, the night the stars fell ended everything.

The godlike invaders brought death to any who opposed them.

One of the visitors holds the key to Earth’s salvation.

But will Deanne fight to take it if means losing what it means to be human?

Grab a copy of the dark science fiction thriller that will keep you turning the pages!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


How To Buy A Planet

by D.A. Holdsworth

Toby is a hapless student looking for a London flatshare when he finds out that the Earth has just been sold to some very cute aliens. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that the deal has a darker side and he and his flatmates only have twenty-four hours to save the Earth.

“Entertaining and fast-moving science fiction adventure in the spirit of Douglas Adams… Written with a sense of humour, fun, and wonder.” Una McCormack, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


A War of Daisies

by A. A. Chamberlynn

Hawk’s Hollow, Colorado. 1894. Four young women with very different lives and very different dreams, except for one thing: they were chosen to be the Riders of the Apocalypse.

Penelope is on a quest to reconnect with the tribe that represents half her blood. Willow wants to win the cross-country horse race, even if it means pretending to be a man. Felicity longs to escape from the cage society has created around her. And Dynah is bound and determined to be Rodeo Queen if it kills her.

But when strange things begin happening to each of the young women, their personal agendas are derailed by a much bigger purpose. By the time they realize what their new powers mean and that the four of them have been chosen for a dark destiny, the apocalypse is nigh.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Variant Series Box Set: The Complete Dystopian Series – Books 1-7

by T.C. Edge

All Variants live by one rule – you run, you hide…or you die.

Ever since the disappearance of her father, Paige Adler has been hiding in the system. She spends her days packing ration boxes, and her nights on the hunt, secretly seeking justice against those who prey on her people.

One night, when tracking a killer, Paige stumbles upon something far bigger than her own personal vendetta…

In the shadows of the city, the Resistance still lingers, all but destroyed fifteen years before. Her father once fought for them, and it cost him his life. Now, they want Paige to join them too.

Drawn in by a handsome but mysterious Variant, Paige soon discovers that the enemy is building a secret weapon, one that could destroy both the Resistance, and all Variants, once and for all.

To survive, they have to fight. And Paige, her powers, and her past, might just be the key to the future.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


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