Dark Nebula Isolation

by Sean Willson

The clock is ticking as humanity faces an unprecedented intergalactic trial. Every choice made, every secret exposed, could tip the scales between annihilation and salvation. With existential threats closing in, the fate of mankind has never been so uncertain. Don’t miss this heart-pounding saga—download Dark Nebula: Isolation today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Daughter of Flood and Fury

by Levi Jacobs

Aletheia was born a heresy: a girl with a man’s magic, in a city where monks and witches are mortal enemies. Training in her powers only under her father’s protection, head of the monastery, she shocks everyone by becoming the best seer in generations.

Until her father is murdered. A suicide, they call it, but she knows the truth: he was murdered for his heresy. For her.

Now she must make a harrowing choice: disown everything her father stood for to stay alive, or flee the temple and seek to expose his killers, even as they hunt her down.

Daughter of Flood and Fury is the gripping first book in the Tidecaller Chronicles. If you like strong female leads, clever magic and page-turning action, then you’ll love Levi Jacobs’ epic fantasy adventure. Download it FREE today and find out if the girl born a heresy will live to be a hero.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Witch of Wealth and Ruin

by Levi Jacobs

The flood is coming, and sooner than anyone thought.

Burdened with visions of the end, mourning the loss of her allies, and desperate to save a lover trapped under her enemy’s control, Aletheia seeks aid in the opulent city-state of Dahran. A family friend there reveals the location of her father’s papers, key to stopping the flood and understanding her enemy’s power.

It seems like the perfect heist—until the friend betrays her, stealing the papers and locking Aletheia in a gladiator prison.

As the flood draws close, she faces an impossible choice: escape at the cost of serving her betrayer, or fight her way free over the bodies of the allies she makes inside.

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Discoveries: Book 1 of The Magicium Series

by T N Baldwin

Mythical creatures have driven humanity underground. In Australia, Logan, a magus prodigy, and Carla, his bitter tutor, embark on a journey across dystopian Earth to recover a canister of rare liquid magicium amongst the destruction of Shanghai. Meanwhile in Kenya, Junior, leader of a bunch of Scavs, sets out with his crew to obtain the canister for the nefarious Stonefish.
While unaware of each other, both teams know that The Authority, the corrupt government of this new world, will be sending representatives to recover the canister as a means to keep themselves in power. And out in the Open wait dragons, goblins, and every mythical creature imaginable, each created by Chemical Element 0, magicium, the element of magic. Each willing to destroy any human who sets foot on the Earth’s surface.
And yet these threats are nothing compared to the betrayal arising within their own teams…

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by T N Baldwin

After meeting the mysterious Mistress, leader of the magical assortment of mythical creatures ruling the Earth, Logan and Junior go their separate ways, desperate to leave the broken city of Shanghai. With every step they take, more barriers block their path, leading them further and further from their destination and into more and more trouble.
Whispers reach them of a new threat, the Disruption, a device of powerful magic that has been hidden in every surviving major city on the planet, each set to go off simultaneously. Now both must make an impossible choice: to continue on their own paths to save the human race from inevitable destruction, or to act on this immediate threat that will bring humankind to its knees the moment the devices go off.
Meanwhile, dark forces they thought they could trust are moving to make sure neither Logan nor Junior will survive to achieve either goal…

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The Gatekeeper’s Descendants

by Johanna Frank

IMAGINE—There you are—enjoying a sweet Afterlife. Then Kingdom Authoritarians say, YOU MUST GO BACK.

It was supposed to be simple. Pipiera merely had to reach out and make a connection with some Matthew boy on Earth. His fate was supposedly at stake, and she wasn’t sure she even cared. So why Kingdom Authoritarians beckoned her to be his teacher was a mystery. Her own Earth journey had been brief; what value could she possibly pass on anyway?

Meanwhile, Matthew Mackenzie wanted to be anywhere but in small town Havensight; and be anyone but himself. So, when bullies beat him unconscious, he was more than willing to leave Earth behind.

Can Pipiera unshackle the doom this Matthew kid will face?

Will her return to any kind of ‘sweet afterlife’ even be possible after what she learns?

Beautiful. Twisted. Lively.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Just After Midnight

by David M Cameron

Seeing shadow figures never seemed strange to Dominic. They had visited him for as long as he could remember, but now he realised others didn’t see them. Was that why he was shunned and sent away to a school high on the moors? The ancient history of the moors, the military early warning system and a secret under the school, combine to lead Dominic and his new friends into danger. Who can be trusted, when the truth is hidden?

Set in 1970, on the North Yorkshire Moors, science offers a brave new world and children are taught to respect adults. Who can Dominic turn to when it is those very adults that are the threat? Stanmoor House School hides secrets and the pupils are handpicked. A special school, but some pupils are more exceptional than others. What menace lies beneath? Something watches. Something waits, but it can’t afford to wait too long!

Strange times indeed!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion



by Kim Richardson

Sixteen-year-old Kara Nightingale didn’t believe in angels and demons. But when she died, everything changed…

As if the dying part wasn’t bad enough, she is chosen to work for the Guardian Angel Legion, a secret band of angels sworn to protect mortal souls from demons. While she struggles to understand the responsibilities of her new job, Kara realizes she is different from the other angels and discovers a mysterious inner power. Something dangerous… something dark…

Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Kara undertakes a desperate mission under the growing shadow of an ancient evil. But will she succeed in saving the world from an ancient enemy before it is too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Great Ooflan From Corplop

by Charlie D. Weisman

Charlando is sent to Earth as a baby to escape the clutches of a secret society of cannibalistic Ooflan on his home planet of Corplop. During his long years of isolation with nothing but his spaceship to talk to, he develops a fascination with love and romance. His belief that his soulmate awaits him on Earth is all that keeps him going.

He arrives on a war-torn Earth to find Janet, a newly homeless alcoholic, blacked out on a park bench. Believing this to be his long-awaited soulmate, he pledges his undying devotion to her.

Janet, too drunk to understand the profound opportunity with which she has been presented, asks Charlando to get her a sandwich.

The pair depart from one another and embark on their own perilous adventures: Charlando on a mission to reunite with his beloved Janet, and Janet on a quest for inner peace in a world that is crumbling around her.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Salvation on Peril Island

by Nash Knight

In the year 1983, a cargo plane crashes onto a desert island, somewhere in the Caribbean. The four survivors know their priorities well: find shelter, find food and fresh water, get rescued, and, above all, find the mysterious missing cargo. But, as time passes by, these priorities wane, as all of them seem to be having too good of a time. As they get to know each other better, they start re-examining their whole lives and the paths that led them to this island.

In the year 2028, a woman called Clarice Skaugen returns to her childhood home in Minneapolis for a family gathering. She is haunted and driven by nostalgia and memories of her childhood days, but she quickly puts it all aside when she realizes that her twin brother is missing, and that it seems like she is the only one in the family that notices or cares at all about his disappearance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History