The Girl Without Magic

by Megan O’Russell

Maggie Trent is dead.
At least that’s what she thinks when she falls out of our world and into the Siren’s Realm.
When a man who’s survived centuries shows Maggie the true wonders of the Siren’s Realm, miraculous magic she’d never dreamt of seems within reach.
But all magic comes with a price, and mysteries lurk beneath the promise of adventure.
With secrets hiding behind every beauty, Maggie can’t tell where the lies begin.
Can the man who’s shown her wonders be trusted with her life?
Will she be brave enough to protect the one who longs to claim her heart?
Is there a way to break free from the Siren’s Realm?
There’s only one thing Maggie can be certain of: The paradise she found is more dangerous than the world that took her life.
Magic demands sacrifice.
Hope is a fatal vice.
Welcome to the Siren’s Realm.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Hero Crisis Superhero Boxed Set

by J. D. Brink

Rookie superhero Spitball dreams of breaking into the big leagues of justice. His alter ego, meanwhile—college student Luke Gillis—is experimenting with love and nearly flunking out of college. Of course, if he spent less time on mutant monstrosities, international supervillains, and flesh-eating zombies, that ambitious degree in general studies wouldn’t seem so far out of reach.
But isn’t armored spandex and kicking butt what life is all about?
Join Spitball and an entire universe of vigilantes and villains as they battle for the fate of the world. And discover—the hard way—that there’s more to being a hero than cool costumes, cable news coverage, and Twitter followers.
The Hero Crisis Superhero Boxed Set includes the complete first season of the Identity Crisis Universe of mature superhero adventure. (Well, mostly mature… Spitball does some growing up along the way.)

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Alathea: Goddess & Empress

by Dylan Madeley

Alathea was raised to rule, but the benevolent and deranged forces that hope to prepare her for the throne may create a monster. She’s torn between her father’s reign of empty order through terror and violence, and a magical path that could be completely illusory. In the end, she lives both.

Her father’s yearning to raise a strong and steadfast heir compromises what little time they spend together. Her tutor intends to help her be more sensible than her father, but he isn’t raising her alone. Her nurse manipulates her toward the control of the shadowy Seers.

This tragic story touches on loss, the insatiable hunger for control, the way people live stories and narratives, and the dangers of using conquest to strive for peace.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Shadow Vanguard Complete Series Omnibus: Books 1-6

by Tom Dublin

Don’t dump the cargo – I paid for it fair and square with money I stole!

And so begins the saga of Jack Marber and his alien band of traders as they cross the galaxy doing the only job that doesn’t leave them homeless.

Nathan Lowell has a mission and is willing to pay handsomely for Jack’s time. If only Jack will represent the Federation that kicked him out of the service for what was Jack’s fault.

He’s not sure they should trust him, although he likes it.

His two-legged Yollin partner is trying to learn the English side of the Galactic Common language, but that doesn’t always work out so well.

Adina is a member who Nathan wants on the team. No one is sure of her.

A storm is rising and the misfits of the Fortitude have no choice but to fight it.

This complete omnibus includes all six books in the series!

Previously $19.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dark Nebula: Isolation

by Sean Willson

Lies crafted from good intentions. Death spreading through the stars. When the past returns to claim its due, will anyone survive?

Dark Nebula: Isolation is the gripping first book in the evocative Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like emotionally complex characters, chilling twists, and eye-opening takes on technology, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s sweeping epic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs: The Complete Science Fiction Fantasy Trilogy

by T Ellery Hodges

At the Gates Between worlds. In a war outside of time. They fight for us.

This box set contains the complete trilogy, over 1700 pages of fiction!

My name is Jonathan Tibbs. I’m the one standing between Earth and the Enemy. They tell me every hero’s story follows a path. But if I’m going to save the world, I have to find a different one.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Liath Luachra: The Grey One

by Brian O’Sullivan

Ireland 188 A.D: A land of tribal affiliations, secret alliances and treacherous rivalries.

The young – but deadly – woman warrior Liath Luachra has survived two brutal years fighting with mercenary war party “The Friendly Ones” but now the winds are shifting.

Dispatched on a murderous errand where nothing is as it seems, she must survive a group of treacherous comrades, the unwanted advances of her battle leader and a personal history that might be her own undoing.

Clanless and friendless, she can count on nothing but her wits, her fighting skills and her natural ferocity to see her through.

Woman warrior, survivor, killer and future guardian to Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhail – this is her story.

[Recently adapted as a potential television series]

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Princess of Draga

by Emma Dean

Princess Adelina has spent her entire life among the wolves at court, learning when to cede and when to fight, surviving the politics and intrigue. But when war comes to her galaxy an exiled prince requests sanctuary during the storm, offering what’s left of his warriors.

Adelina is drawn to Prince Nash in a way she’s never experienced before, but he’s forbidden to her. She must decide if she will defy the Crown for a chance at love or suffer the consequences. Because war is coming and no one will remain unscathed – not even a princess.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


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