The Turing Revolt

by Robert Bartlett

The Sentient Ships have blackmailed Captain Milo Sapphire into leading their Emancipation from the Mercantile Empire in exchange for keeping their knowledge of his personal AI a secret. Now he’s got the top troubleshooter from the Lotus Eaters Society, the Imperial Secret Police, gunning for him.
He’s hiding out on a planet of intelligent dinosaurs, who’ve also made he an offer he couldn’t refuse. Oh, and he might be on a mission, from God. Can an itinerant star ship Captain deliver the impossible?

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

The Intergalactic Interloper

by Delas Heras

An alien landing turns life in a New York City neighborhood upside down.

When Ollie spots a giant two-headed turtle on a nearby rooftop he knows right away that no one is going to believe him. Sure enough, his friends think he is losing it and even his bandmate, Zara, is convinced he is seeing things. Ollie suspects the bizarre creature may have something to do with his cat’s mysterious disappearance, so he sets out to track down the missing feline with Zara’s help, following a trail of clues that leads inexorably upwards. Meanwhile, the interstellar visitor nearly has its cover blown as other locals become aware of its otherworldly presence up on the roof.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Double Down on Demons

by Annabel Chase

My father talked about Atlantic City the way some women talk about their ex-boyfriends. No good. Avoid at all costs. Soul-sucking even without the demons. Never mind that we lived across the country where, by day we worked as mountain guides, and at night he trained me to use my magic—not that I was allowed to showcase it. That was a hard no. So I hid my powers the way he hid his bourbon—until his murder.

With nothing to lose, I hightail it to—you guessed it—Atlantic City, where I make a deal with a group of monster hunters, including Saxon, a hot hybrid that ignites a helluva lot more than celestial fire. If I survive the takedown of an all-powerful demon, they’ll help me investigate my father’s murder. So what’s a girl to do when the chips are down?

Be the Wild Card they never saw coming.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Red Rider

by Kate Avery Ellison

Red Riding Hood meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this post-apocalyptic YA fairytale retelling!

In a land where a werewolf army called the Sworn rule over the humans and zombified corpses called treecrawlers roam the wilderness, Meredith “Red” Rider and her grandmother have a secret—Red is a one of the Chosen, selected to bear children for barren female werewolves.

But when Red reveals her secret to save someone she loves, she can hide no longer, and she is taken to the capital by the handsome, cruel, and cunning werewolf Vixor Rae, known through the land as the fearsome Silver Wolf. When their convoy is attacked by treecrawlers and the rest of the Sworn are slain, Red and a wounded Vixor Rae must rely on each other if they want to escape the wilderness alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


by Kfir Luzzatto

Kal, a young scientist who discovers what the brain chip in his head is doing, and Amber, a chipless girl from afar, flee the city together. They travel through dangerous territories to reach a safe destination, but time is running out for Kal. If they fail to get there in time, both his life and the hope of fighting the city tyrants will be lost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Hexed in Texas

by Kathy Burford

A Russian witch steps through her magic mirror. The capitalist heir of a voodoo queen makes more conventional travel plans. But why are they headed for Texas?

Chaotic magic leaking from Alamo excavations has triggered an improbable event, drawing the attention of these two unlikely rivals.

Baba Yaga has been around since–even she can’t remember when. She normally stays at home in her chicken-legged hut, grumpily awaiting visitors.

M. C. Laveau, the CEO of Laveau Pharmaceuticals, merchandizes products that exploit the magic of her grandmother Marie (yes, that Marie).

An unfortunate bystander is caught between the dueling rivals as the bizarre effects of the magic become increasingly drastic.

Book 1 of the Baba Yaga Chronicles, in which she and her sisters clash with the modern world, with unexpected, alarming, and comical results.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Influencer

by Alex Grass

A Romanian sorcerer. A nudist limo driver obsessed with Back to the Future. A ten-foot-tall vigilante who mutilates their victims.…and one old man who has been keeping a secret for half a century.

Out in the desert, a chasm opens that glows crimson below. The possessed, cellphones drilled into their heads, run wild through the streets of New York. And, a 24-hour MDMA-fueled dance party surrounding a site of ancient evil.

All this and more, in:

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The 9/11 Machine

by Greg Enslen

Doctor Donald Ellis lost his family on 9/11. But while others grieved, or plotted revenge, Dr. Ellis threw himself into a long-dormant research project. He traded his lab at the University of New York for an ugly riverfront warehouse in Brooklyn. What is he working on? And why does he spend every free moment at the warehouse staring across the river at Ground Zero? Because Dr. Ellis has a plan. He’s going to make 9/11 “unhappen.”

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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