Strands of Existence 1: Island Girl

by Aino Lahteva

As an opportunist, Istrae yearns to get off her insignificant home island and visit Kerth, the City of Light and Abundance. Her preferred method of travel, however, didn’t include drowning. And she didn’t expect the city to be so dirty.

Her memories are as broken as her body. She begins to piece them together with the help of a spirit bound to a statue and an ambitious army captain called Rime she enjoys teasing. While Rime guides Istrae in her new life, it becomes evident the rigid rules of society and the city’s Temple do not welcome those who seek to shake the established rules, which is something Istrae is incapable of resisting.

Will Istrae find out who she is, and what she forgot?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Melody of Three

by S.D. Reeves

It’s 1815. Napoleon has returned, fairy-bloods are being murdered, elves have escaped from their prison, and mysterious agents have overrun the Forum Magicae in Liverpool. Sorcerer Christaan De Rein must find a way to end this challenge to the magical order and discover the secret behind the string of murders. And in another world entirely, a girl named Niena tries to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Plainswalker

by M.A. Rothman

“M.A. Rothman’s THE PLAINSWALKER is an amazing piece of action from beginning to end. I have to say this book is right up there in my top five fantasy novels.”
– James M. Ward, author of Deities and Demigods.​

By a USA Today bestselling author: Peabo Smith is a former Special Forces soldier who volunteers to be a part of a science experiment that rivals the audacity of the moon landing. When the experiment leaves him stuck in a place he can’t escape, Peabo realizes just how unprepared he is for his new mission.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by E. J. Wenstrom

Tonight, seventeen-year-old Evalee is scheduled to die.
Other than leaving her sister Gracelyn behind, she’s ready. The Directorate says this is how it should be and she trusts them, as all its citizens do. So tonight she dresses up, she has a party, and she dances. Then she goes to sleep for the last time…except the next morning, Evalee wakes up.
Gracelyn is a model Directorate citizen with a prodigious future ahead. If she could only stop thinking about the shuffling from Evalee’s room on her departure morning. If she pulls at the thread, the entire careful life the Directorate set for her could unravel into chaos.
Swept away by rebels, Evalee must navigate a future she didn’t count on in a new, untidy world. As the Directorate’s lies are stripped away, she becomes determined to break Gracelyn free from its grasp—before Gracelyn’s search proves her more unruly than she’s worth to them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Citadel of the Fallen

by JR Konkol

A group of teenage students, while exploring deep within the rainforest, barely survive an encounter with a wild and surprisingly magical boar. In doing so, they discover that events that threaten to destroy their entire civilization have already been set into motion. A must read for anyone who loves high fantasy.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Lost Ancients Book Set

by Marie Andreas

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing too–and then turning up dead–she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So she goes looking for other missing things: as a bounty hunter.
Tracking her first fugitive–the distractingly handsome and strangely charming Alric–she unearths a dangerous underworld of warring crime lords, demonic squirrels, and a long-lost elven artifact capable of unleashing a hell on earth.
Chased, robbed, kidnapped, and distressingly low on rent money, Taryn just wants one quiet beer and to catch her fugitive. But there’s more to Alric than his wicked grin–is he a wanted man or the city’s only hope?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Metal Warrior Boxed Set

by James David Victor

The world as we know it has come to an end, and humanity’s only hope may be a man who cannot survive without the aid of a robotic suit. Fortunately, that suit is one of the most powerful weapons ever created.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Winter Wizard Chronicles

by Daniel Peyton

Follow Brian and Sherri as they start out a simple pair of radio hosts who stumble upon an ancient wizard. From the beautiful parks of East Tennessee to the vast magical lands of Yohan’anan’da, Brian and Sherri are thrust into a fantastic adventure to save two worlds. Through Evil ice fairies and wicked blood mages the darkness will consume Earth unless courage is stronger than fear. Jump into this exciting saga with dragons, wizards, fairies, elves, talking cats, and flying ships. Go on an amazing adventure with The Winter Wizard.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

ONSET: To Serve and Protect

by Glynn Stewart

A small town cop with an unexpected gift
A shadowy government agency on the side of justice
A call no good man could turn away

When vampires attack David White’s small town, only luck, firepower, and the intervention of an elite government task force save his life. The aftermath of the attack leaves him in the middle of the world’s biggest secret: the existence of government agencies that regulate the supernatural.

They insist that David’s “luck” is actually a supernatural gift, and he’s immediately recruited into ONSET, the most shadowy part of America’s thin blue line of police protectors.

Questioning both his gifts and the agency he now serves, David is drawn into an escalating battle that threatens all of humanity. If he isn’t what ONSET thinks he is, the entire world may pay the price.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

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