by E.A. Copen

To save the empire, Timothy will have to betray every oath he’s ever taken.

In an empire where political power is everything, Captain Timothy Val wants one thing: to serve his empire with honor and distinction. But after a mission to quell a revolt goes terribly wrong, Timothy is branded a traitor and barely escapes with his life. His only hope of regaining his lost honor and clearing his family name rests in the hands of a senator planning to use him as the face of a revolution.

With an intergalactic war looming and civil unrest spreading through the empire, Timothy must tread carefully. Assassins wait around every corner, and his new allies have made him powerful enemies, enemies that may not be entirely human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by K K Ness

Danil is a deadlands scavenger, his days spent searching a barren land for ancient battlefield relics and mage-crystals. When the brutal magi of Roldaer take over his village, Danil becomes the key to unleashing a powerful enemy set on plunging both kingdoms into war.

Desperate and on the run, he finds unexpected aid from the Amasian shapeshifters. Among them is Hafryn, an irreverent wolf shifter who fights to protect Danil with sword, tooth and claw. But safety with the shifters cannot last.

As the magi set their plans into motion, Danil and Hafryn must embark on a terrifying mission to a broken citadel where an ancient enemy awaits. Failure to stop the magi could cost them far more than their lives, but Danil soon discovers that courage and determination may not be enough…

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Beyond the Last War: The Wayward Mercenary

by Claude McKenna

​The Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war, and the few humans left scratch across the barren deserts in search of survival. It is a land where law has no meaning and mutated animals scavenge for flesh. It is the post-apocalyptic world Beyond the Last War.

While the rich flourish in neo-cities high above the nuclear soot, the poor are forced to eek out an existence among a landscape rocked by centuries of conflict and environmental degradation. With the impoverished banished to these decrepit soot cities, street gangs thrive, and rivalries often end in deadly violence.

Join mercenary Johnnie Bernstein as he fights his way across a dystopian world full of bizarre and blood-thirsty creatures, fascist regimes, and deranged barbarian tribes.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by BR Kingsolver

My name is Danica James, and I’m a cop with the Arcane Division.

Hunter James was my grandfather. He wanted to end the cycle of war, but instead he broke the world. Demons, vampires, and monsters poured through the Rift into our dimension. The Magi emerged from humanity’s shadows and fought the Rifters, eventually forging an uneasy peace.

When a rich mage’s daughter disappears, I discover some of the world’s wealthiest men are conspiring with demons in trafficking humans as just another commodity. They aren’t happy that I’m sticking my nose in their business, and that makes me a target, but I promised Sarah Benning’s father that I’d bring her home. I’ve seen what happens to humans the demons take, and the best thing you can hope for is they kill and eat you quickly.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Fierce Heart

by Tara Grayce

Essie would do anything for her kingdom…even marry an elf prince she just met that morning.

The human kingdom of Escarland and the elven kingdom of Tarenhiel have existed in an uneasy peace after their last wars ended with both kings dead. As tensions rise once again, desperate diplomacy might be the only way to avert war. If only negotiations between elves and humans were that simple.

When a diplomatic meeting goes horribly wrong, Essie, a human princess, finds herself married to the elf prince and warrior Laesornysh. Fitting in to the serene, quiet elf culture might be a little difficult for this talkative princess, but she’s determined to make it work.

With impending war and tenuous alliances, it will be up to Essie to unite her two peoples. And maybe get her hands on elven conditioner while she’s at it.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

War Bound

by Tara Grayce

Marriage to an elf is complicated…especially bringing him home to meet the family.

Princess Elspeth of Escarland married the elf prince and achieved peace between the elves and her human people. But after a recent ambush by the trolls, it is clear the trolls are trying to start a war between the elves and humans once again. To keep their peoples at peace, Essie and Farrendel travel to meet Essie’s family and negotiate a stronger alliance.

Yet in Escarland, not everyone is happy with peace. Traitors lurk in both Escarland and Tarenhiel, and it will be up to Essie and Farrendel to flush them out. The consequences of failure might be more personal and deadly than they can imagine.

Previously $2.99


Legacy of War

by Joshua James and Daniel Young


A century ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth. Over decades of bitter war, humanity slowly pushed them back.

Eighteen months ago, a truce was struck. The aliens disappeared. Humanity stood down.

But there are those who will never trust the aliens.

The captain of the aging battleship Walker Pierce is one of them.

He has spent months in disputed space, against the wishes of his superiors, looking for proof of alien treachery, afraid of what he might find.

Because this time, if the aliens return, humanity won’t be so lucky.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military


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