Lunar Discovery

by Salvador Mercer

What lies on the dark side of the moon could change the course of humanity forever.

When a Chinese rover discovers an alien technology on the dark side of the moon, it is up to Richard ‘Rock’ Crandon and his NASA team of scientists and engineers to devise a way to return before the Chinese and Russians.

Forced to deal with bureaucratic oversight and a complex team of personalities, Rock Crandon pushes his team to their limits.

With pressure mounting, the world is pushed closer to conflict and war as the NASA team finds itself seriously behind in the newly initiated space race. The future of mankind, its ideological and technological advances are at stake, as the world’s super powers race to discover what lies on the dark side of the moon.

Who will get there first, and at what cost?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration



Dymond’s World

by CW Crowe

The World’s End Series is a Grab-You-By-the-Throat-and-Won’t-Let-Go thriller that is reminiscent of a cross between Stephen King’s The Stand and Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. An epic story told in three volumes, The World’s End Series delivers action, heartache, romance and betrayal in equal measure. It will toy with your emotions – making you sad before causing you to laugh out loud, and then sending you reeling in shock and horror.

The story is populated with an unforgettable cast of fully formed characters, all struggling to survive in a world that is suddenly like nothing they ever imagined. It is sometimes a brutal world, and all the characters will not make it to their new home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. But they will live on in the reader’s memory.

An all new tale on the cusp of real modern science featuring gene drives, Crispr/Cas9, EMP attacks, and flakka.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Jill’s World

by CW Crowe

The World’s End continues in Book Two: Jill’s World. Groups of survivors are encouraged by what remains of the government to converge on one four designated settlement areas. Several groups of characters all travel to such an area in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Along the way, they learn shocking secrets about what happened and what is in store for those ‘Pilgrims’ who manage to actually arrive at their new home – which will be some of our favorite characters, but not all.

A tale on the cusp of real modern science featuring gene drives, Crispr/Cas9, EMP attacks, flakka, a smuggled nuclear bomb, World War III, a genetically engineered super flu and, oh yes, drones aplenty!

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Lands of Dust

by John Triptych

Millions of years into the future, the planet is dying. The oceans have turned into plains of silt and sand. Strange and lethal creatures ravage the land. The surviving pockets of humanity eke out an existence using tools of bone.

But humans have also evolved. A select few of the men can move objects with a mere thought, and are called Magi. The women with the gift are called Strigas, and can control other minds. The rarest of them could do both, and were called Gorgons. After a brutal, devastating war that raged across the eons, the remaining Gorgons were thought to have been destroyed.

Miri is a powerful Striga and the chosen protector of her village by the Great Silt Sea. When a mysterious young boy is found near the wastes, her once familiar world is shattered. she must journey across an unforgiving planet in order to unravel a mystery that could change everything.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



Twig of Thorn

by L. M. Hawke

Una doesn’t know what to expect when she receives a letter from her estranged grandmother, summoning her to the Irish village of Kylebeg to claim “a great inheritance.” But the old stone cottage can’t be the sum total of the estate…can it? With a property entanglement on her hands, Una must remain in the old-fashioned village until she can sell her late Gran’s home.

But Kylebeg is home to a secret Una never imagined was possible. The village isn’t just old-fashioned—it’s downright ancient. Its citizens still keep the old ways, observing the cycles of nature and communing with forces beyond the veil: The Fair Folk, a race of supernatural beings whose rumored presence in Kylebeg seems disconcertingly close.

As the world around her turns more mystical—and more dangerous—Una wonders whether it’s truly Kylebeg that holds a Fae secret, or whether it’s the blood flowing in her own veins.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends




by David J. Pedersen

When Angst turned 40, he knew it was over. His chance to be a knight had long since passed. Not to mention that Angst is also one of the few able to wield “the magics” which has been outlawed for 2,000 years. But when Unsel is besieged by dangerous monsters without warning, the world that shunned magic now turns to Angst for help. And he is happy to listen – once his back stops hurting. On the edge of a mid-life crisis, Angst drags his reluctant friends along with him on an adventure. He’s not sure where they’re going, or even if they’ll survive. But he knows this is his one chance to be a hero because the only way to fight magic is with magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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