A House Divided

by Nicole Ciacchella

Scorned by her House for her lack of Adept abilities, Cianne has learned to use their indifference to her advantage. For years she’s been collecting their secrets, but when she finds information implicating her father in a conspiracy, the only person she can turn to is a man she thought she’d lost forever, a man who has no idea who she really is.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Star Mage Quest

by J.J. Green

A dark heroine. Space warfare. Magic.

Carina Lin grew up as a slum brat, alone and friendless on a godforsaken planet at the ass-end of the galaxy.

All she wants is to find other mages like herself, but her plan is fraught with danger. Warring clans are fighting for galactic supremacy, and if they discover her powers she risks slavery and torture.

A golden opportunity arises to fulfil her dream and win her heart’s desire. But if she loses, death will seem inviting.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dwarves of Elvenshore

by Clark Graham

Four lost dwarves have ventured out of the Lonely Mountain. To Sarchise and the rest of the Royal Scouts, it’s a bad omen. He stands at the edge of the clearing wondering if he should save them or not. He knows perils of the Westwood but he doesn’t know that an evil is growing more powerful each day, and if left unchecked, will destroy not only the Westwood, but the entire land of Elvenshore. Will he and his new dwarf allies be enough to save the land?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Arboregal: The Lorn Tree

by D.G. Sandru

The adventures of four youngsters lost in a desolate world of giant trees. A story of dangers, challenges, ingenuity, courage, and friendship.

After performing an experiment at the school science fair four youngsters Nathan, Perry, Melissa, and Michelle appear on a desolate planet, where a giant tree as large as a mountain, supports all life, including people, the Lorns, who live in medieval villages. They find shelter in the Lorn Tree, protected from the monsters that roam the land at night. This is another world, another planet, called Arboregal, and finding a way back home become their goal. Unfortunately, this world is hunted by an evil spirit, Hellferata, who suspects Michelle to be the golden-hair hero who will vanquish her. Without delay she sends her son, Dracu Mort, to kill Michelle. Fearful Lorns want to expel the kids from their tree, where on the ground sure death awaits

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Throne of Silver

by KB Anne

Meet Starr Bishop, the girl next door. Well, if the girl next door can deliver a dropkick to the throat & is Silver Fae. A secret organization wants me as an assassin. Me, kill someone? No way. The General also hints that I’m a superior being—whatever that means. But it might explain the strange flickering thing that’s been happening to me lately. And then there’s Christian, the goth-loner who casts disdainful glares in my direction like it’s his day job. When I go missing, he goes all superhero and finds me. What’s with his eyes changing shape when he doesn’t think I’m looking at him? There’s this crazy-ass chemistry between us, but I deny my feelings. Christian is a complication, and my life is complicated enough. If I give in, I could put both of our lives at risk, and I’ve already lost two friends because of the Organization. But when he goes missing, I follow him into different worl

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Facility

by Eliza Green

Train hard. Trust no one. Survive, no matter what. After narrowly escaping death, a young woman seeks refuge in a new training facility. But when she is forced to kill her competition, she faces a harrowing choice: use the facility’s cruel tactics and get out, or follow her heart and get left behind.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Empowered Series Collection

by Dale Ivan Smith

In a world where people with special abilities are given two choices — join the Hero Council, or give up their powers — Mathilda Brandt chose another option: She went rogue. Now, blackmailed by a secret government agency, Mathilda must fight for her family’s survival.

Mat’s assignment becomes not only a private war to stop deadly Empowered threats to the world, but a quest to uncover the secrets behind those extraordinary abilities.

But will she and the world survive learning the truth?

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Captain Madigan

by Patrick Fullmer

Fast-paced, sci-fi action in the spirit of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Smuggling, fighting, killing – the life of a space privateer is a young man’s game. Albert Madigan, captain of the Whiskey Richard, sure as hell knows that description no longer applies to him.

Madigan’s ship is rundown, his crew is made up of men and women just as flawed as their captain and bouncing from shady job to shady job across the solar system is more trouble than it’s worth. Madigan finally has his opportunity to retire when a high paying contract falls in his lap, but his best laid plans fall through when the job turns out to be a deadly setup.

Taking off across the stars, the crew of the Whiskey Richard fights to stay one step ahead of their pursuers as Madigan comes to grips with what he needs to do to see his quest for vengeance through to its inevitable, bloody conclusion.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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