The Flaw in All Magic

by Ben Dobson

Tane Carver can’t use magic, and he doesn’t trust it. But he understands it better than most, even in a city of elves and dwarves and sprites and mages. So when an impossible murder is committed on the campus of a warded magical university, he’s called in to consult.

The only problem is, it’s the same university he was kicked out of for lying about his ability to use magic. And the lead investigator is an old flame who isn’t so fond of him anymore. And then there’s the half-crazy half-orc who insists she’s his partner, whether he likes it or not. Oh, and the masked mage who keeps trying to kill him.

So there are a lot of problems, really.

Now, Tane’s life depends on the one truth that has never failed him. The flaw in all magic that those who have it like to ignore: the mage.

Outsmart the mage, and you outsmart the spell.

And outsmarting mages is what Tane does best.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dark Realm

by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

Satan, Lord of Darkness, has given the people a savior, a Messiah! While he rules the netherworld, his daughter, Ara, oversees his worldly realm. She’s the keeper of the faith. Her frenzied followers worship her with as much zeal as they do the King of Demons. Her concert tours and sermons overflow with true believers, willing to burn themselves alive to show their devotion to her. The clergy and aristocracy loathe her. They think she’s a fanatic who riles up lowborns and slaves with her foolish talk of salvation. Her ideas are radical! The high priests may hate her, but they’re afraid to openly defy or plot against her…until the rumors start. They say something’s wrong with Ara. She’s acting irrationally! Hearing voices! Seeing things that aren’t there! She’s become unhinged and must be stopped before her delusions and rantings upend the world!

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Breathe, The Destiny Series, Book One

by Christine Grey

Dearra comes into possession of the magical Sword of Cyrus just as the evil Breken attack her island home. Though her people succeed in driving their enemy back to the sea, one of the invaders remains behind, left for dead by his cruel kin.
Now, Dearra doesn’t know what to be more surprised by, the fact that her sword can speak to her, or that it has imperiously informed her that the handsome Breken warrior is her destiny.
The two are bound together by a chain of events that was set into motion a thousand years earlier, and everything they thought they knew about themselves, their history, and their future is about to change.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Kiran: The Warrior’s Daughter

by Ellen Stellar

Meet Kiran, a reckless and wild cadet of the most prestigious space academy, planning to become a famous and skillful captain. But when Kiran finds out she’s a princess and has to be sent to her native planet to marry the strongest warrior, she draws a line: no way she will ever accept this! She is a cadet, and cadets never surrender!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Bridgers 1: The Lure of Infinity

by Stan C Smith

Some worlds are better left alone.

Infinity Fowler has been fighting all her life, both for survival and professionally. When humans obtained the technology to bridge to alternate versions of Earth, she signed up to become a bridger—an elite fighter and survival expert who protects tourists bridging to alternate worlds.

Desmond Weaver is a tourist making a last-ditch effort to complete his PhD. He has booked a data collection mission to a vastly different version of Earth. If he fails, his career will be over.

Infinity is Desmond’s assigned bridger. She is the best, willing to die protecting tourists. When it’s time to bridge, Desmond and his two roommates feel well prepared.

But they aren’t. Naked and weaponless, on an extraordinary world teeming with lethal predators, the team becomes entangled in a life-and-death struggle more terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Dyan Chick

A fae-hunter, a dark-fae in hiding, two murders, and a whole lot of secrets.

When dark-fae, Jess, escaped from the Dark Realm, she never thought she’d live to see her twenty-fifth birthday. But now that she’s less than six months away from the birthday that will grant her freedom from her father’s court, she’s determined to survive.

When a fae hunter shows up at the bar she works at, she hopes it’s just a coincidence. But after two murders, Jess has some hard choices to make if she wants to live to see her birthday.

Now, she’s been pulled into a mystery she wants nothing to do with but can’t seem to break free from. She has no choice but to go along with the fae hunter for now. But if he finds out what she really is, she’ll lose everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Ghosts of Cortanis: A Cyberpunk Science Fiction Thriller

by C.J. Weiland

Tides of Cortanis is the most successful online game of all time, with fifteen million players sharing a vast, fantastic science fiction realm.
Naomi René hides from her depression and loneliness by playing in Cortanis as her character Vanda, fighting space battles and going on adventures with a close-knit group of online friends. She is stunned to learn that her best friend, Peter, has died while playing.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

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