Level Up!: Press Start

by Simon Archer

In a world full of super heroes, be a power gamer.

Everyone has a super power, even Sam. The thing is, Sam has a power unlike anyone else.
He can level up.

That might not seem like much, but when everything from doing dishes to thwarting robberies gains you experience, Sam has finally found a way to become the most powerful hero the world has ever seen.

And it’s a good thing too because the world’s most powerful villain has come back from beyond the grave, and if death didn’t stop him, what can anyone else do to stop him?

And Sam? Well, he doesn’t stand a chance right now, either, but if he can level up just a bit more… anything is possible.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Semiautomatic Sorceress Boxed Set #1

by Kal Aaron

Five years ago, everyone knew sorcery & magic were nothing but myths. One spectacular incident proved them wrong. Now men & women of power flaunt their supernatural abilities openly, using them for both good & evil.

Sorceress Lyssa likes her reality TV & strawberry ice cream, but her day job of hunting down rogues & criminals doesn’t leave her much time for either. And that’s when she’s not worrying about containing a powerful & dangerous spirit forced on her.

Paranoia is her other hobby, and it’s hard to burn away all evil in the world when she’s not sure if she’s working for the good guys. There’s also the small problem of people from her past popping up and trying to kill her.

When gangsters surprise her with powerful artifacts on what should have been a routine mission, Lyssa is drawn into an investigation that threatens to upend what she thinks she knows about her past.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Song of the Sirin

by Nicholas Kotar

An evil omen clouds the sky. A song of power returns. Can one man’s quest save the world?
Voran, a young warrior of Vasyllia, lives in a dying world. As blight ravages the countryside and darkness covers the sun, he hears rumors of an ancient spirit that devours souls. He feels powerless to fight the oncoming devastation until a mythical creature entrusts him with a long-forgotten secret of power. Legend has it that this power can heal the masses, overthrow kingdoms, and raise humans to divine beings…
Voran must hunt down the dark spirit before it becomes immortal. His quest takes him through doorways to other worlds and puts him on a collision course with seductive nymphs and riddling giants. With each step of the journey, the strength of the villainous spirit grows, as does Voran’s fear that the only way to save his world… is to let it be destroyed.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The City on the Sea

by Heather Carson

Brooke knows the rules. Everyone in the city outside the wall does. If you never cause any trouble, you never disappear.

Even after her father’s mysterious death, she’s always known she’ll do whatever it takes to live a good life and earn her place on the land one day.

But when the watchmen suddenly start following her every move, it doesn’t matter if she’s done anything wrong. Now she needs to find out why they are watching before she vanishes without a trace.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Last Archide: Complete Series

by Chad R. Odom

Oryan Jeckstadt is born a slave. His father, a disgraced general, raises him alone in the prison he doomed his son to. With the promise of securing his father’s freedom, Oryan is ripped from the Quarter and forced into the Centauri Games.

Eleysa Celeste has been orphaned. Loving grandparents do their best but her anger is only flamed by the cruelty of the children around her. A local Centauri training facility owner takes her under his wing. She and Oryan are on a crash course that could decide the fate of billions.

Meanwhile, warriors from another time known as Archides are backed into a corner. The man who brought down their galaxy-spanning empire is taking advantage of the turmoil and threatens to conquer this world as he did their ancient home.

Desperate for victory, the Archides try to recruit Oryan to their cause yet his only desire is to protect the woman he loves and the

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Martin Wallace

When Earth is invaded by creatures from another world, the fallout leaves a world dead from nuclear fallout, human survivors flee to space for survival looking for haven to re-group, re-arm and retaliate against their aggressors. These surviving humans call themselves the Earth Reclamation Force (ERF), a militarized space force working hard to survive and gain any advantage over their enemy. The story predominately follows SC a Lt Commander in the ERF and the head of their most notable fighter detachment. SC fights for his cause and is resourceful in his pursuits but can sometimes be a little free and easy with the rules.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Where The Lost Go

by Glynn James

A supernatural mystery adventure.
A child has gone missing from the hospital. The police have found no trace of where she disappeared to, and a ghost seems to think that Jake is the only person who can save her.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Cassie Greutman

One foster kid. Two worlds. If she can’t catch a dangerous convict, she’s going to lose the only thing she cares about in either of them. Her foster parents.

After years of being shoved from home to home, sixteen-year-old Trisha Penchant finally found a foster family that she won’t admit she loves. Life is looking up. Until the night she wakes up in the woods covered in blood, sporting a bullet-riddled dress.

Without her supernatural ability to heal, she’d be dead. And now the Faerie Council has given her an ultimatum. Catch an escaped fugitive, or be taken to Faerie, a place her missing mother told her horror stories about. A place without the foster parents she’s just learning to connect with. Trying to appease the Council, keeping her powers hidden from her foster parents, and learning to work with the ex-boyfriend who killed her, Trisha’s brushes with death and frustration are

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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