Fate’s Fables Special Edition

by T. Rae Mitchell

Create anything with the stroke of a pen. Power of a god or ultimate destruction?

Fate will decide.

Seventeen-year-old fantasy author, Fate Floyd, is suddenly ripped from the pages of her charmed life and cast between the covers of a deadly storybook realm in search of a magical object only she can retrieve.

While that would normally be an awesome beginning for her next book, nothing from even her darkest nightmares could have prepared her for the horde of mythic monsters and seductive fae out for her blood.

Then there’s Finn. The young, golden-haired Scottish druid who looks as if he stepped straight out of her secret journal. Fate will soon discover why he feels eerily familiar and way too good to be true…

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Platformed: A Modern Dystopian Novel

by Kelsey Josund

Silicon Valley in the 2030s is filled with vaguely sexist CEOs, contested inequality politics, and joke-able startups. After her job folds and she loses her home to wildfire, Sara joins the latest thing: an unnamed tech giant’s quasi-utopian community, floating above former Monterey. Alone on the inside with a thousand mysteriously chosen strangers, Sara is insulated from the turmoil of crumbling governments and catastrophic climate. Those around her seems incredibly thankful, rescued from gig work and student loans and bad news, but she can’t find her own gratitude. As she learns more about her new home, she begins to see the cracks in its perfect facade. She must choose between surveillance and lies from the anonymous algorithms that protect her or face a vulnerable life outside the system to which she has signed away the next five years. Leaving, she learns, may not even be an option.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Stone’s Throw

by Chelsea Gaither

When Senator Todd Bembridge campaigned against the Rights of Magical Persons Act, every Witch, Vampire, Faerie and “Other” on the census developed a motive for murder. Too bad Astrid Stone is paid to keep him alive.

As an Agent of the Corpus Christi, Texas branch of Terrestrial Affairs, she’s used to handling trouble. After a week of networking vampires to rehabs and soothing angry ghosts, standing between a politician and his magical stalker feels almost like a vacation. She didn’t vote for the guy, but she’ll keep him breathing. Especially when the detail comes with distractingly interesting FBI Agent David Acton.

But then the stalker makes their move. Now Astrid is trapped in a ritualistic game to the death, and the stakes are higher than anyone can imagine. Separated from her team, Astrid must out-think a desperate mage before all of Corpus Christi pays the price…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Purple Haze

by Andrew Einspruch

Her twin abducted. A treacherous rescue mission. Can an unproven princess escape a prophecy of doom?

As Future Ruler and Heir with an almost-useless magical gift, Princess Eloise is in no rush for the throne. But a seer foretells her twin’s peril, and a simple rescue quest becomes a complicated journey filled with danger.
Eloise’s desperate hunt turns to disaster when she’s slammed behind bars in an unfamiliar realm. Even though she persuades the monarch to set her free and help secure a ship, she finds herself sailing headfirst into a deadly fog.
Can Eloise find her sister and her own strength before falling into the mist’s lethal embrace?
The Purple Haze is the sharp-witted first book in the Western Lands and All That Really Matters humorous fantasy series. If you like tongue-in-cheek humor, vivid medieval worlds, and clever cultural references, you’ll love this lively adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Duane Rasey

What if you found out that Covid 19 was a manmade disease? It didn’t just happen, they made it happen?
In 2016, I authored the book “The Flaw.” It went on to chronicle mass shootings and a raging uncontrollable epidemic that would consume the planet.
This follow-up book “Aftershock, the COVID Effect,” looks at how a manmade virus affects the world’s population. It is a fictional representation of the Covid pandemic, told through the eyes of the protagonist, Dr. Olivia Walters.
Olivia is not impressed with the fact that her boyfriend warned those in charge of what this virus could do to the world but was ignored. As she reads through his research notes, she soon realizes the extent of the virus’ different variants. Though vaccination is said to be working, Olivia knows the truth—it will only work for one strain, not the next.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Azyl Academy: A Portal Cultivation Fantasy Saga

by Chris Vines

“You have chosen and been chosen. Grow stronger and save my world.”
A slice of life progression fantasy that follows Aiden’s journey. A reincarnation, then magic school, and seeking answers to where he fits in this world.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Necronote (Notes of Necrosoph Book 1)

by Al K. Line

The yearly Necronote arrived. Soph felt sick to his stomach, same as he had for over three centuries. It meant one thing—kill, or be killed.

In the company of a jittery dragon wyrmling, and several new friends he meets along the way, Soph tries to keep it together as he battles magic way beyond his ken. Worse than that, he has to leave his family in the care of his mother-in-law, a witch b@#ch with annoyingly nice hair.

Soph’s violent side is stretched to the limit as he does what it takes to continue his sorry existence, yet all he wants is peace. To watch his daughter grow, and be with the animals he has the gift of communicating with.

As the temperature in the United Kingdom soars to new heights, the ban on motor vehicles becomes absolute, and strict electric quotas tighten, it’s like returning to a bygone age for our damaged zoolinguist.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Gravity Is Heartless

by Sarah Lahey

Quinn Buyers is a climate scientist who’d rather be studying the clouds than getting ready for her wedding day. But when an unexpected tragedy causes her to lose everything, including her famous scientist mother, she embarks upon a quest for answers that takes her across the globe―and she uncovers friends, loss and love in the most unexpected of places. A highly entertaining read, this meticulously researched futuristic adventure, set in 2050, enthralls with romance and intrigue. It’s fun, witty, and endlessly inventive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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