Lost Time: Volume One [Books 1 – 3]

by Damien Boyes

The complete first volume of the stunning sci-fi series Lost Time—Blade Runner meets Memento in a mind-bending action blockbuster that’ll keep you guessing until the end.

They say you never forget the first time you die.

Finsbury Gage remembers—he and his wife, smeared across the highway by a malfunctioning bit-head driving a stolen urban assault vehicle. He hung together long enough for the Second Skyn recovery team to rescue his fading thoughts from his ruined body, but his wife wasn’t so lucky.

Now, with his salvaged mind uploaded to a custom bioSkyn replacement body, Fin’s thrust into a dangerous underworld of plastic minds and enhanced bodies, driven by the haunting, split-second memory of his killer’s face. He’ll do whatever it takes to find the man who stole his future, but when vengeance lives forever, just how far will he let himself go to find justice for the woman he loves?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Crystal Shards Online Omnibus I

by Rick Scott

Over 1100 pages of LitRPG goodness! Grab books 1 to 3 of Crystal Shards Online today!

“There’s only one rule…don’t get hit.”

When Ryan discovers an item that grants the ability to dodge any attack, he has the chance to become one of the game world’s most elite and sought after players: a Dodge Tank.

But for someone who’s never played a combat class, success isn’t so easily had.

Now, to save his mom, Ryan will have to overcome his disability and level his way to the top, but the real-world consequences are more far reaching than he ever could have imagined, and the fate of not just his mother, but humanity itself, may be resting in his hands…

WARNING: Contains RPG mechanics, detailed party combat and giant boss fights. If these things do not interest you, then this is not the book for you!

Buy Crystal Shards Online Today!

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


by D. J. Reid

Shadowfest is almost here.
It’s Summer’s End in the Holy City. The border with the Otherworld is razor thin. Malevolent spirits, creatures of horror and mythical monsters roam.
Brona the Apothecary and Aurelian the Investigator set out to hunt down a murderous ghost. But an elemental Mage is plotting to seize power and, in this dark fantasy conspiracy, nobody and nothing are quite what they seem.
Brona the Apothecary is a suspect. Someone has murdered a Temple Guard. Someone who looks like her. She determines to catch the culprit. There are nine days till Shadowfest – the Night of the Spirits. Not the best time to be tracking malevolent ghosts. But who can match her secret powers in a City where elemental Mages once ruled but are now banned?
She’s about to find out.

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

This Strange Engine

by Philip Ligon

Thief…addict…wife killer?

Once a fine, upstanding member of society, Alexander Asherton has reached the low point of his life. Once he had prospects. A place in society. Once he had a beautiful wife. But that was before Aimee left him, before the explosion…and before magic. His promising future with the Church of England went up in flames with the explosion that wrecked his body.

Now he works for the cruel and mysterious Misters, who keep him awash in the magic he needs to feed his addiction. The magic he needs to live. His only comfort is that he doesn’t do wet work.

He’s only a thief, not a murderer.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Syndicate Wars: First Strike

by Justin Sloan

With an alien invasion threatening the survival of the human race, service in the Marines was no longer simply about honor and duty, it was a matter of life and death.

This was especially true for Quinn, a Marine sergeant who was hell-bent on ensuring that her young daughter had a world to grow up in. But one thing separates Quinn from the others: She’s a certifiable badass.

And as the aliens will learn, it’s tough to keep a good woman down.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

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