The Twilight City

by Gregory Mattix

A thief with fiendish blood and a young mage with a dangerous power he struggles to control are swept up in an epic quest that will span the planes. Magic, wonder, and darkness await!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Moth Saga: Books 1-3

by Daniel Arenson

“They say the world used to turn. They say that night would follow day in an endless dance. They say that dawn rose, dusk fell, and we worshiped both sun and stars. That was a long time ago…”

The Moth Saga, a bestselling fantasy series, tells the story of Moth, a world torn in two–its one half always in sunlight, the other cloaked in endless night. This bundle includes the first three novels in the series: Moth, Empires of Moth, and Secrets of Moth.

Many eras ago, the world of Moth fell still, leaving one side in perpetual daylight, the other in darkness. Torin and Bailey have spent their lives in the light, but now they’re about to venture into the dark . . . and discover a world of danger, secrets, and wonder.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Planet B

by Jasper T. Scott

We are out of time to save the planet. Now, all that’s left is to watch the world burn, but the apocalypse is about to take an unexpected twist.
Alice Rice has discovered the impossible: a habitable world just a stone’s throw away from Earth. Billionaire Preston Baylor is leading the race to reach it, but competing space programs are heating up political tensions and driving superpowers ever closer to war.
Climatologist Bruce Gordon suspects an incomprehensibly powerful species sent Planet B to us, but who are our mysterious saviors, why are they hiding, and what do they want? As time goes by, it becomes clear that even if their intentions were good, our own self-destructive natures could be all it takes to wipe us out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Code. If your A.I. Loses its mind, can it take meds?

by Peter McAllister

GENE is that A.I., placed on the moon for testing out new technology for mining the asteroid belt. He is on track to grind the moon to dust, believing that is his purpose after having developing schizophrenia.
Liam (who battles his own psychological demons with an eclectic playlist and a droll sense of humour) and co-creator Cletus, are in a race against time to shut him down.

After several attempts, the decision is made to return man to the moon and shut GENE down forever.

A mission is hastily pulled together using a military shuttle, some old Apollo equipment salvaged from museums and an elite military unit. The battle of wills and wits on the surface of the moon will determine the future of humanity as we know it.

So, if you like your science fiction told with humour and pace, then this book is for you.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Burning Bright

by Melissa McShane

In 1812, Elinor Pembroke wakes to find her bedchamber in flames—and extinguishes them with a thought. As an Extraordinary, gifted with powerful magical talent, she is respected and feared, but her father intends to control her and her talent by forcing her to marry where he insists. Trapped between the choices of a loveless marriage or living penniless and dependent on her parents, Elinor takes a third path: she joins the Royal Navy.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

Fall of the Sages Complete Series Boxed Set

by Jada Fisher

What if everything you worked your entire life for was taken away in an instant…and then you were forced to ally with those responsible?

Two heroes will have to put the past behind them so they can fight back against the Sage ultimately responsible for upending their lives. If they fail, the entire world will pay the price.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories

Children of the Night

by Zan Safra

Venice, 1865: Sixteen-year-old Ayanda Draculesti doesn’t remember her early life, but she knows she’s unique–even though she’s alive, she has the powers of a vampire. She has the strength and speed to battle them, and most importantly, the will. She won’t let another child die.

Ayanda isn’t the only young Unnatural in Venice. Ghostly Yurei is in hiding, fleeing the captors determined to turn him into an assassin. Jette Jekyll and Belle Frankenstein are on the run from alchemists who want them dead and dissected. Their paths and Ayanda’s collide when a brutal enemy surfaces that threatens them all: one of the Greater Dead, a vampire that slithers through Venice murdering everyone she encounters.

Ayanda is determined to stop this Dead creature. Yurei, Jette and Belle aren’t. Why should they risk their lives to save people who see them as monsters?
They owe the world nothing…

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk