Alone at the End of the World

by M. P. McDonald

Thirteen-year-old Ethan should be practicing his skateboard moves, not watching his family members die, one by one. He knows he could become a victim of the evil infection at any minute. Scared and alone, he fills his backpack and goes in search of other survivors, hoping he lives long enough to find someone. Anyone.

When Cassie sees the bodies of neighbors and strangers littering what had been pristine front lawns, she realizes her intense focus on business and family may have saved their lives. How does a single mom and her two kids survive an apocalypse alone?

Noah emerges from his two-week fishing trip in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, shocked to learn that a devastating pandemic has swept the world.

When their paths converge, they face a new struggle ─ learning to trust total strangers as if their very survival depends on it… because it does.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Jada Fisher

Eist was born to be a dragon rider, she just knows it. When fate conspires to take her parents and leave her orphaned and injured, her future appears bleak. Unwilling to back down, she must overcome a system stacked against her. Even if she passes all the tests, there’s no guarantee she will ever fly on a dragon. Can she beat the odds and find her destiny or will she be forever stranded on the ground?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Before The Last Star Falls

by Lisa L. Tallabas

Completed series at a great price!

Civilian Eva Thompson steps out of a gym on a military base and her world explodes.

Her city… her home… her loved ones… vanish before her eyes.

Yet there’s no time for the devastation to sink in. Eva awakens from the blast and finds herself and the base trapped on a mist-covered Wonderland. A Wonderland on steroids.

She’s soon surrounded by attractive beings, an evil who wants her dead, and military members who don’t trust her but must help her anyway.

Why? What’s so special about her? And did she really survive one death to just succumb to another? Or will she have protection on this exotic, colorful world that far exceeds any she has ever seen before?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Tropical Punch

by S.C. Jensen

Strippers, Drugs, and Headless Corpses…

All in a day’s work for Bubbles Marlowe, HoloCity’s only cyborg detective.

What do an anti-tech cult, a deadly new street drug, and the corrupt Chief of Police have in common?

It’s a question Bubbles can’t afford to ask. Last time she got curious it cost her job, a limb, and almost her life.

She vows to stay out of police business. But with a newly minted cybernetic enhancement, a semi-legal P.I. licence, and a knack for asking the wrong kind of questions…

Vows are made to be broken.

But as the body count stacks up, Bubbles realizes she’s made a terrible mistake.

Can she figure out who is behind the murders before she loses her head?

If you love glitter, grit, and hard-boiled badassery, you’ll love this new take on the classic detective novel because it’s got non-stop action, lots of laughs, and a sassy robotic pig.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Chew ‘Em Up

by S.C. Jensen

She didn’t ask for this…
Now, there’s no going back.
Bubbles Marlowe prefers to stick to the shadows.

But when one of her cases blows up in the media, the private eye is thrust into the public eye.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Her best friend is on the run for her life and she needs Bubbles’ help.

Now the wrong kind of people are sitting up and taking notice… And the clock is ticking.

The friends will do anything it takes to get out of HoloCity. Even if it means leaving the planet.


Can Bubbles survive her newfound stardom long enough to save her best friend?

Or is HoloCity going to chew them up and spit them out?

If you love fast-paced sci-fi action and larger than life characters, you’ll love Chew ‘Em Up because it’s got mystery, high-stakes thrills, and lots of laughs.
Bubbles in Space is an action-packed, glitter fueled, sci-fi adventure series

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Fractured Souls

by E.A. Copen

Rogue wizard Josiah Quinn never met a rule he wouldn’t break. Even though he knows he’ll face plenty of backlash from both good and evil, he braves the fires of Hell to spring Satan’s captive daughter. But before they return to their lives, he’s got to track down the missing pieces of her soul…

As he attempts to unite the fragmented spirit of the succubus by his side, Josiah has one little problem: a power-hungry wizard aiming to rule the underworld. And since that handsome devil also happens to be his old flame, fighting to protect millions of innocent lives is like battling his own heart.

With New York City in the crossfire, can Josiah pull off the impossible before all Hell breaks loose?

Fractured Souls is a deliciously dark urban fantasy. If you like smart-mouthed heroes, noir-style settings, and stories that flip

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Aliens in Paris

by Sally Ann Melia

It was not like looking for a needle in a hay-stack. It was like feeling for a needle in a hay barn wearing gloves and a blindfold – that’s what Steven told me. He was talking about the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life, an impossible pursuit until two aliens, yes two, landed in Paris.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Aliens in Windsor

by Sally Ann Melia

Alison measured her years in decades. Ten years gaining a double PhD is astrophysics and engineering. Ten years travelling the world from Dark Skies sites to Large telescopes research units. Two years teaching at a boys boarding school. Two years that felt like ten, until aliens landed in the Quad outside the Chapel.

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A Dagger in the Winds

by Brendan Noble

An outcast cursed since birth. A witch chosen by a goddess. Fate tore them apart, but together, can they save their tribe from eternal winter?

Ever since Wacław’s father forbid him from seeing his best friend, Otylia, he’s dreamed of belonging and purpose. Except he never actually dreams. Each night, he leaves his body and wanders, invisible. He’d do anything to know why.

Even give a blood offering to Marzanna—goddess of winter and death.

Otylia has never forgiven Wacław for abandoning her. As a priestess of the wild spring goddess, she believes she doesn’t need him anyway. But when Otylia discovers Wacław wielding storms and bearing Marzanna’s Frostmark on what should be the last day of winter, she realizes the horrific truth.

Wacław is a demon, and he’s her only hope of stopping Marzanna’s wrath.

Enter a new world rooted in Slavic mythology and folklore that’s full of powerful gods, menacing beasts, cursed forests, and plenty of secrets to uncover.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The Facility

by Eliza Green

Let the games begin. After narrowly escaping death, a young woman seeks refuge in a new training facility. But when she is forced to kill her competition, she faces a harrowing choice: use the facility’s cruel tactics and get out, or follow her heart and get left behind.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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