The Lighthouse in the Sky

by B.Y. Yan

“Firefly meets Inglorious Basterds in an alternate history epic!”

1936. China. A whole new frontier exists in the war-torn Orient, and the crew of the Sky-Fortress class bomber Goosefare will take any job to make their fortunes.

From Constantinople, Captain Cross is coerced to train aviators in the Middle Kingdom. However, things take a complicated turn when he and his merry band accidentally kidnap the Chinese President, and find themselves on the run from Imperial assassins. A chance foray into the Devil’s Sea leads to the haunting realisation that their 1900s is but one of infinite possibilities, with nothing set in stone.

If history is a canvas upon which anything is possible to change, then the Empire of Japan will stop at nothing to get their hands on the strange aircraft and its reality hopping ability. Their destination? Pearl Harbor… and the United States!

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History

Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus

by Craig Martelle

They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?

This digital box set contains ALL 11 books of the best-selling Terry Henry Walton Chronicles series from Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle.

Can Terry Henry Walton help bring humanity back to civilization?

He finds that he needs help and starts building his Force de Guerre, a paramilitary group that will secure this new world from those who would take and destroy.

When the enemies of peace appear before the FDG is ready, Terry partners with a werewolf to fight a battle that he must win.

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

Exile’s Redemption

by Lee Dunning

She fled her home for a new life. He escaped an infernal prison. Can they end a demonic army’s bloody rampage, or will their pasts spell their doom?

Raven has unlimited hope. As part of a quest to reunite the Elven Nation, she combs an ancient library for anything to help mend the widening rift. But when magical portals open throughout the city releasing bloodthirsty demons, she discovers a hidden ability which could transform the fate of her people…

W’rath’s past has forever tainted his future. Exiled for 10,000 years, the god-like elf escapes his prison only to witness the devastating attack on Second Home. Facing a genocidal enemy, W’rath must guide a powerful but untested heroine if anyone is to survive.

As he attempts to escape his reviled deeds, can W’rath teach Raven to harness her powers or will ancient forces eliminate the Elven Nation once and for all?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Cunning Devil

by Chris Underwood

Breaking curses and battling witchcraft are all in a day’s work for folk wizard Ozzy Turner. But someone made a mistake when they put a bullet in his stomach and left him for the worms. They didn’t bury him deep enough.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Pay Dirt

by Chris Underwood

Buried treasure. Ancient secrets. Vengeance unleashed.

When a hungry ghoul uncovered a cache of treasure hidden beneath Lost Falls, he thought all his problems were behind him.

When he realized how wrong he was, he came to me for help.

As Lost Falls’ resident folk wizard, breaking curses is my specialty. But the ghoul and his treasure hunting friends found more than cursed gold down there in the dark.

They unleashed something old. Something alive. Something better left buried.

And if I can’t send it back where it came from, the treasure hunters won’t be the only ones paying the ultimate price.

Previously $3.99

Saving Paludis

by Clayton Graham

Readers’ Favorite International Award 2018
Book Excellence Award Finalist 2019
Top Shelf First Place Winner 2020

At the very edge of mankind’s cosmic reach, a small planet threatens Earth with extinction…

Stefan Lattanzis never expected his planet to become a battlefield, nor Earth for that matter. But when scientists from Paludis share a technological breakthrough with the mother planet, peace swiftly turns into deadly conflict. The downtrodden alien population, mistreated for centuries, seize their chance, and a desperate human cult has a sinister agenda of its own.

To save his precious home world, Stefan must team with two strangers, a botanist and a mysterious seer. They must trust in each other to prevent the newly-emerged forces from destroying Paludis, and forging a dystopia from which they could never return. But how will they defeat the might of Earth?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Children of Never

by Christian Warren Freed

The war priests of Andrak have protected the world from the encroaching darkness for generations. Stewards of the Purifying Flame, the priests stand upon their castle walls each year for 100 days. Along with the best fighters, soldiers, and adventurers from across the lands, they repulse the Omegri invasions.
But their strength wanes and evil spreads.
Brother Quinlan is a haunted man. Last survivor of Castle Bendris, he now serves Andrak. Despite his flaws, the Lord General recognizes Quinlan as one of the best he has. Sending him to Fent is his best chance for finding the missing children and restoring order. Quinlan begins a quest that will tax his strength and threaten the foundations of his soul.
The Grey Wanderer stalks the lands, and where he goes, bad things follow. The dead rise and the Omegri launch a plan to stop time and overrun the world.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Babylon Twins

by Michael Ferris Gibson

Meet Chloe and Elizabeth Yetti: antisocial, semi-homicidal eighteen-year-old twins casually surviving the AI apocalypse. The first book in the Babylon Twins trilogy, this epic adventure takes readers on a journey filled with sci-fi spectacle and darkly humorous twists and turns, not to mention some good old-fashioned butt-kicking.

Previously $7.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Zombie Chaos Box Set (Books 1 – 4 + short story): A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Adventure Series

by D.L. Martone

He’s out of shape, kinda misanthropic, and carrying his cat. Rick Grimes he ain’t.

When the zombie apocalypse hits New Orleans, Joe Daniels has only one goal in mind: to reach his wife, Clare, who’s hopefully safe at her mother’s house in Baton Rouge, and then flee northward to his family’s bug-out spot in the wilds of Michigan. To do so, he must battle through ravenous undead hordes in the French Quarter, snag his tricked-out zombie-proof van, and haul ass across the zombie-infested roads and bayous of southern Louisiana. With any luck, he’ll survive the mayhem, make it to Clare in time, and keep his disgruntled kitty, Azazel, alive.

Previously $8.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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