Rise Of The Grandmaster

by Bradford Bates

Some people just knew how to go out in style.

Tim had never been one of those guys.

Tim was always a planner.

The plan was to get into college, graduate, and find a well-paying job.

That plan was coming together nicely until he saw a presentation to get paid to play The Etheric Coast.

At his graduation ceremony.

After watching the company’s employee recruitment video, Big Richie’s words had a whole new meaning.

He could spend his life going from a cubicle at work to a one-bedroom apartment and back again…

Or he could take a leap of faith by entering a virtual world of unlimited possibilities.

And get paid.

Now he just has to figure out how to get the job of his dreams, help his parents financially, and catch the attention of the girl of his dreams.

It was time for him to catch his wave.

Tim sure hoped it didn’t kill him first.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Dragon of Eriden: The Complete Collection

by Samantha Jacobey

King Ziradon… Supreme Dragon of Eriden. He is overthrown; imprisoned in a stone fortress to watch as his kingdom is plundered by his once trusted adviser, Gwirwen.

Princess Kaliwyn… Dragoness and heir to the throne of Eriden. She is cursed to human form, stripped of her memory and cast out of the magical kingdom. But her dragon heart is strong, and it is her destiny to return and set right the grievances her people have suffered.

And so, the Dragon of Eriden begins…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Knights Full of Magic

by Angela Edgehart

Catryn is a fae princess who’s missing pieces of her memory. When she accepts a king’s proposal, Cat finds out she’s not the only one with a blurry past. After she’s given leave to take her pleasure with the king’s three sexy knights, the four of them begin noticing changes. Unfortunately, hiding these changes will be the least of their problems.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Sky Realms Online: Grayhold

by Troy Osgood

Sky Realms Online is the largest and most popular Virtual Reality MMORPG ever made. Set amongst the mystical, floating islands of Hankarth, it’s played and enjoyed by millions every hour. Until something goes wrong.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Fae Prophecy (The Fae Prophecy Book 1)

by Toni Cox

*Books 2-4 are also on special*

Chaos. Magic. Adventure. – Three things this princess isn’t ready for.

When dark magic brings destruction and chaos down on her kingdom, fae princess Dana’s life takes an unexpected turn. The princess must now step away from every comfort she’s ever known, especially when her father’s life becomes endangered.

Her journey brings the mysterious Thomas into her life. Filled with his own type of magic, and secrets that set Dana’s blood on fire, he’s either the ally she waited her entire life for or the most dangerous man she’s ever met. Only time will tell.

Moonstones, a witch, dark elves, and a wolf shifter all stand in her way as she tries to absolve her father of the atrocities the fae folk accuse him of.

Get book 1 of The Fae Prophecy Series now to find out the fate of the magical land of Wiltera.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blade & Rose

by Miranda Honfleur

Mage Rielle must escort a knight safely to his destination, but as the silence from the capital grows, she may be the kingdom’s last hope. An epic fantasy series full of romance, drama, and adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Andromeda’s Rebel

by Debra Jess

They took the sky from her, and her memory, but no one could take away her rebellious spirit.

Mind-wiped and implanted with a death collar in case she should get out of line, Manitac’s corporate flunkies told Tamarja Chase that love could never be a part of her new life. However, working on a paradise planet as the director’s personal shuttle pilot does have its perks and Tamarja intends to take advantage of both.

Perk number one: dark and sensuous Yohzad Cyrek, her parole officer and personal champion.

Perk number two: Daeven Blayde, a blond and brooding badass, who can’t decide if he wants to throttle her, kiss her, or both.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll

by Kat Turner

With a business skidding toward bankruptcy and bone-dry bank account, Helen Schrader is willing to do the unthinkable. But what will happen when she hires a witch to cast a money spell?

When the spell sets in motion her own latent magic and her inexperience causes her to accidentally hex her celebrity crush, rocker Brian Shepherd, all that good fortune she hoped for flies out of the window.

Now, Helen and Brian struggle to break the curse and tackle their growing feelings for each other. Problem is, the harder they fall for each other, the deadlier the curse becomes.

But as a dark magic cult with an unquenchable thirst for power closes in on them, the couple will have to face more than just their inconvenient desire. With time running out and danger mounting, can they beat the hex before Brian becomes its next victim?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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