Inheritance Revealed

by Cheryl A. Hunter

Looking for a contemporary nontraditional vampire story where the vampires exist in the world, work alongside humans, and humans do not know they exist? Inheritance Revealed may be for you. Set in the Northeast region, this modern day story follows Arianna, a recently turned vampire hunter as she discovers her newfound abilities, struggles with a mystery in her family’s past, and falls in love with a vampire.
This is a slower paced story of personal growth and discovery. It contains mild sexual scenes.
This is an extended edition and the first in a series.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Legends of Vandilor Trilogy

by Chad Odom

The mortal races of men and gelics are at peace. Their defenses have waned, and their watchful eyes have slumbered. All the while, Terihor-the true enemy-has laid his plans.

Princess Wravin watches helplessly as the home she thought she wanted to leave is destroyed. Her only hope is a ranger with a price on his head and a man claiming to be an immortal magic user called a Valor. Together, the Princess, Rasband, and Brayden do everything they can to stay alive and save what remains of her race from an enemy driven by dark magic and bent on conquest.

Kitch, an orphaned dwarf, watches his people are consumed by the forces of Terihor. After a narrow escape from the battle, he finds himself alone and trapped in the stronghold of the enemy. In the dungeons, he finds some unlikely allies and a crucial piece of information that could turn the tide of war-if only he can survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Great Insurrection Complete Series Boxed Set

by David Beers

Alistair Kane is the greatest Titan the corps has ever produced.

For two decades he served…

…and never questioned orders.

How much would one act of mercy cost him?

Pick up this complete series boxed set and bear witness to the birth of a war god and the beginning of the end for an empire.

Included in this complete edition boxed set:

Warlord Born
Warlord Rising
Warlord Conquering
Prometheus Wakes
Prometheus Unites
Prometheus Ascends
Titan’s Return
Titan’s Bloodshed
Titan’s Judgement

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Eye of the Wolf: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Lords of Alekka Book 1)

by A. E. Rayne

Eye of the Wolf is the thrilling first book in the Lords of Alekka epic fantasy series. Fast-paced and action-packed, it is a fresh delight of twists and turns, infused with magic, romance and mystery, and just the right amount of epic battles to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Damaged Incorporated

by Drew Avera

War tore them apart. Revenge brought them together.

Decades after civil unrest destroyed nations, newly crafted governments sought to bring unity to the world. But not every nation wanted to bow to new leaders. The rich and powerful seized control of the global economies while the poor were left to die in the streets. Not until they suffered enough would the rebellious bend their knee to authority, but even then, it would be too late to stop what was coming.

Roderick Ames was a Marine, and proud of it. He fought tooth and nail to serve his country, though it was a far cry from the once great nation his father had served. Despite the hardships of perpetual war, his patriotism never wavered. Not even when a missile strike killed everyone in his squad; everyone except him.

A war-torn veteran with no future, Ames is offered the chance of a lifetime; an opportunity to return to the f

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Frith Chronicles: ARC I

by Shami Stovall

—This omnibus contains the first three novels of the Frith Chronicles, all of which are also sold separately—
Book 1: Knightmare Arcanist
Book 2: Dread Pirate Arcanist
Book 3: Coliseum Arcanist

Volke Savan has always wanted to be an arcanist—someone who has bonded with a mystical creature and is capable of wielding magic. Phoenix arcanists can create fire and heal, hydra arcanists can create poison and recover from most injuries, and knightmare arcanists are masters of shadow and fear.

After bonding with a mystical creature, Volke travels to the mainland, fighting through pirates, tournaments, and dastardly scoundrels, all to follow in the footsteps of legendary swashbucklers and heroes alike.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Intrepid Saga

by MD Cooper

Right after she finishes her BLT, disgraced Major Tanis Richards is off to save the day one more time.

Tanis is looking forward to a long journey in stasis before arriving at the newly terraformed world of New Eden. New Life. New Start. Getting a berth on the Intrepid is her ticket out of the Sol System.

But nothing proves easy for Major Tanis Richards. Nothing is at it seems. What should be a simple trip is fraught with danger and filled with adventure. An array of forces seek to stop the Intrepid—no matter the cost, or lives lost. From competing corporations, to stellar eco-terrorists, no one wants the Intrepid to arrive at New Eden.

Through their journey, the crew of the Intrepid will face rival stellar governments, civil war, and the most wanted serial killer known to the galaxy. Pivoting their role from colonists to saviors.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Overworld (The Dragon Mage Book 1)

by Rohan M. Vider

A magic apocalypse. A new world. Elves, orcs, dragons. And at the center of it all: THE DRAGON MAGE.
Earth is doomed and mankind has been exiled to Overworld, a strange world ruled by the Trials. Jamie Sinclair is a young man with unique gifts, and it falls to him to find a way for humanity to survive Earth’s destruction and build a new home in Overworld.

Can Jamie save mankind?
The Trials is no game. Join Jamie as he struggles through its brutal challenges while wrestling with his new magics and Overworld’s game-like dynamics.

Read the award-winning epic fantasy of one man’s journey to save humanity today.

A 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Magic/Wizardry genre!

“A fantasy RPG come to life, Overworld is a particularly fun and readable adventure…” —

“It is beyond entertaining.”

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dungeons (The Dragon Mage Book 2)

by Rohan M. Vider

Humanity has inherited a contested Dominion and a Patron intent on enslaving it. Others, too, gather, sensing weakness.

Can Jamie and Sierra defy the odds? Can they save humanity? And at what cost?
Enter the world of the Trials again and join Jamie on his journey to gather power and save humanity. Along the way, he will gather friends and allies, encounter old enemies, find new ones, and make surprising discoveries about himself, his power, and the dragons who started it all.

Continue reading the award-winning epic fantasy of one man’s journey to save humanity.

“I LOVED THIS BOOK, plain and simple.” —Under The Radar SFF Books, fantasy blogger.

“A fast-paced action-adventure that lovers of books like Ready Player One will be thrilled with.” —

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