Myth Agent

by L.A. MacFadden

In 1910, science professor Ruttledge Rosenbaugh is shocked by the mysterious appearance of a feisty five-year-old girl in his secret university laboratory, claiming to be a forty-year-old woman from 1945, with no apparent knowledge of how she got there. When she suddenly disappears just as quickly, in a horrifying cocoon-like web, Ruttledge finds himself haunted by the sight he witnessed for many years to come.
Convinced that the girl is a time traveler, Rutt reminisces about his archaeological exploits with his mentor, and of the time machine his friend built. The machine’s technology is based on studies of a mysterious, ancient, fossilized bone he once discovered, with terrifying “evil” powers for anyone scratched or otherwise injured by it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Knights, Witches, and Murder

by R.M. Schultz

In a land where the wolf wind and mists roam like ghosts, the conflicted son of a witch was knighted by the king. Knighted to repay a debt to his father.

His name is Calec.

He alone holds knowledge from both the knighthood and the mysterious witches of the woods.

When the king’s sheep are found lying in the snow, riddled with black rashes and hemorrhagic eyes, Calec is summoned to discover the reason for their deaths. Then, as human victims arise in the city, Calec uncovers an eerie string of clues. He seeks the aid and determination of pious Eristin—his betrothed and niece of the king—but to catch the murderer they must find answers, answers hidden beneath a web of secrets ensnaring the royal family, a witch, an innkeeper, a priest, and a former thief.

And Calec never suspected he’d have to choose between the only two things he’s ever loved.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Magic Transformed: Twisted Curse Book Four

by D. J. Dalton

When life twists out of control, can a time-crunched elemental sorceress re-balance the universe before it spins into destruction?

Keren Stewart’s guilt is crushing. After accidentally unleashing a plague among the fox shifters, the young mage is willing to take deadly risks to right the wrong. With her black mood worsening under pressure from an increasingly impatient elf princess, she’s devastated when her beloved sister is kidnapped by a powerful evil.

Convinced that giving in to the royal’s demands could buy her enough breathing room to save the world, Keren struggles to deal with the mounting magical emergencies. But with foes circling, her perilous path to victory may depend on forming a dangerous pact with unlikely allies.

Is the enemy of her enemy a friend or her worst nightmare?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series (Books 1-6)

by Daniel Young

The Lost Galaxy series follows the adventures of a lone lawman, his aging and possibly insane spaceship, and a trio of mercenaries, new recruits, and hardened criminals who are all swept together behind an alien invasion that could wipe out humanity … If you love action with your sci-fi, then welcome to your next binge read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Journey to the Hopewell Star

by Hannah D. State

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end.

Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Free Trader of Warren Deep (Free Trader Series Book 1)

by Craig Martelle

A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity.

The reviewers had these words: “Engaging characters…fun and interesting…enjoyable and light reading…you won’t want to put it down!”

Compared to Andre Norton, the Free Trader series takes you to a colonized world across the galaxy where humans and their sentient creations struggle together to build a better world. Not everyone believes. Some believe that being stronger means they can take what they want. People suffer, until the Free Trader arrives. He only wants to trade, but the takers have other ideas.

Join the Free Trader as he journeys across the world of Vii in search of something better.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Where Have All the Elves Gone?

by Christian Warren Freed

Fantasy author Daniel Thomas never imagined the mythical creatures he wrote about actually existed and wishes they weren’t. Daniel is about to embark on the longest and worst night of his life as he is drawn into an elf civil war happening in Raleigh, North Carolina. The only thing keeping him alive are two dwarf brothers who smoke too many cigars and have more guns than the US Army.

Making matters worse is a secret government organization determined to keep it all a secret.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Pushing Planets

by Giovanni Sena

When she detects an uncharted planet with an unstable orbit around the star Tau Sagittarii, Uma knows something is not right. Could this be a remarkable discovery? Is it an opportunity or a threat to humanity?

In her struggle to answer these interrogatives and to deal with the outcomes, the planet-hunter Uma meets the agrodrone-programmer Abdo, whose alternative analysis of her data reveals a more disturbing truth.
Together, Uma and Abdo find themselves entangled in an obscure plan involving corporate interests and a rescue mission to Saturn’s moon Titan.

Things are not what they seem in this original hard sci-fi adventure that stays close to scientific truth while examining the interaction between big science and corporate greed.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction