Superdreadnought 1

by CH Gideon

Alone and unafraid. Sometimes you prevent war by hunting down your enemies.

Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds takes his ship across the universe in search of the elusive Kurtherians. He comes to a revelation. He’s better in the company of living creatures.

He needs a crew. He needs information. And he needs to continue his search and destroy mission.

Needing a crew and getting a crew are two completely different things. Reynolds is out of his element as he tries to reach out and make friends. Through it all, he has his vessel, the superdreadnought, the most powerful warship in the galaxy.

Or so he believes.


Inside this book is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you.​ ​

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Steel Queen

by Karen Azinger

For fans of George Martin’s Game of Thrones comes a truly epic, action-packed fantasy with stunning female leads. A convoluted tale of knights and swords, love and betrayal, battles and magic. Evil is brilliant, handsome, and even seductive, using human nature to deceive, divide, corrupt and conquer. This saga is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want a truly epic story with serious characters and smart, complex plot twists. The Steel Queen is set in a medieval world, but the story is very modern, full of political intrigue, fanatical religions, hatred, misogyny, greed, lust, and love, all woven together in stunning plots. In this world of swords, it is women who will make the greatest difference.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Shadow Lake Vampire Society: The Vision

by Katie French and Wendi Wilson

My name is Piper Williams, and in three weeks I’m going to die.

The summer after Senior Year should be all parties and fun, but for me, the world is about to change. Determined to break out of my reclusive shell and move past the trauma of my father’s unexpected death, I take a job at Camp Shadow Lake, a place where nothing is what it seems.

Every counselor is beautiful and aloof, including Levi Kass—who is as hot as he is hostile. I don’t know what I did to make him hate me, but he seems to want to eat me alive. How can someone so gorgeous be so menacing?

But hot-as-hell Levi, with his dark stares and spine-tingling glances, is the least of my worries. A year ago, someone or something killed my father, and the more time I spend at Camp Shadow Lake, the more clues I find.

When I go looking for answers, I experience a shocking vision—one that shows me my days are numbered.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Legacy Human (Singularity 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Elijah wants to become an ascender, a human/machine hybrid, but it’s forbidden for legacies like him, preserved for their unaltered genetic code. When he wins a sponsor to the creative Olympics, he finally gets his chance… until he discovers nothing is as it seems.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Every Dying Hour

by Justin Rishel

In the future, there is no need for sleep.
Zentransa, a revolutionary pill, gives its users the ability to live a true 24 hour day…fully awake. Only a few can get the Z pill and society revolves around those that do.
One Front for the People are terrorists hell-bent on rebalancing the world’s economic and social scales by eliminating the pill that they consider to be a plague.
Martin Aubrey is a former cop living with regret. His mistake in a firefight took the life of another officer. Now, he longs to wear the badge again. He’d do anything to get another chance to serve.
One Front for the People is about to give Aubrey that chance. They’ve started bombing the city and poisoning its children.
People are dying. Kids are sick. Everyone is a target.
Aubrey is thrust into a nightmarish race against the killers where nothing is as it seems, and answers only lead to more questions.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Lycan Legacy: Progeny

by Veronica Singer

Luna is a werewolf that has it all. Love, family, pack and more.

Luna can lose it all. With fairy assassins on her trail, the granddaughter of Baba Yaga spitting curses, and a demon prince sending enthralled humans after her, Luna is in danger of losing everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Quantum Beginnings

by Joe Kuster

Alex awakens to find most of his memories gone and an illegal AI hidden in his brain implant. Now the pet project of a tech billionaire and heavily in debt, Alex struggles to stay valuable enough to be kept online. Still grappling with the repercussions of his injuries, and threats from a dangerous anti-augmentation political movement, there are no easy answers and threats loom around every corner. Alex must use whatever resources he can to escape from under the thumb of a ruthless corporation, while keeping those he comes to love safe.

This series features an anti-hero protagonist, does not shy away from complicated relationships. While it’s a hard sci-fi story first, it includes modern multiple partner relationships and is not fade to black (18+).

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Quantum Proliferation

by Joe Kuster

Alex and his quantum-powered AI companion might have broken free from Apollo’s threat to shut him down, but he is still on the hook for millions he doesn’t have, and the mega-corp isn’t going to forgive and forget. Desperate to keep his freedom and his company afloat as their illegal funds dry up, Alex tags along with the Black Flags on a mercenary contract on the other side of the globe.

Physically recovered but still coming to grips with the synthetic part of himself, Alex struggles to adapt to what his life and body have become. Stuck in a losing battle with his inner demons, he and Sophie gather resources and allies as they prepare to wage war against the rogue artificial intelligence that threatens the world.

His actions do not go unnoticed, however, and he soon finds him caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse.

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Small Town Witch (Fae of Calaveras #1)

by Kristen S. Walker

She wanted her freedom. Her mother wanted to keep her safe. But if her mother is the more powerful witch, how can Rosa ever break free?

Teen witch Rosa thought she had a happy family. But after her mother convinces her that sixteen is too young to start dating, she’s not so sure. Why does Mom win every argument when Rosa fights for her independence? Why do her father and sister listen to Mom’s opinions on everything? Maybe they give up too easily, or there’s something more sinister at work.

As she investigates her own house, Rosa finds hidden spells everywhere, each one with creepy powers. Her mother sees nothing wrong with invading their privacy, from tracking their movements to reading private diaries. That’s dangerous when Rosa has a secret she’s afraid to tell—she’s bisexual. But when Rosa tries to confront her mother, her own mind betrays her.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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