Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

by J.L. Hendricks

Santa Claus isn’t who, or what, you think he is!

Santa Claus is an Arctic Wolf Shifter, and the mantle has always passed down to his sons. But this Santa didn’t have any boys, he has 4 girls!

His eldest daughter is supposed to marry the son of the pack’s Beta wolf, Rock. But she has refused. Lizzy wants to marry for love, not pack standing.

Lizzy is pulled to Los Angeles by the Christmas Magic looking for adventure and possibly her future Santa. What she finds instead shocks her and her family.

Will Lizzy choose the next Santa, or will the current Santa choose for her?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


by L. R. W. Lee

What lengths will dream weaver Ali be forced to go to, to protect her love when Morpheus goes rogue?

Sand Maiden Alissandra has been weaving human dreams for much of her immortal existence. But her idyllic life is turned upside down when she discovers her father, the god of dreams, plans to exploit humans, making them exist to do only his bidding. Forced to choose between the only life she’s known or protecting her current charge, the crown prince, she sheds immortality and flees Dream realm. But the god of dreams isn’t the only danger to her and Wake realm.

Prince Kovis Altairn, the most powerful sorcerer in the Altairn Empire, knows nothing about Dream realm, let alone his sand maiden. So when Ali is discovered naked in his bedroom, she’s accused of being a spy. Now she must convince him of her intentions…as well as the danger they’re all in…before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Khon’Tor’s Wrath

by Leigh Roberts

A long time ago, faced with extinction, the Sasquatch interbred with the humans. The population re-built, living in hidden underground communities. The People live by a set of sacred laws which include; reverence for females, violence against each other prohibited, never taking a female without her consent, and the strict avoidance of Outsiders.
While the leader is away at a council meeting, the Healer Adia sets out to deliver a gift to the medicine woman of the neighboring tribe.

Along the way, the Healer stumbles across a horrific scene. An Outsider couple lies massacred. As she turns to go, she overhears a sound. Her heart sinks as she discovers an infant. Doomed to a slow or terrible death if she does not intervene. But not just an infant – an offspring of the heartless, Outsiders whom the Ancients predicted would harbor in the Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Lights Over Cloud Lake

by Nathan Hystad

Gone Girl meets The X-Files in this Sci-Fi Thriller

Cloud Lake is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Jessica Carver may have encountered one the night she disappeared.

This is her story.

Reporter Eva Heart is sent to Cloud Lake to write an exposé on flying saucer sightings, a subject she is extremely familiar with.

Nearly twenty years ago, Eva, then known as Jessica Carver, went missing, only to appear a week later, confused and frightened. A man went to jail for the crime.

Now Eva must face demons from her past as she meets both old and new friends along the way. Will her real identity be exposed? Can history truly repeat itself?

Join Jessica as she discovers the truth about her childhood in Lights Over Cloud Lake, the newest novel from the author of the best-selling Survivors series.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Duel in the Dark

by Jay Allan

Start the series readers are calling, “a complicated, detailed, and compelling story,” and “a rich and satisfying experience.”

Get the first 11 books in Jay Allan’s incredible military sci-fi series BLOOD ON THE STARS on sale for 99¢/each this week to celebrate the launch of book 15, Empire’s Ashes, out now! Series link:

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Call To Arms

by Jay Allan

Call to Arms is the second book in the new series from USA Today Bestselling Author Jay Allan. Get the first 11 books in Jay Allan’s incredible military sci-fi series BLOOD ON THE STARS on sale for 99¢/each this week to celebrate the launch of book 15, Empire’s Ashes, out now!

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Dragon Sword

by Craig A Price Jr & Angelique Anderson

Three sisters … Three Dragons … One Quest to reunite the kingdoms of Verdil.

The sisters are tasked to save the people from their power-mad kings. Three separate missions to three separate kingdoms – sky, land, and sea.

Armed with their dragon-enchanted weapons, they take on the armies of men.

As the soldiers prepare for battle in a war that must not happen, the sisters have to stop it before it starts. From the heights of the kingdom in the clouds, to the raging seas and the turbulent land, the sisters find that their dragons are not as forthcoming as they’d like.

Some wars are fought in the battleground of the mind.

Join the sisters as they enter the world of mankind on a journey to save the people from themselves.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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