Stars and Steam

by Anthea Sharp

What if aliens had landed on the Buckingham Palace lawns in 1850 and presented Queen Victoria with a world-changing offer? What if the British Empire, ruled by an unchanging queen, spread out to the stars for centuries?
Explore this alternate world from USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp in five tales filled with ball gowns and nano-tech, steam power and aliens, and the timeless nature of the human heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

When We Were Dragons

by Brandon Berntson

Welcome to New Earth and Paramis Altered, where dragons and mankind are living side by side thanks to a supernatural, catastrophic event.

Justin Silas is a dragon who can change into mortal form at will. When his world, Paramis, collides with Earth, destruction wreaks havoc on both lands.

Cerras, the God of Paramis, has willed himself to sleep after breathing life into the world, allowing dragons and mankind to reign in his stead.

But all is not well.

Lane, a traitorous dragon to her own kind is turning mankind against dragons. She longs to usurp the throne of Cerras and destroy the god with his own power.

Yet fate lies with Charlie Underhill, a small boy from Earth, who – since the collision – harbors a special kind of magic all his own.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

In Time For Revenge (A Standalone Sci-Fi Murder Mystery)

by Jasper T. Scott

He invented a machine to travel to the future, and then he was accused of murder.
Billionaire Byron Gaines is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. This couldn’t have come at a worse time. He’s about to invent a device that will change the world. If only he had more time, he’d be able to make his legal problems disappear–along with himself.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Sword of Betrayal

by Robert Evert

Edris’ lay-about life of privilege ends abruptly when his father announces that Edris will enter the military in the spring. To prepare him, Lord Elros puts Edris through a brutal training regime. Not only does he demand Edris beat every man with whom he spars, but he also insists his son knock them unconscious–even if that means fighting dirty. About to crack under the relentless pressure, Edris seeks a way out from under his father’s heavy thumb. A solution presents itself in the form of the latest Kings’ Quest – find the fabled Sword of Betrayal. The prize of one thousand gold pieces would give Edris enough to start his own life with the woman he loves. Proposing the quest as a way to get in shape, his father surprisingly agrees.

Unfortunately, Lord Elros adds another expectation – Edris is to get close to, and kill, the king’s son.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Rika Marauders Complete Series Omnibus

by M. D. Cooper

Forged into a second generation scout mech, Rika is sent to the front lines where she serves with distinction, crushing countless enemies beneath her clawed feet.

But, despite giving everything she had, Genevia still loses the war, and Rika is abandoned.
Now she slings cargo on Dekar, little more than a human loading machine, struggling to keep ahead of the slow breakdown of her mechanized body.

Until someone makes her an offer she cannot refuse. An offer that will see her rejoin the fight—whether she wants to or not. Rika will have to summon a strength she never knew she had to bring about the victory that she once thought was lost.

Get Rika’s Marauders today and follow the ultimate rags-to-riches story, where one woman rises up and saves not only herself, but her people.

This omnibus volume contains all 7 books in the Rika’s Marauders series, as well as two novellas.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Raging Wolf: A MC Werewolf Romance

by Felicity Jordan

The explosion ripped through the night sky.
Michael knew it was the harbinger of trouble.

Growling and shifting to his wolf form he ran through the chill, primeval forest to investigate. He was the grizzled veteran of dozens of motorcycle club turf wars and he’d seen it all.

But what he found shocked even him.
A young raven-haired beauty in the middle of a sea of destruction.

A witch.

The daughter of his hated rival and archenemy of all shifters.
He should just leave her.
His life was complicated enough.
But the sight of her awakened a deep, primal desire inside of him.
He would save her.
And she would be his.


Blood Heist, the second book in this two book series, is on sale now for just $1.99! The normal price is $3.99 so you’ll save 50%! The sale runs for just a few days. So act now before time runs out. The second book is listed below.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Heist: A MC Werewolf Romance (Raging Wolf Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The bank heist was the only way the pack could survive.

And the key to a successful robbery was a beautiful computer hacker named Susan.

But could Ray convince her to trust a good-for-nothing wolf shifter?

His bulging biceps and alpha swagger said ‘yes.’ She would be like all his other conquests. Human girls were easy once they got a taste of the beast.

But Susan is different.

Too nice, too sweet, too caring… Damn.

Was he actually falling for a human girl?

If she thinks she can tame him, she’s got another thing coming. Because the pack always comes first.

If only she would stop touching him like that, stirring something deep in his soul, and something even bigger in his pants.

He can’t run from her.

He needs her.

And she needs him.

Previously $2.99

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