Wholesale Slaughter

by Rick Partlow

Logan Conner is the son of a king, the heir to the largest of the five star-dominions, and the best mech pilot in the galaxy. His people are plagued by pirates and raiders, surrounded by enemies, and not even his father can fight them all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Changeling Exile

by Marina Finlayson

I’d do anything to go home to Autumn, the fae Realm where I grew up. I might only be a changeling, but it’s where I belong. That’s why I’m doing everything the Lord of Autumn commands.
My latest job: enforcing fae laws in the human world. It’s hard enough, but it gets worse when I meet my new partner. The Hawk is a fae knight, hot as hell—and an unrelenting jerk when it comes to changelings like me.
Somehow, I have to impress this guy to get back to the Realms. Kind of hard to do when we end up running for our lives. I said I’d give anything for the chance to go home—but I didn’t think that would include my life.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Changeling Magic

by Marina Finlayson

For about five seconds there, my life was perfect. The fae king finally allowed me back into the magical Realms of Faerie, and his arrogant knight, the Hawk, was actually thawing towards me.
I should have known it wouldn’t last. When I get back to my childhood home in Autumn, my mother’s gone, our house abandoned. Not exactly the homecoming of my dreams.
Then an injured stranger turns up in the mortal world, claiming to be my mother, but she dies before I can question her. If I want answers, I’ll have to find her killer. And guess what? The killer is looking for me, too—but not for a friendly chat.
Everyone is keeping secrets, and I can’t even be sure who I am anymore—or how dangerous the truth will be when I finally uncover it. Just as well the Hawk has elected himself my protector. Keeping me alive will be a full-time job.

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Forging of a Knight

by Hugo V. Negron

A battle against the forces of Those That Stand in Shadow brings an end to an old hero and a beginning for a new one. Good and evil are not always what they seem, close friends can be deadly enemies, and loyalty can sometimes be rewarded with treachery. Even if he can grow from these lessons, a greater one will need to be faced: can an unexpected friendship with a thief of orcne blood, despised by all, support his chance for knighthood, or ruin it altogether?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Vita Aeterna

by Jay Allan Storey

Alex Barret lives in ‘the Quarters’, an immense blight of broken-down slums surrounding a glittering walled-off city called the First Circle.

On his sixteenth birthday, Alex undergoes Appraisal, an unpredictable medical procedure with the potential to extend his lifespan. Appraisal is supposed to be a routine rite of passage. But no scenario he’s ever heard of has prepared Alex for his own experience – abducted, imprisoned, and subjected to brutal medical experiments in a high-tech lab.

He escapes and goes on the run, a heartbeat ahead of a ruthless army led by the most powerful man in the world. When he finally pieces together the clues behind his kidnapping, they lead to a treacherous plot that only he can derail.

But to succeed, he must penetrate the First Circle, the forbidden abode of the ruling class.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Sentenced to War

by JN Chaney

Sit in prison or join the military. The choice is yours.

Convicted of a minor traffic violation, Rev Pelletier is conscripted into the Perseus Union Marine Corps . . . for up to a thirty-year term of service.

Anxious to get back to his civilian life and job, Rev opts for a shorter term as a Marine Raider taking the fight to the enemy.

But with extremely high mortality rates, can he and his friends survive until their term of service is over?

Now nominated for a Dragon Award, download Sentenced to War to follow Rev through perilous battles as he fights to hold back the alien invasion.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1

by Ron Bender

Raven’s on the clock to find a buyer for a stolen data core before the hunting mega-corp finds her. Routine really, except no one will touch a product that comes with a built-in death sentence. This time, it’s not about earning a paycheck. It’s about freedom. And the reality is … no one is as free as they think.
Welcome to New White Sands City.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Eye of Ra

by Ben Gartner

– Gold Recipient, Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
– Silver Medal in Children’s Adventure, 2020 International Readers’ Favorite Awards
– Award-winning Finalist, Next Generation Book Awards
– 1st Place in both Children’s Adventure AND Grades 4th-6th, 2020 TopShelf Awards
– Grand Prize Winner, Colorado Author Project
– 1st Place, Gertrude Warner Middle Grade Fiction Award

When siblings John and Sarah accidentally time-travel to ancient Egypt, they’ll have to brave scorpions and tomb robbers if they want to make it home! For readers graduating from the Magic Tree House series and ready for action, dive into this middle grade novel rich with meticulous historical detail.

“An engaging, eventful, history-based fantasy with realistic protagonists and an enjoyable, twist-filled plot” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

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