The Last Librarian

by Brandt Legg

The last library.
The last books.
The last chance.
With a single government ruling the entire planet, using a common currency and one language, the population is unified and enjoying the prosperity that comes with more than seven decades of peace. Free healthcare for all, and guaranteed employment, make the future a dream. But this future is only safe if those in power can hide the past.

The books must be destroyed!

When the single remaining library of physical books is ordered closed and its “dangerous” contents burned, almost no one notices, almost no one cares. The impossible task of rescuing the books, discovering their secrets, and unraveling a coded paradox, is up to an angry author, a brazen revolutionary and the last librarian. If they fail, humanity will lose more than just what is printed on those antique pages . . . if it survives at all.

Never let them catch you reading!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Into the Darkness

by Jay Allan

Terrence Compton is one of Earth’s greatest admirals, a warrior almost without equal. Alongside his oldest friend and brilliant colleague, Augustus Garret, he and his forces saved Earth from invasion by the robotic legions of the First Imperium’s insane computer Regent.

There is just one problem. The First Imperium was held back by the disruption of the sole warp gate connecting the two domains…and Compton and 300 of his ships are trapped on the wrong side, surrounded by the Regent’s vast fleets and cut off from Earth.

Pursued by their deadly enemy, Compton and his fleet must flee into the darkness of unexplored space, seeking safety…and ultimately a new home. Their journey will take them deep into the heart of the First Imperium, to the silent, windswept worlds where the ancient race that built the Regent once dwelled…and uncover the lost secrets of its disappearance 500,000 years

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Endless Online: Oblivion’s Blade

by M.H. Johnson

Val had returned from his latest tour of duty scarred in body and soul. Barely able to walk and drugged to the gills for pain, he thought his killing days were finally behind him.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Endless Online, a hyper futuristic game where players could truly live another life.

Val loved the idea of starting over in virtual reality. But when someone he cares about turns up missing after chasing that same dream, Val quickly learns that Endless is no simple game.

And if Val can’t figure out the dark secrets behind this realm of wizards, warriors, and intergalactic conquest, then it’s game over. For everyone.

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Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Quantum State

by M. Black

An original Young Adult A.I. Dystopian along the lines of The Giver meets Eagle Eye, Quantum State is a standalone that is described as “unputdownable!”

In a future date only known to our characters as year 61 of MAQS, this quiet utopian district of Cherni, contains the perfect system. Everyone is assigned a duty and life is a harmonious event directed by the chief quantum computer MAQS, Masha Mikhailov is not convinced of MAQS’ sincerity and is determined to escape.

Fans of Hyperion, The Giver, The Glitch, The Matrix, 1984 and Eagle Eye will also enjoy this science fiction romance.

“The characters are well-developed, pace is good once the story gets going.”

“The idea of a computer controlling everything was fascinating!”

“There are so many amazing twists and turns.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Witch of the North Pole

by Snow Eden

A heart-warming tale of Christmas, elves, Santa Claus…and a really mad witch.

There are many things Cinnamon Mercy Claus is struggling with this holiday season: the memories of long forgotten holidays when the Christmas season was about family; that she’s just found out her grandfather is Santa Claus; and that her grandmother is a witch—who is bent on destroying Christmas for them all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by John Gold

Facing Death itself, conducting dark rituals, and using forbidden magic? Being sent to hell is not something that 12-year-old Anji ever expected from a government orphanage program set in a VR fantasy RPG Chrysalis. Betrayed and fueled by homesickness and revenge, he will go through hell to face the things hidden in the darkest corners.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Hunting in Bruges

by E.J. Stevens

Jenna Lehane hits the cobbled streets of Bruges with blades at the ready. Someone, or something, is murdering tourists and dumping their bodies in the city’s scenic canals. Jenna must put her combat training to the test as she struggles to unearth the truth about an ancient enemy.

Will monster hunter Jenna Lehane stop the paranormal predator behind the city’s brutal murders before it’s too late?

Finalist for the 2017 Raven Award for Best Urban Fantasy. First novel in the Hunters’ Guild series and an official spin-off from the bestselling, award-winning Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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