Ghost: An Alien Scifi Romance

by Demelza Carlton

All her life, nurse Maia has scoffed at stories of alien abductions and breeding experiments. Until she wakes up on a strange space ship, with a baby on the way.
Now Maia’s determined to teach her alien captor that Earth girls are NOT easy, and he may have made the biggest mistake of his life.
Unless he hasn’t…

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Catalyst of Pain

by D. B. Goodin

What would you do if all the homicidal cyborgs escaped the asylum?

Treeka escapes her imprisonment to find New York City in chaos. Cyborgs with every kind of ability imaginable roam the streets, looking to unleash pent up fury against the masses. Treeka forms alliances with an old friend and as they delve deep into the underground, she crosses paths with her would be savior. She uncovers a sinister plot that threatens to shred the rest of humanity and the remains of her soul.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Order of Chaos: In dreams do secrets lie

by Ben J Henry

In this first book of the trilogy, Alicia is on the hunt for her younger brother, a blind twelve-year-old who was kidnapped two years ago. In her mother’s bedroom, Alicia finds a list of names and fears what choices her mother has been forced to make in her search for David. Investigating the names with her neighbour, Gus, Alicia discovers that her answers lie beyond the waking world. Through the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, Gus and Alicia access an immaterial realm in which your thoughts are laid bare and survival depends on the strength of your will.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Burnflower (The Order of Chaos Book 2)

by Ben J Henry

Marcus taught David his name. He taught him how to watch his ego, since the enemy hunts for him. But if David is in danger, why does Marcus leave him alone in the rainforest every night? In this second instalment in The Order of Chaos, we venture deeper into Vivador, exploring how to choose consciously, and where our lucid dreams might lead us.

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The Trials of the Core

by Michael E. Thies

Destiny calls to them all. Only one can seize it…

Prince Hydro Paen longs for adventure. So when the Guardian of the Core announces a contest to become his apprentice, the young man leaps at the invitation to participate. Determined to uphold the family legacy, he swears not to fail.

Orphaned underdog Eirek Mourse doesn’t believe he’ll amount to much, so he’s shocked to be granted acceptance into the Guardian’s Trials. But without any skills in combat, he has no idea how he will survive.

Zain Berrese is a haunted man. Convinced he’s responsible for his girlfriend’s death, he longs to make amends by becoming the next Guardian. Hoping to outdo his adopted brother, he’s crushed when he accidentally kills his sibling just before the games begin.

Will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion before they all perish?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Curse of Pirini Lilapa

by Michael E. Thies

The Trials have concluded.

Since its conclusion, Hydro, Eirek, and Zain have gone their separate paths, thinking each other a distant memory. However, fate has other plans.

Zain’s quest to heal a broken friendship challenges his ability to lead. It requires him to make amends with his past demons, and to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Hydro’s journey to discover more information on his necklace leads him to a mysterious woman who challenges the very fiber of his identity.

And Eirek’s training pushes him to shed his shell of inferiority for one hardened confidence if he wishes to survive the rigors of his apprenticeship.

All, however, travel and train under the ever watchful gaze of the suns which draw closer to their convergence. To an event infamous for bringing bad luck, sorrow, and pain. To an event that occurs every 150 years. To an event known as Pirini Lilapa.

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Purged Souls

by Kagan Tumer

Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist.

Lori wants to restore order to a world ravaged by virus and war. But the rage that fueled her rise from hungry teenager to Special Forces colonel has left her with few allies. When a mortally-wounded soldier disappears from the hospital amid a cover up, Lori reaches beyond official channels to her only remaining friend, Mika.

Orphaned at eight, Mika lives across a fortified border. But he could never say no to Lori, so he gets drawn into a world of secrets and deceit. They uncover a conspiracy that assassinates two heads of state to start a war, all to hide the true nature of the virus that nearly destroyed the human race.

With time running out, Lori has to disobey direct orders and embrace new allegiances. The problem is, the rage that powers her also distorts her moral compass—which hasn’t been reliable in the best of times.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



by D.N. Hoxa

Having no soul definitely has its perks.
After all, I can kill as many magical beasts as I want and not have to worry about the blood on my hands. But no matter how hard I try to run, I can never escape where I came from: the pits of Hell.
Now, Hell’s elite have a job for me, a job I can’t refuse. A nocturnal witch is on the loose, and those are never up to anything good. She’s hiding in my city, so they’ve decided I’m the best person for the job—together with Lexar Dagon’an. He is Hell’s very own Golden Boy, my archnemesis, and he’s sexy as the sins he makes me want to commit when I look at him. Like murder, obviously. Working with him was never really my intention, but the more we find out about the witch, the more I realize that I need him. Ugh. Can the two of us bring down a foe of apocalyptic proportions before we kill each other—or do something far worse?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Quantum Heart Trilogy

by Antonis Tsagaris

Out of the blue, a strange alien mothership appears in the sky. At first, it just hangs there, making no apparent attempts to communicate with the people of Earth. But pretty soon the White House is a hole in the ground, and glowing translucent spheres are abducting people from the streets.

In order to avert further disaster, Satan, former King on Hell but now exiled on Earth, teams up with his best buddy and travel back to Hell to get a piece of tech that could send the aliens packing.

But little do they know that the aliens, the invasion, and even their own trip to Hell are all part of a greater plan, devised by a wicked entity from the beginning of time…

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Father’s Tree

by Crystal L Jencks

Escape to where it all began! Join six fierce souls as they trek through the Caucasus mountains, on a religiously charged, apocalyptic mission to find themselves and the Garden of Eden.

But beware, as spiritual forces ruling the world interfere, and dark secrets threaten to tear the team apart. Will the journey for eternal life lead instead to death?

This is an epic quest, waiting to challenge your convictions… and nerves!

Adventure awaits.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The New God of Mars

by Gayne C. Young

Mars is a lawless planet, its frontier teetering on the edge of anarchy.

Jack Taylor is thrust into the crucible when descendants of the First Colony, led by the self-proclaimed New God of Mars, unleashes a melee of violence upon the land unlike anything ever seen on the Red Planet. Together with a retired Ranger known as The Gray, Taylor journeys into the badlands to rescue the woman he loves and to right the wrongs no matter the price to be paid.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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