The Breaking

by Sarah Neville

The fates of those in Chrysanthos lay in the balance when elemental and Elite Guardian Vaylin Carina finds a mysterious stone, its unknown power the cause of much death and destruction. Determined to understand its secrets and unlock its magickal potential to protect her people from its threat, she must travel north to learn about the stone’s origin but discovers far more than she bargained for.

But other threats move silently, waiting to strike the mighty Panthea Central and gain control over the portal nexus. Time runs short as the Elite Guardians must determine how the pieces connect and who is an ally and who is a foe.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Witch Reborn Box Set: Books 1-3: Includes Gemstone Coven Holiday Shorts 1 & 2

by Belinda White

A paranormal cozy box set filled with magic, mystery, and a whole lot of good old fashioned family.

My sister, Sapphire, and I had raised our family. Done a darn good job of it too.

Now, right smack in the middle of my life, everything is changing. The girls have moved out, Sapphire went and eloped without telling me, and now I’m getting the feeling that my long-standing secret relationship with Sheriff Orville Taylor is about to change too.

At least if he has any say in the matter. And what with him being half of our secret couple, I’d say that was a given.

One thing I know for sure. The Goddess isn’t done with me yet. Mid-life, schmid-life… the best may well be yet to come.

There’s another thing I’m pretty sure about as well. My life will never be boring. Not when dead bodies keep showing up.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Hunter’s Rede

by F.T. McKinstry

Lorth of Ostarin is an assassin trained by a wizard unknown to his kind. He is paid very well to employ both the primeval darkness of a hunter and the ordered light of a mage, an uneasy combination he does not question until he returns home after a long assignment and trips into a turbid river of war, politics and the violation of all he holds dear. Lawless and adept, he picks no sides and takes no prisoners. When his wolfish ways get him imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, he discovers the deeper source of his ability and falls in love with a priestess who frees him to his fate. But the rift in his heart widens under the forces of love, loyalty and the occupation of his realm by a warlord who honors neither hunters nor wizards. To reclaim his homeland, Lorth must bow his head to death itself, a sacrifice that will transform him into the most powerful hunter the land has ever known.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Metamorphosis Online Complete Series Boxed Set

by Natalie Grey

Turns out, punching zombie bears is fun. Who knew?

Enter the world of Metamorphosis Online, a fully immersive video game where players compete for spots in the Global Top 10—ranks that actually pay you to play the game.

Gracie doesn’t play the game to make money…at first.

Broke, single, and working a crappy job as a blackjack dealer, Gracie’s just blowing off steam and having fun.

Can playing a new type of immersive game help her overcome real-life issues, or will it cause more problems?

Before she knows it, Gracie has intervened in a generations-long war between the kobolds and the fae and started a ragtag guild, and her weird math abilities make themselves known in a way that most could not have imagined.

Can she deal with being pitted against the game developers?

For the first time Gracie can remember, she has something worth fighting for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Secrets of the Kings

by Nora Delzelle

No mask can hide the truth.
Alex Kincaid leads a quiet life in a small college town. As an employee of Galen Industries, she spends her free time with her co-workers like Emma Bastian, who wants to constantly meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right?
But Alex is too preoccupied with the odd letter she’s received – one that grants her a large inheritance from a total stranger, including a magical mask that’s going to change Alex’s life forever.
After an attempt on her life, Alex is horrified to see the mask take the shape of her face. It’s endowed with the powers of the ancient sky deity Horus, the protector of order. But now Alex is in danger because Set, the god of storms and chaos, has vowed to take revenge against Horus for killing his lover. And since the mask fuses the personalities of its previous owners, Alex’s own identity is in danger of being lost forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Dead People

by Douglas Rappaport

Everything changed when the Stringfellows arrived on Earth and restarted the world. The bad news is that the aliens randomly chose which people to bring back to life. No rhyme or reason. From across time. The good and the bad. To take care of the more evil of these unfortunate returns, the Stringfellows have tasked certain humans with the new occupation of assassin. Following a unique and mysterious point system, the ultimate reward for their bloody work is the chance to bring back a person of their choosing. Crass and blunt, hitman Mild McMahon only wants to bring back one person: his mother. But to do this he’ll have to kill some of the worst people in history. Given assignments by his talking dog and forced to team up with an unlikely assassin with a near addiction to breath mints, Mild must hunt down a murderers’ row of notorious killers and hope he still has time for coffee.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Brothers of Chaos The Complete Saga

by Merick N.H. Ulrik

Vandryn, a young human and Zan Cadeyn a young half-breed elf are thrown together in a desperate struggle for survival. They cross the ruthless forces of the Blood Queen, the ruler of the empire of Dalantia and must learn to fight to survive.

Aided by new friends like Zylla, a beautiful young elven vixen and Zan’s father the towering elf warrior Elleezer Umbaden and an old drunk of a wizard named Tamar, the hag seer. They face horrific monsters and cult-like evil Blood Paladins.

This Saga contains graphic sex scenes that do not fade to grey and gruesome violence as well as friendship, epic battles and magical weapons.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Well done! I look forward to reading more by this author.

Characters are clear and engaging. The story hooks you and keeps you.”

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Category: Dark Fantasy

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