by T.N. Baldwin

In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been forced underground by Mythtakes, fantasy creatures created through the power of magicium. And when the Mythtakes rebelled, the secrets of manipulating magicium were lost.

Carla is smothered in secrets. Logan obeys without thinking. Junior regrets every choice he makes. They all want one thing. All three are in a race to the broken city of Shanghai to recover a prized canister of the magical substance. Determined to brave the Open, each will discover about the lost science of magic on their quest – and will risk being torn apart by their mistakes, past and present.

If you don’t know you’re in a race, how do you know when you’ve won?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


by T.N. Baldwin

Enter a dystopian future where terrifying creatures of the imagination have driven humanity underground.

Junior’s obsession. Carla’s disease. Logan’s doubts. Blessing’s abandonment.

Some burdens carry you as much as you carry them.

Hidden truths about The War, The Authority and magicium have been revealed. But the secrets they have each discovered mean no-one is safe.

A spate of Mythtake gaol breaks across the globe seem to herald the next phase of Mistress’s plan. But while newly-formed teams scramble to minimise the damage, a darker intention is revealed. It will fall to one of these four to prevent the utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest cities from the power of the Disruption. And the consequences could be too heavy for any of them to carry.

When does saving the world become your responsibility?

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Prime Example

by Tim Rangnow

Attacked and left for dead in the blackness of space, bounty hunter Kole Anwynn races to pursue the ship that came out of nowhere. There are many in the galaxy who would want him dead, but his wounded pride won’t let him forgive the attempt.

When the trail leads him to a backwater planet on the galactic Rim, he goes in search of a local guide. The young taxi driver he finds, with her pink dreadlocks and equally vibrant personality, uses her knowledge of the underworld to assist his hunt for the unknown assassin. From a small-time crime boss to a web of intrigue that spreads across dozens of systems, they have their work cut out for them.

Treachery and betrayal await Kole, along with a choice that he never thought to face. Will the end of his hunt be more unexpected than the beginning?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by K.T. Kaye

Myth and magic combine in this addictive fantasy adventure, set in a captivating paranormal world on the brink of war against an army of bloodthirsty demons.

Hidden in the darkest shadows, an army of demons is rising. Bloodthirsty, ferocious, and heartless, this army of horrific undead creatures is set on world domination.

But hope is at hand, for Lightning Squad, a unique team of paranormal beings, led by the shapeshifting Captain Angel Night, have found the Master of Darkness. A reincarnated hero with extraordinary powers, the Master of Darkness has returned to rid the world of demons.

Or at least that’s what the legends claim.

However the new reincarnation, clumsy, naïve and panic-attack prone Jason Dragonheart isn’t quite as legendary as expected.

Charmingly dark and humorous, Master of Darkness is the first instalment in The Dragonheart Chronicles.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Trials of the Horseman

by Dean Radt

He’s lost his love. He’s lost his horse. And now he’s lost.

Grimble is the regiment’s best rider, but after he’s assigned to an elite team for a covert mission, they make him prove his worth to them. And when everything falls apart he finds himself on foot, alone, and struggling to survive while being hunted by a king, a deadly mage, and a host of creatures he never knew existed.

The odds are stacked against him. The noose is tightening. The enemy draws near.

But Grimble’s love drives him on. Will it be enough?

TRIALS of the HORSEMAN is the first book in Dean Radt’s epic fantasy series that explores the bonds between people, the gray between good and evil, and the resolve it takes to stay true in the face of adversity.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Of Half a Mind

by Bruce M. Perrin

When you talk to yourself, there’s only one voice. When you look at something in your mind’s eye, there’s but one image.

Psychologist Sam “Doc” Price and his team had always held these principles to be true … at least, under normal circumstances. But as they studied the work of a brilliant but troubled neuroscientist, they began to wonder. He claimed his device could rewire the human brain.

But as their awe of what might be possible grew, so did their unease about what was implied. Just beyond what they could prove, there seemed a dark side of the technology and perhaps, a man who had succumbed to it. Was he watching? Was he coming for them? And when they finally secured the evidence they sought, only one question remained. Now that they knew, could they survive the brutal truth?

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

The Jaguar in the Mirror

by Rossana Corniel

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, like getting myself arrested and saying “I do” to a sexy-as-sin drug dealer right after high school. But when shadow-ridden nightmares encroach upon my waking life, my world flips upside down, and I can’t tell what is real from what is not. I begin to question who I am, what I am and what it is this devil, or god or eternally damned soul from another century is trying to tell me. I wonder if I am even capable of escaping its hold on me.
I begin to search inside myself for answers, unleashing a powerful force from within that has the potential to face the shadow’s depths. But those depths hide grave secrets that could threaten the very establishment sworn to protect all of us. Will I be able to channel my gifts to save not only myself but countless others? Or are these abilities and the distant places that give me refuge all part of a greater delusion?

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Symphony of the Wind

by Steven McKinnon

A bounty hunter with a death wish. A girl with fearsome powers. A kingdom on the brink of destruction.

Serena dreams of leaving her desert home in her very own airship. But when an assassin’s knife meant for Serena kills her friend instead, the rebellious orphan ventures into the corrupt heart of the kingdom to discover who put a price on her head. With each new turn, she edges closer to uncovering the truth… And the mystical powers brewing deep within her.

After his fiancée’s death, soldier-turned-bounty hunter Tyson Gallows is eager to sacrifice his life in the line of duty. When a foreign enemy assassinates a high-ranking official, he vows to bring them to justice. On the hunt for a killer, Gallows exposes a sinister plot that proves his fiancée’s death was no accident.

If you like hardened heroes, bloody action, and dark magic, then you’ll love this visceral adventure.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Twin Stars

by Bridgette Dutta Portman

Olive Joshi is an imaginative teenager with OCD. She finds refuge from her constant worries in writing about Coseema, a magical princess on a distant planet. Coseema is fearless, confident, powerful, and perfect–everything Olive thinks she’ll never be.

When she falls through a portal into her own unfinished story, Olive finds herself in a world in peril: double suns scorch the land, the brutal Prince Burnash seeks supreme power, and Coseema is nowhere to be found. Together with her friends–a bold poet, a cursed musician, a renegade soldier, and an adventurous girl from the desert–Olive will have to face her deepest fears to find the hero in herself.

Fans of space fantasy, coming-of-age adventures, unexpected twists and turns, and novels about mental health and self-confidence will love this unique tale about facing what frightens us most.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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