From the Darkness Comes

by Joy Demers

Cadda ni Caridos is a revenant who desires nothing more than finding the man who made her that way – the same man who killed her father and captured her mother. The glowing eyes, night vision, incredible strength and speed that came out of resurrection might seem like a boon, but when she can’t control her abilities and starts bringing death to others, she realizes it’s a curse. Cadda must dodge the authorities while searching for her father’s murderer, a man who turns out to be a powerful duke, and the only person to know the fate of her mother. Vengeance might be difficult to achieve, but one way or another, Cadda will have it.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Fated: Cinderella’s Story

by Kaylin Lee

Quiet, hardworking Cinderella will do anything to protect her family, but as her world comes crashing down, what if she’s been the one in danger all along? Kick off this thrilling COMPLETED six-book fantasy series with a sweet-yet-suspenseful Cinderella retelling unlike any you’ve read.

All Cinderella wants is to take care of her family.

After working tirelessly for five years to prove herself among the city’s elite, she’s about to graduate and win a coveted spot in city government. Then it all blows up in her face—literally.

Just as she manages to recover from the attack that left her scarred and traumatized, the city’s mysterious enemy destroys what’s left of her future. But when they go after her family, they cross the line. The whole city is in danger now.

How much is Cinderella willing to risk to save the city that has always hated her?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Tajael (Fallen Angels 1)

by Alisa Woods

Tajael is a Guardian Angel protecting a beautiful physicist. Charlotte’s new theory might change the world… but the Fae want her dead before she discovers their realm. War brews around them, but the greatest danger may be the sweet promise of Love.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Talon (Rise of Pride, Book 1)

by Theresa Hissong

My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers. My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date! Panthers don’t date…we mate. When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them home. That is…if I’m not too late to save them both.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Hidden From Our Eyes – An Alternate History

by James A Fisher

In 1976, Tom, a student pilot from Virginia Beach passes through a stone archway and finds himself in a North America called Vinlandia, where Europeans have not overtaken the land, the indigenous population is in control, and where the technology of the world is 75 years or more behind the technology of 1976. Tom must figure out where he is and how to survive. His new life sends him on an adventure that his friends and family back home could only dream about. Love, war, and the invention of the airplane await him as he drifts farther and farther from the Virginia Beach he left behind. Yet some things have never left his mind: Who lured him through the archway? Will he ever get home? Most importantly—would he go back if he could?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Wall Of Doom

by Abigail Keam

Princess Maura is the beloved and spoiled daughter of Queen Abisola and her Consort Iasos, but an ill wind is blowing their way. From the distant east, nomadic tribesmen, known as the Bhuttanians, have unified under the leadership of Zoar, a powerful king who is bent on building a vast empire. Queen Abisola has little time to transform her peaceful, agrarian country into a fighting military unit able to take on Zoar’s experienced warriors.

Queen Abisola must surrender her daughter to the Dinii, a bird-like people who will adopt and train Princess Maura as a warrior to lead her people against Zoar. For years, both the Dinii and Maura’s people prepare to withstand Zoar’s inevitable onslaught, but they never anticipated combating the black magic of Zoar’s evil wizard Zedek.

And no one foresaw that Princess Maura would fall in love with Dorak, Zoar’s son!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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