Ascendancy The Arena

by Bradford Bates

Sometimes being born with magic isn’t so much of a blessing as it is a curse.

Jackson didn’t know who to turn to when he started to see things. When he could no longer trust himself, he pushed all of his friends away except for one. In the end, magic ruined that for him too.
Follow Jackson as he discovers just what it means to join the ranks of the Gifted. When every day becomes a fight to survive against the things that go bump in the night, you must become a warrior. His training will begin with a tournament against his fellow students. A centuries-old tradition that will be used to separate the cream from the crop. Will Jackson be able to survive long enough to claim his place in history?

Not everything is as it seems in the world of magic. Jackson will soon discover just what it takes to become one of the Gifted.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



Caught in Time

by Sheron Wood McCartha

Travel back in time to the medieval age…on an alien planet. Rowena Grae escapes to the past with a mission to assassinate the king, thought to be the source of mutant Talent.

Mistaken identity leads her astray as she finds herself falling in love with the self-absorbed, but adorable king who she was supposed to kill.

Within a day, they are attacked by robbers and rapists and she has to defend them. But she must be careful as every action she takes, every future item she carries could change the timeline of events and change the future.

She is haunted by the revelation that she is a regendered clone of the last dying time traveler sent to save the future.

But how can she save that future if love and circumstances keep tripping her up?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



The Other Eight

by Joseph R. Lallo

The good news is, superheroes exist. The bad news is, most powers are worthless and most heroes are insane. The Other Eight is the story of the US Army’s latest attempt to find a team of worthwhile heroes and the farcical reality show of a recruitment drive that results from a security leak that makes the secret project public knowledge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

by Linda Lee

Video games don’t train you for real-world dragon fighting.
100+ five-star reviews. Experience it for yourself!

Andy Smithson just found out how much the zap of a wizard’s curse can sting. But after an epically bad day, he finds wizards are the least of his problems.

An otherworldly force draws him to a medieval world where fire-breathing dragons, deranged pixies, and vengeful spirits are the way of things. Trading his controller for a sword of legend, Andy embarks upon an epic quest to break a centuries-old curse oppressing the land. It isn’t chance that plunges him into the adventure though, for he soon discovers ancestors his parents have kept hidden from him are behind the curse.

Blast of the Dragon’s Fury is a coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure featuring fast-paced action, sword fights, laugh-out-loud humor, with a few life lessons thrown in.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



Betrayal’s Price

by Lisa Blackwood

For some, rebirth is not a reward.

Centuries ago the gods demanded Ashayna Stonemantle sacrifice her demon-tainted lover. She did, and then ended her own life, but it didn’t fulfill her obligations to the gods.

Reborn into a new body, Ashayna has no awareness of her former life until her sentient magic manipulates her into seeking out Sorntar, Crown Prince of the Phoenix. The majestic and charismatic Sorntar reveals that she is host to a Larnkin—a spirit creature of vast power. If she can trust the word of a man who is part avian, he is host to her Larnkin’s other half. When their Larnkins awaken early and force them into an unbreakable bond, Ashayna and Sorntar are accused of being corrupted by an ancient evil. To prove their innocence, they must discover what happened in the past to pit bondmate against bondmate.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


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