Heir of the Hunted

by Richard T Drake

CIPA EVVY Award Runner-up for Fiction/ Fantasy
Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist for Epic Fantasy

Radyn’s life has been decreed forfeit by a malevolent god. Alone, his family slaughtered, his only hope is to trust a mysterious girl and her order of magical warriors.

Deep within their world lies a secret, an evil so ancient it has faded from memory. Radyn must unlock the power of ancestors of whom he has no knowledge… before the darkness awakens.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Mosaic Woman

by Resa Nelson

Zuri dreams of being invited to the city island of VainGlory, where she can rise to the top of her field. Everyone knows that in VainGlory, fame is the name of the game.

The most elite athletes, artists, and entertainers live in VainGlory. Designed for luxurious living, the state of the art promotes living in individual Personal Bubbles. Able to go anywhere virtually, the wealthy rarely leave home.

But now that she’s arrived in VainGlory, Zuri wonders what might lurk below the city’s beautiful and shiny surface. She encounters strange dangers and learns that VainGlorians delight in the suffering of those less fortunate.

Something is wrong in VainGlory. Something terribly wrong.

Zuri has invested the last 10 years of her life working toward success. But when does the cost of success become too high?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Earth Warden

by Tyler Aston

Fast-paced and explosive space opera!
When Tristan is abducted by one of Earth’s shadowy guardians, he finds himself in a universe beyond his wildest dreams. Powerful psychics, surly robots and genetically-engineered assassins make up his new crew…
But what do they need him for? What is this mysterious enemy they’re all so terrified of? And most importantly, can he survive long enough to find out?
Earth Warden blends the frantic action of Star Wars with the quirky humour of Firefly. If you love sci-fi, check it out today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Chronicles of Dragon Collection : An Epic Dragon Fantasy Adventure (The Complete 10-Book Series): The Chronicles of Dragon Series 1 (The Chronicles of Dragon Box Set)

by Craig Halloran

If you love dragons of all sorts and sizes and young heroes with god-like powers like in the Percy Jackson series, then you can’t miss with this fast-paced, action-packed, magic-filled, dangerously addictive fantasy adventure!

The eBook is 2354 pages.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Tail of the Dragon Collector’s Edition: An Epic Dragon Fantasy Adventure (The Complete 10-Book Series) (The Chronicles of Dragon Box Set 2)

by Craig Halloran

Apocalypse Is Coming
A restless liege, Nath Dragon is bored with his reign and hungry for adventure. So when the fairy empress, Lotuus, entices him to undertake a great mission, a quest to uncover the secrets of his birth by locating the mother he’s never known, Nath leaps at the opportunity. But the evil sprite’s motives are far from noble. And while the Dragon King’s attention is elsewhere, a new threat is rising that could tear the world of Nalzambor to pieces.

Darkness Rises

A monstrous new breed of dragon has emerged from the darkness, their numbers growing so rapidly they will soon be unstoppable. More insect than dragon, these “wurmers” have no love for their winged cousins. And in concert with the gargantuan Titans, dragonkind’s ancient enemy, they could violently transform the world forever.

One Last Hope

Suddenly Nath, his magic sword Fang, his lifelong friend Brenwar, and a small band of allies are the last hope for preventing the catastrophe that could annihilate entire races and leave Nalzambor in ruins. But first, the Dragon King will have to make the ultimate sacrifice and shed his scales to do battle in human form.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Jamie Thomas

Only the most dangerous of Mages are sentenced to pass through the gate to Asperfell. Not one has ever returned.

Briony never dreamed she might set foot in the otherworldly prison. She was, after all, neither Mage nor criminal. She was simply her father’s little whirlwind—fingers smudged with ink, dresses caked with mud—forever lost in a book or the spirit-haunted woods surrounding her family’s country estate.

But Briony always had a knack for showing up where she was least expected.

Only by braving the gate of Asperfell can Briony find the true heir to the throne and save her kingdom from civil war. And so, she plunges into a world of caged madmen and demented spirits, of dark magic and cryptic whispers… and of a bleak and broken prince with no interest in being rescued.

Fantasy Book of the Year -INDIES Awards

Top Ten Debut Speculative Fiction Novels of 2020 -Booklist

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Dreams of Winter

by Christian Warren Freed

It is a troubled time. The old gods are returning and they want the universe back. The Conclave has ruled the 700 known worlds since the fall of the gods. It is an empire built upon a lie. Together with the Inquisition and the mighty Prekhauten Guard, they preserve peace and justice for all, while stamping out heresy when it arises.

Senior Inquisitor Tolde Breed is sent to the planet Crimeat to investigate the escape of one of the deadliest beings in the history of the universe: Amongeratix, one of the fabled THREE, sons of the god-king. He arrives on a world where heresy breeds insurrection, and war is only a matter of time. Aided by Sister Abigail of the Order of Blood Witches, and a company of Prekhauten Guards, Tolde hurries to find Amongeratix and return him to Conclave custody before he can restart his reign of terror.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

A Shifter’s Curse

by Raven Steele, Ava Mason

Briar arrives in Rouen with one goal: kill Dominic, the Alpha responsible for the destruction of her entire wolf pack. The only problem is she’ll have to join his dangerous and shady pack just to get close enough to end the evil SOB. But she’s willing to do whatever it takes to quench her thirst for revenge, even if it means destroying her own soul.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Free Dive

by Emma Shelford

Sea monsters have no place in modern science. Try telling them that.

Corrie loves being a marine biologist, but studying sea anemones isn’t as ground-breaking as the mermaid she saw. She can’t tell anyone—one slip of her overactive tongue, and Corrie’s career would tank faster than a submarine.

When mysterious free diver Zeballos offers her his ship to collect samples, Corrie eagerly sets sail. A bizarre fish jumps over the bow, hinting at answers to Corrie’s questions, but a desperate drug dealer is hellbent on exploiting the rare sea creatures. He’ll do anything to stop Corrie from stealing his product.

Together, Corrie and Zeballos navigate dangerous waters, dodge ruthless fishermen, and dive into uncharted knowledge. Still, mysteries layer on mysteries. Why is secretive Zeballos so fascinated by the rare fish? And what nightmares will hunt them from the depths of the ocean?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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